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Recruitment and staff management can be a very labour intensive process, and great organisation is the key to success. Even keeping track of how far through the application process each candidate has come can get pretty tricky, especially when dealing with a large volume of applicants.

Excel has been mine and many other’s longstanding weapon of choice in the fight against chaos, but even with Excel things can get lost in the mix. With this is mind I started to look into various software aimed at helping solve these issues, and improve my efficiency in the process. There’s been a variety of software packages available for a while now, but PAAM from Hotbox Studios seems to answer all the issues in one neat box.

PAAM is a software application that allows you to create roles, and guide your candidates right through the application process. Once the appropriate roles have been filled with staff, you can then go on to assign shift patterns and track your staff’s performance; getting quick and easy access to all the figures you need.

Organising shift patterns in PAAM

Organising shift patterns in PAAM

The beauty of this is that no longer do you have to create complicated spreadsheets, and transfer data between worksheets. Using an application like PAAM saves time and effort, and probably a fair amount of mistakes in the process.

It would seem that I’m not the only one to think so:

“PAAM is easy to learn and use – the software helped organise the staff I required for a show in no time at all. One of the best features is that the staff need only login to their account to keep up to date” – Fiona Ingram, Festival Republic Ltd Area Manager at the Glastonbury Festival & Reading Festival

PAAM has also got quite an interesting background which is probably why it stands out from the pack:

PAAM was initially designed to accept the growing number of applications for positions at UK events and assist with consolidating the pre-event, onsite and post-event administration involved with recruiting and managing large teams. So far it’s been used by various clients at events such as Glastonbury Festival, Reading and Leeds Festivals and the Isle of Wight Festival, so it must be fairly robust!

What I found really refreshing was the way in which this software has been developed, and it seems to have been built to solve direct staff issues; rather than built to fit into what a developer might imagine a manager needs.

To find out more about PAAM, take a tour of the software.


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