Quick Fix When Windows “Cannot Safely Remove Hardware” Occurs

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Have you encountered a situation when you cannot remove an external hard drive—flash drives or memory sticks, card readers, portable drives or even gadgets when using the safely remove hardware option in Windows?

I did, on several occasions. There are countless of tips and tricks online that have been written on this topic when you search using Google but none of them has actually made it easier for me. Believe me, I’ve done it all.

There was even a trick that I’ve known wherein you simply have to open Windows Task Manager via CTRL+Alt+Del on your PC, then select explorer.exe and press End Process. Wait for the task bar to disappear then bring back the Task Manager, click on File, click Add New Task, then type explorer.exe in the field and press OK.

Though this trick works sometimes, there was a point when it didn’t and I’ve searched all over the internet to figure out a solution and nothing ever worked until I finally found this nifty software called USB Safely Remove by Crystal Rich, Ltd.

USB Safely Remove software is a light tool that serves as a USB Device Manager for removable drives. USB Safely Remove normally shows the programs which prevent the device from being stopped (which happens when the safely remove hardware on Windows wouldn’t work) and allows you to close these programs or just the files that prevent the normal removal option from working.

USB Safely Remove

It was indeed a saving grace and never would I even go back online and deal with any tricks on the same issue ever.

Aside from what’s mentioned above, short cuts are also available for quicker removable drive stoppage, includes auto run for disconnection/connection, command line usage for safe removal and return device back functionality wherein stopped devices (not unplugged) can be put back to work in one click.

This USB device manager is compatible on Win 2000XP2003VistaWin7 OS, 3264 bit system plus it’s very light at 3.6 MB.

The next time you have problems with Windows’ safely remove hardware, you know where to go. Download it here now!

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  1. I hate this phrase that I’m going to say next because it has been overused by spam commenters, but I mean it when I say “I’ve been looking for this”. For fear of ruining the contents of the USB, I often find myself having to shut down my laptop or computer to remove the attached USB safely, when this ‘cannot safely remove hardware’ thingy occurs.

    This app certainly can be very useful, especially if there’s a totally free version of it. 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    I had the same problem with my USB pen drive. sometime it works fine. but sometime it does not allow to remove safely. then i have to eject after shut down my pc. I will download and try this software.

  3. Mathdelane says:

    Sorry for the delayed reply, you can actually use the software for 30-days. It’s fully functional.

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