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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of 123 Media Max. All opinions are 100% mine.

Handling media files for quite sometime has been a part of my daily routine and waking up each day working at them is basically rewarding and fun. I’ve never been so much interested with burning files and converting videos and audio files into different formats until I’ve discovered my passion with computers and software.

Evaluating software from time to time from direct advertiser requests on this blog creates a great deal of familiarity with the different types of files and the various workarounds that you could do out of any modification attempts on different file formats.

It was fascinating that for quite a while that I have encountered several software in the market, I’ve never seen such a powerful tool as 123 Media Max which has that utmost flexibility and functionality.

Among the hands down capability of 123 Media Max is the ability it provides users to create backup copies of any Blu-ray movie to standard DVD RW with amazing HD quality. Not only that, it even allows making a backup of any DVD movie to DVD so easily.

Should you worry about losing your precious Blu ray and DVD movie collections, this time, you can sleep tight because you’ve finally partnered with a savior that would perfectly backup your files and make it playable on any Blu-Ray and DVD players or Sony PS3. A major Blu-Ray Copy Breakthrough unprecedented in today’s ever changing technology driven world, a master class indeed.

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  1. Jack says:

    Sounds like a neat device that will serve me well once i get my PS3.

  2. Misha Sengali says:

    Will this work with the new 3D formats and movies coming out? I understand Blu-ray 3D machines will be one of the ones able to handle 3D but can we back up like standard 2D format?

  3. Sunday says:

    Made copies of bourne identity and was able to watch it on my ps3. Quality is not as sharp as original bluray but it is a good copy. I’m using this as a backup for my dvds cause original prices for movies are too expensive for me to replace.

  4. Sony Laptop Repair Center says:

    I doubt it will work on 3d formats. The PS3 is not designed for it.

  5. Reece says:

    Bought it and yah it played well on me PS3.I dunno about the 3D blu rays. I can’t way for 3D to come out so I hope it works. But for backing up blu-ray it works well. I guess we have to wait till the 3D blu rays come out for that questions.

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