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Online security has always been the target of all unscrupulous entities no matter how we try to protect it but we always have the choice—fight them or be vulnerable.

There are enormous selections of tools available online that provides security protection and identity concealment through IP proxies. These IP proxies hides the user’s identifying tracks to prevent data collection from websites such as location, operating system , browsing habits and other identifiable information that a user wants to keep.

As proxy sites allow anonymous browsing over the Internet on a secured network where access to certain sites are not allowed, an IP concealment software however switches your machine’s local IP by routing its traffic to foreign proxies which IP Privacy software does best.

IP Privacy allows you to select an array of new proxies (foreign proxies) to test and browse anonymously. There are two main modes available—enable online anonymity and enable privacy modes.

Enabling the online anonymity mode will hide your real IP address while enabling privacy mode will block invasive codes like Java script and ActiveX on visited web pages plus the online privacy option within the IP Privacy settings offers time-framed online track erasures such as Internet History, Cookies, typed URL, Temporary Internet files, forms and online passwords.

I have tested the IP Privacy software on this blog which uses the Visitor Maps and View Who’s Online WordPress plugin (which tracks website visitors location, IP, and specific pages viewed) and it’s amazing that my local IP routes to a foreign country. It really does its purpose along side its user-friendly interface which makes it easy to maneuver.

Unfortunately, this is a shareware so it’s limited to a 3-day trial only use. Requires full license based on annual subscription. I was just lucky that they contacted me to try this nifty tool.

For further information about its features, you may visit IP Privacy Features page. Immediate download is available by clicking this link. Questions and comments on this program is much welcome.

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