McAfee Antivirus False Positive Quick Fix

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Most McAfee users were tremendously devastated Wednesday when an update or a signature definition file also known as DAT was released, DAT 5958 in particular, caused massive interruptions in industries worldwide on computers running Windows XP as clearly identified by CITES.

McAfee Antivirus

The said update turned into a false positive detecting svchost.exe, a Windows system file commonly used by legitimate programs running on a Windows system, as a virus.

Although malware usually injects itself into the process, anti-virus software that would mistakenly flag this process could cause system errors such as endless reboot and the presence of the blue screen of death, the same thing that happened on the recent havoc caused by a faulty McAfee update.

McAfee as a result came out with a new update, 5959 DAT file release which can be downloaded from here:

Complete instructions on how to fix the false positive from your PC can be found here.

“We all know that part of taking care of our computer is by keeping our antivirus software updated as often as possible to keep us away from potential security threats at all times however, unforeseen cases like these are inevitable.”

Who would’ve thought that an update from our trusted security company could turn into a potential threat far worse than a virus and create massive disruptions?

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