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Working with multiple computers connected to a network can be tedious especially on big IT environments where computers can be on different portions of a building. However, software developers have come up with better applications to provide simpler solutions to these challenges thus remote software management solutions arise.

While a regular IT person may simple shut down a PC by physically doing the process, it may take forever if he has to do it from one floor of the building to another, that’s why special software like the Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 does the trick. Its user need not to be physically in front of the computer to do certain tasks such as the one mentioned above but multiple arrays of tasks using a few mouse clicks. Isn’t it great?

Don’t get too excited though, as you need to make sure you have this software running into your server with multiple computers connected to it otherwise you won’t get its purpose. Having said that, this software works only on Windows-based systems for the meantime but it’s a freeware so you can use it without having to pay any dime.

Advanced IP Scanner 2.0

The newer version offers new scanning options for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and shared folders as well as for Radmin.

Radmin and Advanced IP Scanner integration offers real flexibility in terms of accessing each PC connected to the network, PCs running Radmin as server but a Radmin Viewer needs to be installed to make the remote access possible.

It makes easier to retrieve names of routers and other devices running Linux and Mac OS (iPhone, iPad) but again, this doesn’t work with Mac and Linux. It also offers remote Wake-On-LAN and remote Shutdown for groups of computers as for the example given above. This Advance IP Scanner also offers ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) scanning for full information about your network with a much friendlier user interface and simplified settings.

Having used many types of similar software, I think this one needs a go. Go check out Advanced Ip Scanner homepage for a more detailed information or you may Download it now to test it.

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  1. This is one cool software for administrators. Our network consists only of a few computers within one office room, but this simply makes things even simpler and more convenient for me (me being the self-appointed network administrator inasmuch as I’m the only one with some knowledge about this area in our ‘independent’ office). 🙂

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Hey James, good to see you around! How’s everything going? It was a good software in deed…

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