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Most IT professionals struggle with efficiency brought by using separate tools or sticking to the old ways of manually performing specific functions, such as a routine network monitoring and PC audit.

Managing your network and performing a variety of tasks such as keeping track of all network activities, software installs, and hardware and peripheral changes can be tedious. However, these tasks can be done flawlessly with the help of the right network monitoring suite like Spiceworks‘ free network monitoring software, a robust tool for IT professionals and SysAdmins.

Spiceworks’ free network monitoring software allows you to easily monitor individual devices within your network simply by setting certain parameters such as available disk space, offline and online mode, and more. Once you have gathered information on a particular PC using a desired parameter, it can easily be monitored without any hassle.

While your network monitoring software runs in the background, you can track even the tiniest details on what has been going on with your system via alerts that are set-up across your environment. Normally, they are delivered into your email as it happens, like for example, whenever there’s new software installed or when something is altered. Also, managing email space on Spiceworks can be a breeze including Rackspace-hosted email accounts.

Network monitoring wouldn’t be justified without the ability to analyze bandwidth use which can be viewed via its user interface.

This software is indeed remarkable despite the fact that it was distributed freely on the internet for users in the IT industry to take advantage of. It has not failed my expectations and for a free network monitoring tool, I think it has covered all the basic features any software of its kind should have.

See Spiceworks Free Network Monitoring Software in action below.

Help Desk Software to Further Simplify IT

More than just monitoring a bunch of networks, Spiceworks also allows IT pros to address technical inquiries and requests. In order to gather these support cases all in one place, Spiceworks offers help desk software as part of their complete IT management software suite. The help desk feature makes it possible for IT pros and their corresponding teams or departments to manage their technical support issues and solve each submitted case.

This free help desk software allows IT personnel to receive, assign, create, and track support tickets or queries across different channels. In fact, Spiceworks expands its capability to create a web portal to manage tasks for trouble ticket handling. Likewise, it shares contact information and other announcements like maintenance schedules a whole lot more.

Like most help ticketing platforms, support queries can be answered quickly through emails (either manually or automated). That way, Spiceworks leverages mobile functionality to respond to support queries via smart phones for on-the-go resolution.

See Spiceworks Free Help Desk Software in action below.

Free IT for You and Me

It seems pretty clear that Spiceworks’ free network monitoring and help desk software is innovative. However, its most of all cost-effective since it is free!

With network monitoring and help desk along with a plethora of other features like warranty tracking, virtualization management, troubleshooting, and software audit tools, Spiceworks definitely raises the bar in software development by coming up with effective and highly useful tools for today and tomorrow’s IT pro.

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  1. nick.johnklite says:

    Great tool! I am just confused whether it is useful for those who are resellers in hosting industry?

  2. Hi Nick! Glad to hear you like the tool.

    I see no reason someone like yourself in the hosting industry couldn’t benefit from all Spiceworks has to offer. Feel free to contact me or the Spiceworks’ IT Community if you have additional questions.


    Jason S., Spiceworks Online Marketing Manager

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