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Making your files private is basically one of the first things you have to do if you’re using a shared computer at home and there are some data that you just wanted to keep for yourself and not allow anybody have access to it.

There are many expensive programs out there that do the job but if you can actually get the same protection at no cost, wouldn’t you grab the opportunity?

I was scouring on the internet even on weekends to find the best and the most useful freeware available for the regular PC user. I understand that most users do not welcome complicated software and neither anybody has ample time to try and learn new tools that’s why I test and review software and that’s what this blog is all about—helping computer users find the most valuable programs on the internet based on its functionality, user-friendliness and cost effectiveness.

Hiding files and folders on your computer’s local partition or USB drives have never been this easy with Winmend Folder Hidden, a freeware that securely hides your confidential and rather private files easily via its simple and intuitive user interface.

WinMend Folder Hidden

All the files and folders that you choose to hide/unhide are all listed in the user-interface for your access without the need to scour the system one-by-one trying to figure which files or folders you’ve hidden in case you forgot.

At 1.69MB, this freeware hides the files/folders via user-generated password. Files from Thumb drives or USB devices are kept hidden even when inserted on other computers, different OS on the same computer or reinstalled on another PC.

WinMend Folder Hidden safely keeps your files no matter how large they are without corrupting them, a small but stunningly usable freeware that any user looking for some privacy should have.

Want to try it? Download it here. Got any comments about this tool? Voice it out. Thanks!

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