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Watching live TV broadcasts via satellite has always been tied up with additional costs in home cable charges especially with spectacular events on pay-per-view mode such as boxing matches and exclusively distributed movie viewing rights among others.

On the other hand, geographical locations sometimes hinder the benefits of viewers from certain parts of the world to enjoy television shows and series normally distributed in North America.

At this time of age, gone are the days when users at home has to pay for costly cable, satellite gadgets, and pay additional fees for added channels when TV viewing software finally came to the rescue. Although most television channels with exclusively distributed rights cannot be found on most live TV streaming software in the market, there are however some tools that completely standout.

Having said that, I think Readon TV Movie Radio Player outsmart most software of its kind with its vast range of channel options having thousands of them from all over the world aside from allowing users to watch live satellite TV, the latest movies and those from the not-so-distant-past through its “Movies on Demand” feature including Live Sports and Radio broadcasts.

Readon TV Movie Radio Player

Powered by a new technology called audio video over IP, this software requires no additional equipment like a TV card/tuner in order to show TV programs on your computer therefore giving you access to a brand new world of digital entertainment.

Readon TV Movie Radio Player software also allows you to record your favorite MTV and radio songs into MP3 audio files likewise TV shows into various video formats for playability on your iPod or Windows Mobile phone.

Like most live TV viewing software, genres are very much specified from the drop down options in its intuitive user interface (UI). It even includes readily downloadable plugins to enhance channel search and viewing pleasure plus inclusion of 3rd party TV, radio and video sources such as ShoutCast, SopCast, TVU player channels and YouTube playlist with search function.

Readon TV Movie Radio Player YouTube Playlist

These third-party media sources usually open as a pop-up window instead of opening your browser for uninterrupted viewing.

More than just bragging thousands of channels, it also included mature content on its huge line up but then responsibly setting the ability to password protect such feature for child viewing safety.

Auto-shutdown, control panel customization including color scheme selection and plugin installation are all integrated in the menu display are just some of the savvy features you can get of out this one-of-a-kind free software. Yes, you got it right, it’s free to use!

Go head and join me as we enjoy this great software without spending a dime. I couldn’t believe it was actually free but it was. You can actually donate as little as $1 for this project if you’re happy with it.

You might wonder why it’s free. There are actually some ads on the left portion of the player’s screen where the videos and mp3s will be played but these ads normally don’t show up on selected channels and generally do not obstruct the viewing experience at all.

It’s safe to download—adware and malware free and is legal. It doesn’t have extra toolbar or anything that comes with it. Supports Windows XP 32/64 bit, Windows Vista 32/64 bit, and Windows 7 systems and requires .Net Framework 2.0 or 3.5 for Windows 7, Adobe Flash Player 9.0 or above, Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, DIVX Web Player, and SopFilter.

Readon TV Movie Radio Player is a marvelous piece of software definitely worth having.

So download it now and see for yourself. Get back here and tell me what you think.

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