HOW TO: Export Bookmarks Between Web Browsers Easily

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If you’re the kind of user that navigates the web using different browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, or Opera aside from the usual Windows default Internet Explorer, you certainly have experienced a time wherein you may have newly bookmarked some webpages on Firefox however it’s not possible to pull it up on Chrome unless you open both browsers and copy one from the other. Am I right?

Exporting bookmarks from one browser to another doesn’t have to happen only during fresh installations. This traditional way limits our accessibility to those pages that are valuable to us because we are restricted by the browser we are currently using.

Using Transmute will make it possible for us to convert and export our existing bookmarks from one major web browser into another with so much ease giving us the ability to try out different web browsers, synchronize bookmarks between systems, organize and convert bookmarks for use in bookmark managers and share them with others.


Transmute is available both as an installable and portable software. The free version is actually usable enough to convert your bookmarks between major browsers aside from its auto backup feature though the Plus and Pro version offers a wider variety of functionalities that would certainly blow you away.

I’ve given it a go since I use 3 of the major browsers mentioned above so that I could access my saved pages anytime between the three. Go ahead and download it now and see for yourself. Share your opinion about this software below at the comments section.

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  1. Another cool discovery Math. Although my favorite is Firefox (because of the SEO-friendly add-ons/tools that go with it), I still use IE and Safari every now and then. And I do find myself sometimes jumping back to firefox just to check out the url of a bookmarked site. This Transmute app definitely eases the pain of synchronizing browser bookmarks.
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  2. Ching Ya says:

    This is an amazing discovery. I have several browsers in my PC and this can best to prevent any bookmark-lost. I’ll save this for future use as currently I’m not having any important ones saved on others yet. You really have a lot of useful tips here and keep them coming! 🙂

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  3. Sire says:

    I can see that coming in very handy. I know of several occasions when I’ve switched from one browser to another, mainly Firefox to Chrome, only to lament the lack of bookmarks where this program could have resolved the problem. Good find Mathdelane.
    .-= Sire´s last blog ..Getting More Than Just Money For Doing The Xomba =-.

  4. That program is good. However, what would be better is a program that can also export username:password for the bookmarks. So that you can loging automaticly to your favorite sites too

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