Reasons Why You Need an Email Archiving Software

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The amount of emails you receive within a week can amass up to 600 emails on average or even more depending on the impact of this medium of communication on your business.

Apparently, the more qualified emails you receive, the more it says about your business growth and its impact on your clients.

Spikes in the number of emails you receive are like web traffic however, this case can be a little tricky and requires utmost attention. The more emails you get, the more resource intensive it can be for your Microsoft Exchange Server which could possibly cause slows downs in the long run.

In spite of this probable challenge that may arise, technology has been responsive thus a smart email archiving solution was born to cater the need for—data storage space minimization concerning mailbox quotas and storage growth, handling Microsoft Exchange Server costs efficiently, faster physical backups or exchange backups and completion concerns, simple and easy disaster recovery solution including email restoration requests, e-Discovery or emails retention for litigation preparedness, and remote access for added productivity.

Professonal Archive Manager

A Professional Archive Manager for email normally communicates with the Microsoft Exchange Server for archiving emails. Oversized emails and their attachments are directed away from the overused Microsoft Exchange Servers onto a separate yet efficient and inexpensive storage for ease of access via simple clicks. Overall, this software provides a faster email retrieval and restoration capability.

This email archiving technology uses a single instance storage or directory that ensures coordination between the corporate internal systems and the software.

Email archiving software addresses most of the major issues concerning corporate email management thus giving way for a more cost-efficient, productive and ever reliable communication medium.

After reading this post, does email archiving create an impact to you? Do you have any features in mind that you might want to add aside from those mentioned above?

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