Does Noise Reduction Software Work on VoIPs?

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Recently, I have been testing the functionality of noise reduction software on several VoIP clients including Skype and Yahoo Voice via Yahoo Messenger IM client and it was quite surprising that behind the popularity of VoIPs, add-ons still have a long way to go before it could potentially drive users.

I tested SoliCall noise reduction software for VoIPs on both Skype and Yahoo Voice to determine if this kind of tool really works. This software according to its developer was also designed to work on Windows Live Messenger and Google Talk.


On Skype, the integration was very simple which can be done only by changing the Audio Settings (if you’re using the latest version) to SoliCall but that’s when it’s completely installed. This software also allows call recording on mp3 (mono/stereo) and wav format.

Saving the changes on Skype only happens after clicking the Save button however, once you try to get back to your settings, it returns to the way it was. So basically, you can’t really test how it performs on Skype. By the way, I’m using version

For Yahoo, the same things goes, it must be integrated first on Calling & Devices option within Preferences by selecting SoliCall then clicking on Save. Fortunately, it worked on Yahoo which means that I can do a test call and record it at the same time and I did.

The test call I’ve made was pretty short and it’s a bit better although I couldn’t say that it was perfect or good because I’m still hearing some background noise. I must say that it does some very slight improvements but those were not that too distinct just so you wouldn’t expect that much.

Overall, it still needs some work to do. Well, it’s still in beta but I was hoping that at least it should have worked on both my IM clients.

Do you think it’s worth trying out at this point? You be the judge.

If you know any similar type of software, please let me know. You can download SoliCall for free via this link.

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