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As in industries in the pharmaceuticals, medical device manufacturers and Clinical Research Organizations (CROs) face a herculean task of ensuring data integrity each day plus the requirements of regulatory standards becoming more and more of a way of life, the question remains, can eclinical software live up of the challenges of the present?

As environmental measures come into play, the use of paper in managing clinical studies has been proven costlier. It’s because the nature of physical documents not only consume trees cut down to make paper but is also labor intensive and shipment can become an added burden. With shipping physical documents comes time and lack of security.

While traditional installed Electronic Data Capture (EDC) offers a unified database for clinical information and studies, the downside is that it’s expensive due to licensing costs, maintenance and upgrade fees, requires IT manpower and lack flexibility for clinical study managers because of the need for a programmer intervention in terms of control.

Eclinical Software as a service or software in the cloud, such as those of Medrio, offers a fully hosted Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system that promotes faster study timelines and lesser costs even adding more control for study managers without any programming necessary with little to only a few days deployment.

With the cloud model or SaaS (Software as a Service), it’s a web-based platform which means it can be controlled anywhere and anytime via a web browser that is connected to the internet.

As a cloud service, it functions on pay as you go basis with no IT resources or manpower needed, is highly cost-efficient, and is security compliant.

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