Are Speed Reading Softwares for Real?

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It was really intriguing to actually find softwares promising increased reading speed. I’m pretty sure that there were some existing techniques that can be learned on how to do this, the idea of buying software just for it doesn’t make sense to me.

Speed Reading Software

Speed Reading Software

While most Speed Reading Software publishers claim that using their programs can tremendously increase reading rate, like how many of these people who had bought and used these softwares really achieved positive results?

As we all know, practice makes perfect. I agree with that. In all our endeavors, we strive to meet our specific goals by pushing ourselves to be better in what we do. Athletes train rigorously for sporting events, teachers undergo training to upgrade their skills, students study hard to get good grades while bloggers write and read more to produce better posts.

This idea of increased reading speed can be attained through frequent reading, correct? Try to experiment on yourself by lessening your reading habits for about a week or month then go back to your usual routine. What do you observe? Of course you’ll notice some differences.

Its plain simple, using these speed reading softwares will subject you to exercises that require reading and these are all introduced within the software’s functionality. The only difference is these programs have built-in timers for your reading sessions. So, why spend a dime when you can just practice reading everyday at your own pace. I’m pretty sure that you will get increased speed and comprehension in no time.

I came across some Speed Reading Softwares online—Speed Reader X, Reading Genius, Freader, AceReader, and EyeQ that you can use at your own discretion. I’m not endorsing any of them so don’t think that I’ll get any affiliate commission. This Speed Reading Software idea is just plain ridiculous for me.

If you really want to practice on increasing your reading speed, I’d suggest reading more often and play with different types of reading materials. Have some variety in your reading. Don’t just read those you’re familiar with but try reading obscure and even vague or jargonized written media. It will expose you to different levels of reading difficulty and build your vocabulary.

I may also want to share “The Speed Reading Monster Course” for your reading pleasure but since the author disclaims any warranty (expressed or implied) about the ebook, neither do I, so just read the ebook’s Warranty and Terms of Use Agreement. You can download the ebook here.

If you have anything to share about how you improved your reading rate or if you ever used any Speed Reading Software or just about anything related to this topic, please feel free to do so at the comment’s section.

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  1. Using speed reading software may motivate some people to focus on their speed reading practice. For example, if you can monitor your progress there (for example, by seeing how much your reading speed increases) then it can be more exciting than learning it from a book.

    I would not agree that just reading more and trying out different types of texts is a very efficient way for incraseing your reading speed. Of course it helps, but if you improve your reading techniques then you will progress more.
    .-= Kristjan-Olari Leping´s last blog ..Is it the best to read at work or at home? =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Kristjan, it’s good to have you here. I wonder if you could elaborate more on those speed reading techniques that you have used and if there’s any speed reading software you’ve worked with that made you disagree that reading more with variety of reading materials is less effective.

  3. I have not worked with Speed Reader X and Ace Reader. Still, I will prefer doing speed reading exercises with out special software. After all, in the real life you are reading without any speed reading software. There are possibilities for using that kind of software for everyday texts, but still most of us are not going to do. What you want is to be able to read fast in everyday situations.

    My point was that there are more efficient ways for increasing your reading speed than just reading different types of text. Increasing your reading speed is much about training your eyes. Ordinary readers can see only 2-3 words in the text with out moving their eyes, while good speed readers can see the whole line with their eyes fixed to the center of the text (if the column is not too broad). So they can read in the vertical direction. And you will have to train and force yourself to read that way for the texts you read every day.
    .-= Kristjan-Olari Leping´s last blog ..What has playing soccer given to me? =-.

  4. Mathdelane says:

    I understand your point that it takes some kind of training to achieve results but I’d also like to add that doing some reading sessions the natural way and not forcing yourself onto something can be beneficial.

  5. Yesh says:

    Hi, in the courses i got for fasten my reading the human touch was extremely important.
    So for me what matters is the guidance and I ‘d very much like to understand how can machine- computer, cope with this?
    .-= Yesh´s last blog ..Five Breakable Speed Reading Myths =-.

  6. Yesh says:

    Further more, other than human touch, what will a computer do to gain you discipline? How can it be an authority and a model for a student? speed reading or any other learning ability – Human ability with it’s flexibility is just another level.
    .-= Yesh´s last blog ..Five Breakable Speed Reading Myths =-.

  7. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Yesh,
    Very true, computers or any other specialized software cannot exude discipline for it has to come from the person itself. Nothing is any better than one’s will to learn or achieve something.

    Thank you for participating in this discussion.

  8. Andy Bailey says:

    I have the EyeQ software on my laptop and managed to do a couple of weeks on the excercises and it really did have a big impact on my reading speed and comprehension. I suppose I could have done it without the software but it was nice having a formal layout to the ‘lessons’ and a pretty graph to show my progress 🙂
    .-= Andy Bailey´s last blog ..5 Ways to get more (comment)Luv =-.

  9. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Andy,

    To each his own really but I wouldn’t mind trying a paid version like the one you have. It does help at times to have a guide to keep the momentum going because you can actually measure your progress through interactive exercises rendered by the program.

    A little caution though is that one must use it as honestly as they can because it can encourage tendencies of cheating just to get better stats which may destroy its essence.

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