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Love Google+? When Google+ first hit the Internet, it was met with a mixture of enthusiasm and skepticism. The enthusiasm stemmed from the fact that it was a social network from Google, one of the most prominent brands in the world; what could go wrong?

The skepticism, meanwhile, came mostly from the fact that Facebook seemed like such a juggernaut that Google+ would have no way to compete. In some ways, that skepticism has panned out in real life. But there are some who truly love Google+, and high on the list are companies like Reputation Changer.

reputation changerBut why is Google’s social network so crucial to reputation management campaigns? The answer has little to do with its merits as a social network, but everything to do with the name Google. Reputation Management 101 Reputation management, of course, is heavily concerned with search engines. Though a company like Reputation Changer works with national newswires and authoritative blogs, its general focus remains on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

For clients who see undesirable listings when they Google their own name or brand, reputation management companies offer solutions. They offer the chance to inundate the search engines with more positive content, effectively pushing those negative listings down the search results page.

In other words, these companies will tweak an individual or company’s public image through elevating positive online assets and suppressing negative ones. This involves a lot of content development and SEO, and it also makes use of social media. But Facebook and Twitter have limited efficacy in terms of Google rankings. Google’s own social network, of course, is a different matter.

The Power of Plus Google+, meanwhile, factors heavily into Google’s search results. This is in large part because of its +1 feature, and Google’s increasing emphasis on personalized search results. Basically, the +1 feature allows Google+ users to “vote” a link into higher Google rankings. It provides a way for users to actively shape search listings—something that comes with obvious appeal to companies like Reputation Changer.

Indeed, it’s not hard to understand why reputation management companies are jumping on Google+. Of course, a single +1 vote is not going to have tremendous effect on search results. A few thousand of them might, though. And while not every individual is going to command that kind of influence (or even know that many people), Reputation Changer has the necessary resources to raise just such an army of +1-ers. Shaping Google The ability to powerfully affect personalized search results is a tremendous boon to the reputation management industry. It’s also something that makes Google+ uniquely useful, in ways Facebook and Twitter really aren’t.

It points to Google+ as a continued mover and shaker—if not in the world at large, then certainly in the world of reputation management.

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