Shopper Engagement Rules for 2012 and beyond

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The past year highlights a tremendous change brought about by the boom of the digital marketplace which created an offset to the years of economic challenge and uncertainty.

Around the world, companies are always looking forward to the create the most creative and successful campaigns that will surely engage consumers in many different ways while at the same time learning from other companies as well collectively in terms of retail.

shopper engagementWith the advent of social media, companies are still yet to realize that they have not fully utilized these platforms to their advantage.

Some of the examples include facial recognition that is used in Japan on its vending machines that will help tailor fit its contents based on the profile of the person passing by. In London, a bakery uses Twitter to inform their customers when bakery goodies become available fresh from the oven.

In India, a snack brand uses Twitter to know if there are any branches where they are out-of-stock using the tweets sent to them by their followers.

The past year is a turning point of massive change, innovation and word-of-mouth marketing as the best advertising tool.

What every company should learn from these is to stay relevant and adapt to their constantly evolving customer expectations using these helpful shopper engagement rules first, by taking advantage of customer’s knowledge, encouraging users to write reviews which would later on influence shopper’s behavior, using gathered information to improve services, reward loyal customers, strengthen partnerships with suppliers and employees, and extensive research before doing anything.

This year brings a lot of promise but only by taking intelligent measures can help your company achieve its goals.

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