Intuitive Social Network Updater Powered By Mind Mapping Technology

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The power of social media equally challenges the leading search engines and online businesses in keeping abreast with the rapid changing pace at which people interact in social networks in many different ways unprecedented.

People are genuinely into conversations and these conversations started growing and spreading virally across boarders inexplicably in a rapid fashion. In this regard, I have come to a question that says,

“If you were responsible for producing the next revolutionary technology, what would it be?“

Consequently, I came up with the idea of a social network updating service (which I would call Instincto) that is based on mind mapping technology that gathers contextual information from the contents of your mobile phone via a mobile application, online activities via a toolbar or browser add-on, emails and instant messenger interactions.

Social Network Updater Powered By Mind Mapping Technology Diagram

This unique social networking service automatically updates your status messages on your favorite social networking accounts without the need for you to login on your respective social networking accounts like Facebook, Twitter, or MySpace. It auto-fills the status field with the most likely frame of thought you have even when you’re logged out from the service. When you’re logged in however, you still have full control over the messages you’d like to broadcast manually or automatically to your friends and followers based on your carefully selected keywords, say for example, you only want to share happy thoughts and not those awkward feelings you have toward your office mate or hate thoughts about your job or boss.

The service then uses keywords as the primary working data for this mind mapping technology as taken from your mobile text messages, phone calls via speech recognition technology that are translated into speech-to-text for keyword analysis for providing a much deeper insight on your feelings and thoughts, online browsing activities such as the websites or web pages that you visited or run across which means you don’t have to search for any “share this” icons or add a “digg this” toolbar on your browser because the service does that automatically for you in a natural fashion, emails you’ve read and sent, and instant messenger interactions.

The analyzed keywords will then serve as a central framework to link ideas and thoughts in order to determine a state of mind. It will then create sensible, accurate, more personal, intuitive, engaging and response hungry status updates for your social networks definitely because words most of the time speaks out what’s in the mind, therefore bringing out the best in you and your personality thus allowing people to get to know you better since social networks are there for you to basically socialize and mingle anyway.

This service is ideal for those users who have a lot of social networking accounts yet have too little time to communicate, people who most of the time runs out of something to say, a great way to prevent spammy looking messages, an intelligent help to avoid redundant and repetitive phrases to achieve a more professional demeanor and to effectively sell your ideas which people often fail to do on almost every social engagement on the web.

Based on the above features of this service, therefore an application for just about any device platform like Android, iPhone, Ovi, Blackberry, JIL, or Bada would be helpful and at the same time, add-ons for the most widely used web browsers like IE, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Opera will generally complete the mind mapping technology to work in different platforms.

Should this innovative idea come into reality, I’m sure that people will most likely become masters of social media and therefore relationships on both personal and professional level will have a deeper meaning unless the brilliance of an online time clock will be put into play towards this undertaking certainly because online services that caters to social media are not just resource intensive but are very challenging as well in terms of manpower management and labor cost that’s why keeping in track of working hours and project completion deadline is crucial while equally giving importance on the dependability and performance of servers, efficiency of software application, security of database and web framework, usability of the service and the potential value it will bring to the general public.

What do you think of this idea? Your comments are absolutely welcome.

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