How to capitalize on your privacy and reputation

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While some people love to engage in social media—posting photos of their kids on Facebook and Twitter, building online profile, giving advice and recommendations on products they like, etc. These actions consolidate overtime and once they are on the internet, other people can take advantage of it and use it to market on us, watch our actions and even jeopardize our security which is worse.

There are for sure some aspects of our lives that we don’t want public like our health condition, our physical address, our contact numbers, and our credit rating among others so we have to make sure the despite not broadcasting these online through hidden profile data yet still they can be susceptible to data buyers from these online websites that might sell our data to make a profit.

As publicness is being talk about much, the internet has unfortunately become no more a privacy advocating medium. In this regard, our data is extremely being used even without our consent to the advantage of website owners and businesses that can constantly make use of our existing information that we posted online.

michael fertikWhy do we need to secure our information and capitalize on it?

As we understand, data is everything. The more we divulge information on the web, the more people get access to it and if we don’t safeguard our information or yet minimize what we share on the web, the more likely that we exposing ourselves in the open.

As Michael Fertik, CEO & Founder of puts it, “Data is the new oil” meaning, we need to capitalize on our information so by the time companies needs it, it will serve as our selling capital, something that we can value and protect.

Our reputation is our selling point so basically we have to protect it by all means, online reputation or what we put on the internet matters many years from now and building that reputation alongside safeguarding our personal data, we are making ourselves more valuable to both businesses and prying eyes.

Below is the interview by Andrew Keen on Michael Fertik.

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