Maximize Your Social Media Efforts with Facebook Analytics by Webtrends

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Determining your online success is most of the time attributed to your online efforts and these inputs are more often than not measured in terms numbers and value called analytics.

Google Analytics is a primary example of an analytical measure of a website’s performance and success. The webmaster being in charge of administering the site knows well if his online efforts are bearing fruit or is consistently generating some reasonable or expected return or ROI (Return on Investment).

When Social Media entered the scene, businesses have indeed jumped in then started to mingle and network with people to keep their presence and continue to execute their business plans among which includes social networking giant, Facebook.

Webtrends, a leading analytics software provider developed Facebook Analytics as an add-on or stand-alone tool aimed at capturing transactional and user-level interactions on virtually every Facebook component and that includes custom tabs and Flash animations in order to measure the effectiveness of social media campaigns.

Facebook Analytics Ecosystem

Facebook Analytics can be integrated on websites or blogs, other digital marketing data and can also be used offline for data archiving.

Facebook Analytics has made possible to capture the detailed statistics coming from these points of interaction such as custom tabs, custom apps, flash, links, advertisements, e-mail sign ups, pop-ups and content sharing.

Given the above advantages, Facebook Analytics can really help a lot in optimizing your social networking efforts to cater to the needs of your audience as determined by their reactions based on click-through rates, shares, sign-ups and other metrics.

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  1. Looks like another tempting experiment to go for. But after my recent experiences with a facebook trojan (though I’m not sure now if it really is ‘the’ facebook trojan), I’m staying off facebook for a while. I’m not touching anything with ‘facebook’ on its title or name, at least for a few weeks. 🙂

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