Typhoon Ondoy Victims Need Help

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Allow me to pause a bit from writing tech posts and give way to a public service endeavor which I deem necessary and the best way possible to do especially that I have the power in my hands to spread the message and gather around some people with golden hearts especially my readers who are willing to help my fellowmen who are in need.

It’s been two days since the catastrophic Typhoon “Ondoy” / “Ketsana” hit the Philippines big time with so much rain that caused severe flooding all over Metro Manila and its nearby provinces. The horrifying event consumed some parts of the country under water thereby washing away properties—houses, cars, homes; live stocks, and human lives.

The good thing is that the Filipino behind all these calamities never stops hoping and consistently clings to their faith in the Almighty. Unwanted occasions such as these often unite us and will continue to make us stronger as a nation. Like any country in the World, these times are inevitable especially when we become subjected to an earthly ordeal. The challenge for us then boils down to each one of us making our move to extend our hand to those who needs carrying.

At this time of writing, I can only think of helping in this way possible. Spreading the word and hopefully making some sense that writing this over could somehow create some sparks of kindness to anybody who’s reading this at this very moment. Many storms will come and pass but don’t let it take away your hope that a better day is yet to come.

You’ve heard it in the news and had seen it all over. The call is yours to respond.

If your heart says, “I want to help”. You can head on to The Philippine National Red Cross Donation page or if you feel like donating via Paypal which would be much faster, you can do so through TEXTPower.Org Paypal Address courtesy of the Blog Herald.

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