How Do You Show “Respect” On the Road?

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Why do some people act like kids when they’re on the road? Is that because having an expensive car of some sort provides the license to be an arrogant driver?

Vast majority of accidents happening everyday are all attributed to vehicular accidents–either because of cell phone use while driving, intoxication or driving under the influence of drugs, and serious driving errors.

Road traffic casualties in the UK alone for January 2010 are already close to 200,000 with 2,000 resulting to death. It’s not just those inexperienced drivers that get involved most of the time, veteran drivers get themselves involved as well with most traffic violations because they believe that they know more and can get away with anything at any cost.

AXAIn this regard, efforts have been duly focused on keeping the road safe. While most countries all over the world are doing the same, in the UK, “ AXA Car Insurance” has been working closely with the authorities in keeping the red flags down and through its newest campaign entitled “ AXA Respect On The Road”, a more responsive citizenry is expected as they highlight the state of disrespectful or even worse, dangerous driving practices in the country.

They have even taken this campaign on to the streets of London in a black taxi which they have called the “Cab Cam” which gathers the opinions of the public about the issue through video commentaries. See sample video below about it.

They also went social with the creation of a Facebook fan page found via this link.

Having these kinds of efforts would not succeed without the help of a large citizenry, thus, most of the time; it serves as a reminder which these good guys hope that people wouldn’t have deaf ears at.

Discipline always comes from within. If you’re a driver and you’re reading this, complete this statement. “I respect the road by…?”

Keep your answer to yourself and watch the video below. Aren’t the kids cute? What if they’re adults’ acting like kids? Are they still good to see?

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  1. Having grown older and wiser, I have learned to just ignore rude drivers. Keeps my blood way below boiling point. With regard to the video, I like the kid driver of the last car. 🙂

  2. Mathdelane says:

    I love the kids’ video. Very cute!

  3. Deevan says:

    I respect the road by not being impatient, and following the speed limit.
    At least I try. as I have grown older, definitely I have taken safety more to heart. Also, having a son did that too – when you have children, you automatically become more careful on the road.

    I also notice that if I drive at the speed limit, I am much calmer. Driving faster just makes me tenser.

    The kid video was funny and cute, but if this were adults, that would be a ugly display of character.

  4. > They also went social with the creation of a Facebook fan page found via this link.

    That’s what I love social media for – nowadays you can have any problem socialized to draw more attention to it – and to find a solution.

    Being a driver myself, I can tell that I used to stay calm at any situation. Aggression and haste may cause much trouble, and I’m not talking about wrecked cars now…

    @James Moralde
    Totally agree with you, the kids are acting brilliant! Reminds me on some social advertisement – Children See – Children Do.

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