Globe Tattoo Holiday Holdup

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USB Internet can be a life saver especially at times when you need to connect to the internet when you’re in a place that is not a hotspot or when your home wi-fi connection is down and you need to work.

The latter case applies to me so I ended up buying a Globe Tattoo USB dongle last December 21st. My brother bought it for me on a service center located in SM Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines for 1,245 Php (Philippine peso) which is about $28.95USD.

My brother upon buying was told that he cannot return it. What?! No return?! I don’t plan on exchanging it for another dongle, why?! Read on.

Globe Tattoo

What’s with the prior notice when this telco company ‘s product can really deliver? Come to think of it.

I installed the USB dongle. It worked. I loaded the pre-paid dongle with 55.00Php just to make it work.

The next thing I know, I was browsing the internet at such an utterly depressing speed of 0.0-9.0 kbps which is a ton slower than a freakin’ turtle.

Having a presence in social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, I decided to contact these guys on Twitter @Talk2GLOBE about getting a refund but they never did answer my question instead they offered some workarounds that I don’t even need and if I do, it doesn’t even work on my Windows 7 OS laptop.

They even reasoned out that the effin’ dongle was not compatible with my OS and trying to put words into my mouth, they could almost tell me to wait until Huawei released a software update.

Guys at Globe, come on! You can do better than this but it seems that your customer service via Twitter is just disgusting and useless.

If you guys can walk away with my money and leave me with a useless internet USB, the rest of the world will have to judge which actions matter credit. Despite incompatibility reason with the USB and my OS, it’s not an excuse not to give a due refund to something that is bought but barely even work.

I just couldn’t count how many times the internet connection was cut-off per minute. It was a definite fail.

Telecom holdups happen and when you’ve fallen into their trap of no return, no refund policy, consumer protection is annihilated.

In a world where every single cent matters to a consumer, a good buy is a reward and companies with legitimate customer concern act accordingly but those who does otherwise are best removed on your trust list.

Bad customer service equate to bad business practices. When you do find posts like these, spread the word to protect yourselves and others, being this ugly Globe Tattoo holiday holdup experience is an example, of blunt consumer abuse. So much to my dismay, these bad practices chooses no season, even on holidays when people are expected to share some love…but I got otherwise.

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  1. Ives says:

    yaiiks! I just recently bought a globe tattoo. Reading your post gives me an impression that I only wasted my money. 🙁

  2. jeff says:

    I agree with you. I bought a USB from globe myself and I can’t bare the speed. Others say it depends on the location. some location have greater globe signal i guess that speeds up the connection. But I got rid of it and signed with PLDT instead 🙂

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