What are the disadvantages of Outsourced Medical Billing?

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As the medical billing industry started to boom, many advantages have already been cited like in August 2012 we have featured why medical billing forms matter in today’s growing healthcare industry demands.

Since medical billing is tedious, small medical practices had been in the firing line. That’s why many physicians or specialists opt to outsourcing their medical billing to professional medical billing companies.

Considering that this action may lessen the burden of the medical professionals, there are still considerable risks or disadvantages of doing so especially in the outsourcing process.

Because the jobs are outsourced, you have absolutely no control over the employees of the outsourcing company. As their client, you have to trust them (the outsourcing company) that your tasks are undertaken.

While outsourcing can help you focus more on other things, it can lessen your interaction with your patients thus losing that “personal touch” since you’ve passed them along to the medical billing company to settle their bills.

medical claim formYou may also consider running into the risk of any possible disclosure of patient health information as you outsource your billing requirements.

And because your medical billing is outsourced, there may be possible hidden costs that may arise that could be charged to your clients by the outsourcing company so you have to tackle this in contracts. There is also flexibility issues that may arise especially during critical seasons as patient numbers double at certain times of the year so since the medical billing is outsourced, your hands are tied to their own deadlines and hours of operation.

Limitations in information can matter so better discuss with your outsourcing company what they would need from your patients when they speak with them.

Lastly, communicate to avoid contractual misunderstandings. Make sure both parties understand what’s agreed upon in the contract.

Basically, be able to assure that you’ve weigh in all options before outsourcing your medical billing tasks.

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