Send Fax via Email: Is it possible?

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Ever tried sending fax via email? If you answered “no”, then read on. Since I’ve been blogging for a while, well since 2008, I’ve already tried this kind of service here.

This service really gives more flexibility in terms of sending and receiving fax messages while at the same time reducing the cost on buying fax paper rolls. On the brighter side, we’re also helping the environment through minimized use of paper.

Fax from Google DocsInternet fax like InterFax offer sap fax services which enables a user to conveniently fax documents directly from a SAP system such as purchase orders, sales invoices, and account statements.

Cloud-based SAP fax solutions such as these easily integrates with SAP and handles all fax delivery issues eliminating as mentioned earlier hardware and software, maintenance and admin costs and manual faxing thereby boosting productivity because you can take care of your business while the system does the rest of the task.

Among the many features of SAP fax is that it can fax any printable document from just about any SAP module, broadcasts faxes up to 20,000 recipients, receives faxes and delivery notifications within SAP, simply and smooth setup using SAP’s Fax and Paging/SMS interface amongst others.

With the right technology in place, we can always be productive in every way we do. Send and receive fax via email now!

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  1. Rosalia says:

    Good invention! It is good to hear about Internet fax service. This invention makes our life easy and also saves paper. Now, we can also be a part of go green project for safe paper. My bank promotes it by sending email statements Thanks for sharing!

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