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If I were to ask which everyday tasks do you normally undertake on your computer, I’m sure that it’s going to be quite a long list to enumerate especially on a Windows-based system, correct?

For most of us that uses the computer almost everyday, it can be tiresome and boring to do the same tasks over again like controlling computer applications, printing documents, working with files and folders, web pages, automating FTP tasks, sending emails, working with databases and many more.

However, we don’t always have to handle the burdens of repetitious tasks. WinAutomation can give you the power to accomplish things that previously requires a programmer or learning codes with its powerful and easy-to-use graphical interface.

WinAutomation Console and Job Designer window

WinAutomation Console and Job Designer window

WinAutomation allows you to build simple and complex jobs that auto-run using a powerful macro recorder that records mouse clicks and key strokes. The automated jobs can be built using a ready-made action to control applications to run those repetitive tasks mentioned above and much more.

Creating an automated job is easy. Simply drag and drop the actions on its editor, add a few details about the task and you’re ready to go.

It’s powerful and adequate enough for even the most complex jobs with integrated support for variables and loops and conditionals, extensive error handling, with a built-in debugger, plus advanced features such as image recognition that literally sees what is displayed on your screen.

After creating a job, you can attach triggers to automate your tasks (based on your preferred schedule) that you setup using a hot key to monitor folders—if it’s modified, transferred or deleted; Internet connection, web servers and a lot more. In order to keep track of jobs, simply view the log files for complete details.

The professional edition of WinAutomation includes a job compiler that allows you to compile the jobs you’ve made into stand-alone .net exe application which you can distribute and run on any Windows-based computer without the need to have WinAutomation installed.

There are many great features and benefits this automation software provides and having one yourself is priceless. I’m a seeing myself using this software for a very long time thus increasing my productivity in so many ways possible.

I’m still on the process of getting used to it (but I’m actually having loads of fun) and hopefully when I get to encounter something beneficial to share, I’ll let you all know. There’s really nothing to rant about because it’s really a great software. To get a glimpse of what WinAutomation can do for you, simply play the succeeding embedded video.

A 30-day trial of the software can be downloaded from here. In case you have further questions or inquiries about this program, feel free to leave it at the comments section.

WinAutomation is brought to you by our friends from An exclusive professional license is provided to me to give it a full run. They will also be giving away three WinAutomation 3.0 complimentary licenses as a giveaway to the readers of this blog so watch out for it.

I apologize to all my readers who were able to read the preceding paragraph. Unfortunately, this will no longer be happening because right after this post was published, I’ve never heard anything from them. Updated 23rd September 2009.

Jag Foo from WinAutomation contacted us and confirmed that the said giveaways will push through. I’ll keep you all posted. Updated 30th September 2009.

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