Monitoring End User Experience for Citrix and Virtual Environments

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Current IT reports predict that the highest-impact trend for IT in 2012 is virtualization which will determine how IT experts manage, deploy, purchase and plan for their upcoming and future strategies. While this can be true, there are various aspects of IT services that need to be considered. Understanding, monitoring and managing end user behavior is crucial in determining their actual experience with complex IT services such as virtual desktop infrastructures.

citrixCitrix monitoring come into play in Citrix environments in order for organizations to get a deeper insight into the true analytics into the end user experience.

Traditional Application Performance Management monitoring tools can help companies understand the health of an overall Citrix application but with more sophisticated demands from IT enterprises, a comprehensive visibility in monitoring Citrix XenDesktops maybe able to effectively measure the impact of virtual technologies on the performance of businesses mainly productivity output.

In terms of understanding the resources required to support multiple users, each running a variety of different applications across virtual desktop servers, the best virtualization tool matter.

Combined virtualization assessment and planning with real-time performance deviation detection promote optimization of guest virtual machine mappings in VDI scenarios resulting to dynamic agility boost for adding new applications and desktops into the VDI pool. This in turn will recreate a requirement for VDI monitoring which may require a comprehensive Frontline Performance Intelligence solution and human resource for planning and support on this emerging environment.

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