Making User Interfaces Work for You

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Achieving desirable user interface designs that will hook users to fall in love with it is not an easy task. There are lots of techniques and patters of doing it plus factors to consider in order to come-up with user interfaces for websites and software.

How do you make a user interface work for you and your customers?

One of the things that need to be achieved is clarity. Enabling interaction between the user and the system that is meaningful—what it does and where to go.

When everything is clear, keep explanations at minimum because this can stray user’s focus.

It’s best as well to make icons or menus very much familiar to anyone. Something your users will not second guess on how a button works when clicked.

Who doesn’t love a responsive UI? User interface that takes time to load requests can be frustrating for your users. It can make or break user interest in no time.

Strive to be consistent in everything. Although you might want to be playful and take risks with designs, you should remember to be consistent with your design so your users can achieve a sense of ease and adapt a certain behavioral usage pattern making them more attuned to the software or website menus so that any future changes (be it minimal) will not make them feel lost.

Who doesn’t love aesthetics? Again, playfulness and creativity can be beneficial to attract users attention but remember to make it minimal yet still striving for consistency and simplicity.

When it looks good, it doesn’t always mean it’s better.

Efficiency leads to the user’s satisfaction. Lead your users to what they want and showcase what your software or website can do for them.

Allow users to fix errors on their own when mistakes arise. A simple undo button will boost their trust that somehow they can make mistakes on the interface but can still correct it.

As they always say, less is more…sounds cliché, right? Users will always admire simple and easy UI. It’s a no-brainer. If you’re someone who needs more ideas on how to develop UIs that will work for you, visit the UI blog, you’ll see!

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