Energy Management Solutions for the Hotel Industry

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Ever checked-in into a hotel room using a keycard? That keycard brings a whole lot of difference into energy management for the hotel industry. Once inserted, the keycard not only opens the assigned guest room but also the lighting and a whole bunch of other stuff inside the room of which, the establishment saves from 30-50% on utility costs. Not only does it add appeal to the guest’s experience, it’s also easier to use and easy to install for hoteliers.

As part of energy management initiative, keycards are outfitted with all of the necessary replacement switches, outlets, and plug-in modules the control lighting and television energy usage in a hotel guest room. It also offers energy saving modes upon room occupancy.

As the guest inserts the keycard into a wall mount, it initiates the control of the lighting, HVAC system, TV, temperature control, etc. when the guest leaves the room and removes the keycard, it then turns off all the lighting, powers down the TV and places the HVAC system into “energy saving” mode.

As more and more hoteliers update their facilities, it’s almost everything is being automated nowadays giving more hoteliers time at the front desk automating check-ins and getting rooms ready for their guests without the hassle of walking them through to their rooms.

State of the art energy management solutions are easier deployed nowadays plus the costs are not higher than it first started due to the presence of many competitors. One of the programming capabilities allows customization on each lighting and temperature which can also include future expansion of existing systems such as LCD room lighting and automation line.

Keycard, being an integral part of today’s energy management initiatives, is not just cost-efficient but also enhances guest’s experience. Aside from the mentioned lighting controls and temperature specification automations, it can also facilitate in customer housekeeping and privacy requests seamlessly.

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