Benefits of Online Project Management Tools

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Having worked as a project manager for an online company years ago has been monetarily rewarding and professionally boosting experience. However, the demands of taking the post are not as easy as it was today especially with the availability of an appropriate project management tool like Zoho projects that can help each task become simpler and easier.

Online project management software normally has collaboration tools and bug tracking functionality that allows teams to easily collaborate and complete sets of tasks efficiently and effectively.

The right planning and tracking will allow you to complete the project on-time or on schedule while collaboration tools enhances communication within the members of the team.

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Among the many benefits of adapting an online project management tool includes:

Task management
Monitoring the progress of a project can be divided into milestones which will make it easier.

Time tracking
Recording work hours for time keeping and payout calculations are a must for any project.

Organizing events in calendar
Calendar allows teams to easily set-up a schedule for future meetings, notes, and a lot more.

Integrates with online file sharing apps
Sharing files with team members can’t be any easier when it integrates with online file sharing applications like Dropbox.

Bug fixing and submission
As projects run, bugs can be encountered thus submitting it to the appropriate team for tracking and fixing is essential to avoid any future problems that may arise.

Progress analysis
While project management tools provide milestones and time tracking, graphical representations like Gantt charts makes data easier to grasp and interpret especially during team meetings.

Manage projects on the go
Some project management tools allows users to do their tasks while on the go or using their iPhone. This surely makes project management mobile anytime, anywhere.

There you have it, if you know any project management tools that do something else in one or more ways than those mentioned above, please mention the feature in the comments.

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