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Why medical billing forms matter?

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

As far as I can remember, I have once created a client website catering to their medical billing services. At that time I have not much of an idea what it was until I came into some really important facts about it.

Based on a new study recently released by America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP), three-quarters of all health insurance claims are now being submitted electronically, of course using medical billing forms with a massive increase from 24 percent in 1995 to 75 percent today.medical billing form

Insurance claims submitted electronically reduce administrative costs while significantly speeding up payments to hospitals and doctors.

The proportion of insurance claims submitted to health plans electronically has more than tripled in the last decade, reducing administrative costs and significantly speeding up payments to doctors and hospitals.

Paper claims, on the other hand, are proven to have significant delay before health insurance plans receive claims from health care providers mostly due to incorrect or incomplete information adding nine days more to the process.

And to add, paper claims are costly than electronic claims.

In today’s age, automated technology must be utilized for getting insurance claims payment however not all providers can afford to thus making outsourcing of the claims process an alternative.

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Telephone Headset: Advantages and Setup

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Gone are the days when people normally pick up a bulky telephone handset in offices although in some, they still do but in environments where there are multiple phone lines, multiple calls are handled using telephone units connected to phone headsets which call centers, telemarketers and helpdesks use on a frequent basis.

These call-driven industries take advantage of telephone headsets for improved mobility, convenience and low maintenance cost.

Other than that, studies have shown that a person spending more than 2 hours a day can benefit from using a telephone headset because it reduces muscle tension that leads to neck pain by 31% and back pain by 16%. Also, this proves reduction in headaches producing a more fluid workforce due to low absenteeism.

HB Maynard & Co carried out a study of more than 2000 telephone calls found out that headsets increase productivity by as much as 43% due to reduced time while taking information from callers, less number of errors caused by typing, writing and fatigue. And of course, the ability to attend to more number of calls compared to a conventional handset.

Setting up a headset is as easy as unplugging the coiled receiver cord from your phone base, plugging in the flat back connector cord that is already plugged into your headset base into the jack where you just unplugged your telephone headset then plugging the loose coiled receiver cord into the base of your headset and voila! You’re good to go. Just remember that there could be different ways to do this depending on your unit so always check the manual for installation or ask for assistance.

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What’s up with USB Sticks?

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Flash drive, USB sticks, portable memory stick, whatever you call it points to the same thing, the small stick that stores data which you can insert on your PC to access stored information or operate certain portable software from it.

USB sticks largely cover the data storage market today in terms of portability. While you can bring your 1 Terabyte external HD anywhere, it still remains bulky compared to a readily accessible and minute USB flash drive. Other than that, USB sticks are very promising as gifts and are found aplenty just about anywhere.usb stick

While USB sticks can come in different memory sizes, pricing also varies and of course design. However, let’s not forget that durability is also important since some USB sticks can get corrupted and once it happens, there’s a big chance of losing your valuable data.

Most companies offer promotional USB sticks but there’s always a catch so don’t be fooled by discounts and bulk prices, instead stick to your brand. Only your experience with a brand makes it easier for you to pick the apple from the oranges.

There are tons of USB sticks available in the market today, at times, it can be confusing to pick one, but again, understanding its purpose should not be overshadowed by fancy designs and drop dead prices.

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Small Business Budgeting Outright

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Small business owners often encounter a whole bunch of paper works come tax payment dues—spreadsheets, data entry and the like.

Imagine having to do all these all the time. It can be tedious. But would it be great if you can do all these small business accounting paper works on autopilot? This definitely gives you more time to focus on other things that matter to you other than your business but your family as well.

outrightBeing able to organize your data into one place making it easily accessible when needed puts you into a winning situation where you can spend your time wisely worry-free.

Outright budgeting software takes this job seriously by allowing you to do all these things such as data importing from bank and credit card accounts, organizing and filtering data, interpreting data into understandable graphs, keeps track of your budget, and of course, keeps you on top of your tax deadlines.

While there are many web-based financial management tools available today, it’s still important to note the reliability of the provider you choose. It must be safe and secure mostly with 256-bit SSL security which is the same used by most major U.S. banks with service monitored and verified through TRUSTe and McAfee, has online backup system, and is widely used with a solid customer support.

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Why Small Retail Stores Need A Credit Card Terminal?

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Okay, this sounds pretty basic for some Small and Medium Size Businesses in developed countries but in my country (the Philippines), you’ll be amazed at how some SME’s still don’t have one.

I get to encounter many times how some small meatshop and convenient store don’t happen to have one despite a growing number of Filipino consumers are already using the plastic money as a means of payment.wireless portable credit card terminal

I’m not going to touch on the subject of payment and application this involves locally but on the positive impact this could have in one’s business.

A verifone portable credit card terminal which is prominently used in the UK allow sellers to accept credit card payments for consumer purchases despite retailer environment conditions.

It’s regarded are the smallest wireless credit card terminal but like any of its kind, it makes your business capable of getting the chunk out of the profit from customers who use the plastic money instead of cash and even those who don’t have one. It makes your business appear savvy and convenient to transact with.

A Bluetooth communication station makes possible for the wireless portable credit card terminal to work. Again, minus the wires so it’s pretty convenient and easy to set-up anywhere in your shop where it can reach the Bluetooth signal.
Imagine if all merchants here in the Philippines have a credit card terminal in their shops, would it be nice to shop when you know that your money can’t be stolen and it’s all in your handy plastic card?

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Understanding Data Center Maintenance and Repair

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

As mentioned in previous posts from this site, data center serves a critical role in making sure that information online are delivered in a timely manner and is safe and secure. Since data centers house large and complex computer servers, it is highly important to keep track of its surroundings, the data center room temperature, humidity, etc. among other factors that’s why web server climate monitors exists.

As these factors are being looked upon, part of keeping data center efficiency is through maintenance and repair which Titan Power proves to deliver significantly in their growing client base. Titan Power understands the need for a back-up power and air protection systems that is integrated to interact smoothly within any facility in order to ensure continuous production during emergency and normal outages.

preventive maintenance servicesProfessionally managed maintenance program is critical and Titan Power understands it. Maintenance service agreements, comprehensive scopes of work and electronic field service reports should be handy when needed.

Today’s working environment calls for the safety of its employees so NFPA 70 E Compliance is must because it means the company is taking seriously the safety of its workforce through safety-training programs related to electric hazards and electrical safety.

It is therefore paramount that companies take the issue of its employees’ safety into consideration at all times not only in the data center environment but in all kinds of industries as well.

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Edit PDF Files Easily with Infix

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Working on PDF files can sometimes be gruesome especially when editing typographical errors, editing multiple times on the same file, and filling out forms without the need for printing.

When you are in front of a pile of PDF’s to work on, you definitely need a helping hand from reliable software like Infix, one of the savviest and easiest PDF editor in the market today.

Infix PDF EditorHaving tested this software, I could easily say that it works as it promises. Whether editing a single word, paragraph, or an entire page, Infix generally makes the process smooth, trouble-free and looking well as if nobody has ever touched it. You definitely can’t say it was edited.

Among the attractive features of this software include:

  • Similarity to a Word processor – you can easily familiarize yourself with its user interface like it was your normal word processing tool.
  • Edits just about anything – yes, you read it right. Text, font sizes, images and a whole lot more.
  • Clean Editing – reflows paragraphs and columns automatically.
  • It copies graphics and text between PDF files.
  • Search and replace in one or multiple files.
  • Create PDFs from just about any document via the document printing feature.

Infix is available in three different editions – Professional and Standard Edition and Form-filler (which is free). Learn how these editions compare here.

Infix works on the PC – Windows 2003, XP, Vista or Windows 7 (including 64-bit versions), and requires 512MB RAM, 1GB for Windows Vista/7. 1GHz x86 CPU, 60MB free disk space.

Infix is also compatible with Citrix desktop virtualization.

Mac users however can also enjoy this software on an Intel-based processor running MacOSX 10.5 or above, 200MB free disc space, 1MB RAM, 1GH CPU.

Portable USB version of this tool is also available for those who wish to use this software on multiple computers.

Try it for yourself and see how it could change the way you work on PDF documents. You’ll surely love it!

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Data Centers – Where Would We Be Without Them?

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

It is hardly a controversial opinion to suggest that data centers are an indispensable part of modern life – it really is impossible to envisage a world without the vast capacity and power that data centers grant the business and information technology sectors – much less a world without Google, eBay and Facebook! But what exactly are the major advantages of a data center that their absence would remove? Let’s take a look…

Firstly, the cost to enterprises of running an in-house own data center is increasingly prohibitive, given the growing size requirements of such facilities. As more and more information is transmitted online and more transactions take place online – just as computing power continues to grow – then a data center needs exponentially more power and more hard disk space. Server racks just keep on getting longer and even keeping them cool enough becomes uneconomically costly for most small, medium or even large-sized enterprises.

data centerSecurity is the second big issue – in a world where cyber-crime and espionage is constantly growing, there needs to be a very robust response to security. Most enterprises just don’t have the time and resources to police their IT operations to the level required, and a good data center can give them the reassurances they need. Technicians can be on hand throughout the 24-hour cycle, not just to ensure that the server racks keep on functioning perfectly and that any problems are swiftly dealt with, but also to ensure that information is kept safe and secure and that hacking or phishing attempts are roundly thwarted.

So, where would we be without data centers? The answer is that we would have a vastly more limited cyber-world, with businesses forced to keep their computer operations artificially scaled back due to cost considerations, with the knock-on effect of a hobbled e-commerce sector. Social networks would be slow, unsafe and prone to disastrous infiltration, while search engines would also be grindingly slow and frustrating to use – welcome back to the late 1990s.

It’s safe to say that data centers are not only here to stay, but will keep getting bigger and better so long as the computer world leads the way.

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What is a Web server Climate Monitor?

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Websites run on web servers and web servers are hardware capable of storing multitudes of data that returns back browser requests on various mediums such as PC and mobile via the internet.

Data centers houses large and vast yet sometimes complex servers into a facility. These facilities make sure that the servers are properly connected, secure and safe.

climate monitorLike a normal office facility, these servers are also prone to threats including those nature-related.
Most threats into a server room are heat, water, fire, power failure and intrusion.

With the use of built-in and optional external sensors, monitoring server problems can be a breeze and if you are running one, you can be alerted by email for example, if there is an issue plus you will be able to view trends in graphs of historic data.

Providers such as offer a web server module which provides the interface to the unit via a web browser. The right configuration allows access to climate monitor anytime and anywhere there is an Internet access. This way, you can track server room temperature without worries.

Through the web interface, you can view the state of your gear, check graphs for trends and configure the unit.
Visit the website above to know more about these web server monitors.

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How to capitalize on your privacy and reputation

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

While some people love to engage in social media—posting photos of their kids on Facebook and Twitter, building online profile, giving advice and recommendations on products they like, etc. These actions consolidate overtime and once they are on the internet, other people can take advantage of it and use it to market on us, watch our actions and even jeopardize our security which is worse.

There are for sure some aspects of our lives that we don’t want public like our health condition, our physical address, our contact numbers, and our credit rating among others so we have to make sure the despite not broadcasting these online through hidden profile data yet still they can be susceptible to data buyers from these online websites that might sell our data to make a profit.

As publicness is being talk about much, the internet has unfortunately become no more a privacy advocating medium. In this regard, our data is extremely being used even without our consent to the advantage of website owners and businesses that can constantly make use of our existing information that we posted online.

michael fertikWhy do we need to secure our information and capitalize on it?

As we understand, data is everything. The more we divulge information on the web, the more people get access to it and if we don’t safeguard our information or yet minimize what we share on the web, the more likely that we exposing ourselves in the open.

As Michael Fertik, CEO & Founder of puts it, “Data is the new oil” meaning, we need to capitalize on our information so by the time companies needs it, it will serve as our selling capital, something that we can value and protect.

Our reputation is our selling point so basically we have to protect it by all means, online reputation or what we put on the internet matters many years from now and building that reputation alongside safeguarding our personal data, we are making ourselves more valuable to both businesses and prying eyes.

Below is the interview by Andrew Keen on Michael Fertik.

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Is your company merging or acquired by another?

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Back in the days when I was still in the manufacturing industry, merging companies nor acquisitions was much of a move until the recent recession that has shaken the world entirely. Even worse is the bankruptcy left and right that made mergers and acquisitions possible.

As the world tries to forget the downhill collapse due to the recession, there are still some companies who opt to merge with another or some buy out another in order to sustain their business or in one hand, expand respectively.

valence groupThe chemical industry is not an exception to these industry movements. As parties come into an agreement, they can however consider the guidance of a Chemical M&A firm like Valence Group.

Chemical Mergers and Acquisitions advisors provide services to companies and investors exclusively in the chemicals, materials and related sectors.

These advisors have the capability of providing sound recommendations and advice in the areas which relate to the Chemical industry sectors among which includes Environmental Liabilities, Operation Carve-outs, Ongoing Supply Agreements, Off-take Agreements, Site Operating Agreements, Regulatory Constraints, and Intellectual Property including Non-Competes.

While merging and /or acquisition process takes a heavy turn on the business and employees, this business move is still favorable for both parties. It can be a little shaky at first however, in the long run, it’s all about sustainability in the industry.

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Is your merchant PCI Compliant?

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Did you know that online merchants who accept credit card payments must be PCI DSS compliant? Card transactions online is govern by a set of requirements set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) which is designed to ensure that ALL companies that process, store or transmit credit card information maintain a secure environment. Essentially any merchant that has a Merchant ID (MID).

The Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council (PCI SSC) was launched on September 7, 2006 to manage the ongoing evolution of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standards with focus on improving payment account security throughout the transaction process. The PCI DSS is administered and managed by the PCI SSC (, an independent body that was created by the major payment card brands (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB.).

PCI compliantIt is important to note, the payment brands and acquirers are responsible for enforcing compliance, not the PCI council.

Having read all this, it’s important to understand that whenever you hand your credit card information online, you are putting yourself at risk, meaning you are vulnerable to security breaches however, you must also be aware that certain measures are being taken to fully safeguard your data online so you can sleep safe and sound and that is what the PCI SSC is working for alongside payment brands to ensure that your information cannot be compromised.

For new startup businesses however, they basically need to acquire a PCI compliant hosting environment in order to solidify their intention of good business and for the security of their customers. Merchants must adapt PCI compliance in order to project an image of trustworthiness and dedication to safeguard their customer’s valuable information and data.

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Got a kid at school? Get free printable flashcards online!

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Back in the days, flashcards are pretty much a fad to grade school teachers. I could even remember even my high school Algebra teacher uses flash cards to teach negative and positive integers.

Basically, flashcards are not just some piece of paper but they are really helpful pieces of card board used for instructional purposes. While people nowadays hold tablets in their hands to teach, a flashcard still wins by a mile in mobility and convenience.

flashcardsThere are many online flashcards where educators and moms can get for free, some are even paid for. A more advance user though can make use of flash card software for the same purpose. Of course, nothing beats the free stuff. offers online flashcard making for free. All you need to do is follow a simple procedure and voila, a flashcard just for your specific purpose!

You can also make use of the existing flashcards available on their website in case you don’t have time to do your own and just want to have something readily printable.

Alright, need to know more? Visit their website and see it for yourself. Give it a try and let me know how it goes for you. Have fun guys!

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Choosing the right copy machine

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Alright, we all knew how important it is to have a copier at home handy when you need one. I myself value it and it’s convenient than having to go somewhere else to have your manuscript photocopied.

While purchasing photocopiers can be a bit of a challenge especially when you’re on a tight budget but still want to have a decent one that can last long and deliver its purpose, Okidata Copiers have been considerate with the needs of consumers by providing a line of copiers that fits any budget and technical needs.

okidata copierWith the advent of too many copiers in the market, it has been confusing for most buyers to find the right one for them that would fit their needs and budget. Well, not anymore. Okidata copiers have been widely known to greatly manage document traffic while at the same time maintaining quality in the office. Okidata copy machines are best known to be very affordable and worth every price tag it has. These copiers use high yield toners that allow users more output at a minimum cost.

Unlike most expensive photocopiers in the market today, Okidata photocopier machines have faxing capabilities that allows users multitask in one machine. And with customers in mind, Okidata always makes it a point to maintain the quality of their products a top priority while selling them at reasonable costs that even those who are on a tight budget can afford.

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Do you consider buying email lists?

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Getting into the inbox of individuals nowadays can be really tough. With the advent of too many marketing schemes and spam that constantly bugs many of us each day, people have become more stingy when it comes to email marketing flyers and mostly don’t opt-in to email newsletters anymore.

This scenario has become a challenge to many marketing professionals and those who are trying to make money from email marketing through affiliate schemes and selling their own products.

email listBut what does it take to successfully convince an individual to sign-up on your email newsletter so you can take it to the next level with your email marketing strategies?

You may, of course, buy email list but make sure it’s from a reliable source. One factor to consider is an up-to-date email list as this can make or break your email marketing strategies. Who would want to spend a dime on non-working email lists when nobody receives your mails when you try to send one?

Also, when buying an email list, determine how the list will be delivered to you after purchase. It can be in hard copy like CD or DVD.

Speed and reliability is important when buying an email list however how factor to consider as well is the payment options available for buyers. Make sure the provider has reliable and secure payment gateways for your own financial security.

Although buying email list have privacy implications for those individuals who were not aware that their emails can be sold, thus a provider must always inform their buyers that their email list consist of consenting individuals.

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Benefits of Online Project Management Tools

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Having worked as a project manager for an online company years ago has been monetarily rewarding and professionally boosting experience. However, the demands of taking the post are not as easy as it was today especially with the availability of an appropriate project management tool like Zoho projects that can help each task become simpler and easier.

Online project management software normally has collaboration tools and bug tracking functionality that allows teams to easily collaborate and complete sets of tasks efficiently and effectively.

The right planning and tracking will allow you to complete the project on-time or on schedule while collaboration tools enhances communication within the members of the team.

project management tool

Among the many benefits of adapting an online project management tool includes:

Task management
Monitoring the progress of a project can be divided into milestones which will make it easier.

Time tracking
Recording work hours for time keeping and payout calculations are a must for any project.

Organizing events in calendar
Calendar allows teams to easily set-up a schedule for future meetings, notes, and a lot more.

Integrates with online file sharing apps
Sharing files with team members can’t be any easier when it integrates with online file sharing applications like Dropbox.

Bug fixing and submission
As projects run, bugs can be encountered thus submitting it to the appropriate team for tracking and fixing is essential to avoid any future problems that may arise.

Progress analysis
While project management tools provide milestones and time tracking, graphical representations like Gantt charts makes data easier to grasp and interpret especially during team meetings.

Manage projects on the go
Some project management tools allows users to do their tasks while on the go or using their iPhone. This surely makes project management mobile anytime, anywhere.

There you have it, if you know any project management tools that do something else in one or more ways than those mentioned above, please mention the feature in the comments.

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Tips in choosing the right non-geo number for your business

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Small businesses worldwide that are trying to cut costs often face a multitude of challenges when it comes to choosing which aspect of their business can they spend less but get more optimal results in the long haul. With these at hand, business have ventured into adapting cost cutting measures in terms of communication mediums without the need to sacrifice the ability to interact with clients and their customers—this is where non-geo numbers come into play.

Cost reduction in calls plus more flexibility in terms of mobility is one of the best feature that you can get when you buy 0845 number, 08 or any non-geographical phone numbers.

non-geo numbersThe best non-geo number to choose depends on your business needs. The following geo-numbers and their application to businesses might help enlighten your decision making.

0800 – these numbers generally used for marketing and sales purposes. It attracts as free to call your number without charging your customers thus incoming calls are charged to the number owner. A major flaw of this number however does not allow free call from mobiles and may not be called from outside the UK.

0845 – are Lo-Call numbers wherein calls are charged at local rates made from landlines regardless of the caller’s location.
However, the charges on both local and national calls to ordinary geo numbers are no longer different.

0844 – is a revenue generating and/or sharing number wherein both the owner and provider gets a portion of revenue from each call. This number is advisable for use only on specialized services provided by your business.

0870 – is introduced as low cost, revenue sharing numbers as well.

0871 – is similar to 0870 but with higher call charges but also pays a revenue share and is regulated by a certain body and the customer is notified of the cost of the call afterwards.

09xxx are real premium numbers with rates that can be £1+ per minute but with a more specialized used.

There you have it, if any of your businesses functions fall into any of these non-geo numbers, then you can finally decide which one to choose.

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Tune up Windows and Clean your Registry with jv16 Power Tools

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

It has been a while since we last reviewed a registry cleaning Windows utility tool so I’m quite excited on this one. MaceCraft Software, the maker of jv16 PowerTools 2012, offers its end users the right set of tools to boost Windows PC performance with their wide array of indispensable software that’s fun and easy to use.

jv16 PowerTools 2012 promises to keep your Windows system always running like new. With its various key features, you can never go wrong with it. Among such features are as follows:

Cleaning junk and fixing errors from your PC
Like most utility software, this tool seeks registry errors from your system, junk files, left-over files (those files left from deleted/uninstalled software), and unnecessary log files.

jv16 Power ToolsUninstalls software and delete left over files
Uninstalling a program does not mean it’s totally deleted from your system, some of which leave left-over files or folders that are of no use and eats up hard drive space overtime. It’s necessary thou that we have a special tools like jv16 Power Tools that can permanently eliminate these left-over files during the process of removal.

Optimize and speedup your computer
Part of this utility suite is generally making your system run like new so jv16 PowerTools is designed to replenish Windows performance by altering certain settings and disabling some functions that don’t serve any purpose other than to slow down your computer.

In addition, you can alter star-up programs depending on which ones you’d like to automatically run whenever Windows opens as this may induce longer startup/loading times.

A rare feature that you could find on any utility suite is its ability to immunize your system from malicious websites thus improving your security and privacy. This feature modifies the Windows host file and a list of malicious data is provided by

Part of this software is an Anti-malware tool that verifies if your download is safe to run. Malware that can be detected includes computer viruses, Trojans, rootkit installers, dialers, and system hijackers.

Recover deleted files
While most utility suites can permanently delete files and those that are left-over during the process however, for accidentally deleted files, this tool allows recovery of these files when necessary. If you’re unaware, emptying the Recycle Bin does not totally delete all the files in there that’s why there are recovery tools that can recover deleted files.

jv16 PowerTools 2012 includes 32 other useful tools and several translations in different languages, plus 60 days fully usable trial copy of the software and it only costs $29.95 to buy.

So there you have it, if you’d like to know more about jv16 PowerTools 2012 and how it can be beneficial to maintaining the smooth performance of your PC, give it a try.

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Understanding the Pros and Cons of SAN Storage Systems

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

As the demands for more data consumption grow bigger because of the internet, storage area networks (SANs) become a fad. Adapting a SAN storage system is not as simple as you think it is. If you are looking for solutions that would cater to huge data storage and consumption without buying large servers, SAN might be it.

Why use a SAN?

If you want better disk utilization

If all your storage is tied together through a centralized storage network, SAN gives you the ability to manage it as one such as slicing up the resources to those that needs it most.

If you need a reliable DR (disaster recovery) solution

Critical servers normally have applications that can’t go down, these requires reliable recovery backups when disaster arises.

If you need better uptime for your applications

Simply, uptime boosts apps and business. Downtime spells tragedy. SAN provides data protection algorithms that make sure data stays consistent.

SANFaster backups

Backing up huge amounts of data is a major advantage in using SAN.

Why not to use a SAN?

Having the right staff, budget and business requirements would make sense in acquiring a SAN system however the following scenarios will tell you if it’s not a good choice.

If you have a few inexpensive servers

SAN is good only for several servers that will hook up on a storage network. You can see the benefits of a SAN when have a bunch of servers to hook up to the storage network. You need to justify the cost of SAN investment since it can be pricey.

If you want to save money

If you’re looking at ROI, you have to make sure that your business is growing fast otherwise you’ll end up spending more.

If you need a disaster recovery solution for a single application

A disaster recovery solution offered by SAN is only good for multiple applications and not for just single apps. As mentioned, this can be costly and adapting one may require a fast WAN connection.

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5 Reasons To Get Business Ethernet

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

If your business depends on an outside shared network line for its Internet access, that connection may not be as fast or reliable as you think. Slowed productivity can result from congested with traffic jams when shared lines compete for Internet access. The best choice for today’s business is a fast, reliable and secure Internet connection.

1. Handles Online Business Applications Better
As your business grows, you’ll need a flexible computing model that can handle its expansion of sophisticated online applications. Without virtual application flexibility, business productivity may stall. The MegaPath business Ethernet service option provides a stable connection to match all of your online application needs. Your business stays competitive without sacrificing bandwidth agility.

ethernet2. Provides an Exceptional Value
You’ll get the most value for your money with Ethernet compared to other alternatives. To automatically reduce overhead costs, purchase just the amount of bandwidth to match your business needs.

Ethernet also allows your business to save on storage and server merging strategies. A single Ethernet connection works best over multiple storage units and servers. Any troubleshooting will be narrowed down to one area instead of many.

3. Offers a Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line Option
To obtain the best quality in data transfer, consider using a Symmetric Digital Subscriber Line (SDSL). With SDSL technology, fast upload and download speeds are equal, and data transfer speeds are more evenly consistent throughout the day. By comparison, an Asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) is much slower.

4. Gives Unlimited Scalability
Flexible scalability helps your business to reduce its operating costs as it grows. The best Ethernet service packages enable your business to use its existing Customer Premise Equipment (CPE). MegaPath business Ethernet offers Megabits per second (Mbps) scalability options to benefit small, medium, and large businesses.

5. Supplies Secure, Private Data Transfers
Secure point-to-point connectivity for data transfers is what your business and its customers expect. Ethernet is ideal for supporting both simple and complex applications where multiple users are locally or remotely located.

Reliable connections at any time of the day will put both you and your customers at ease.

Ethernet is the clear business choice for Internet access. With it, all business, irrespective of size, immediately benefit from a more secure private connection, higher productivity, lowed operational costs and flexible scalability purchasing. Choose an Ethernet Internet package for your business today, and you’ll stay several steps ahead of the competition.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Non-Geo Numbers

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Recently, I have posted an article about non-geographical phone numbers and if you happen to have missed it, I’d be more than glad to give you a heads up on what’s about non-geo numbers and what makes it interesting.

Non-geo numbers are prefixed numbers normally 0800, 0844, 0845, etc. and they work like normal conventional numbers diverted which means whenever a non-geo number is dialed, it’s electronically intercepted then diverted into any number you’d like within seconds. Non-geo numbers are permanently diverted.

nongeo numbersAs a result, 0845 numbers when dialed automatically diverts calls to the owner of that number regardless of his location and the medium on which he wants to receive the call. This gives more freedom to the user especially when travelling and important calls cannot be missed.

There are many alternative to 0845 numbers to choose from with various features customers can take advantage of like freephone from landlines, low cost to call from mobile phones, low cost to call from landline, etc.

Non-geo numbers allow flexibility for business and users to choose a phone number that your customers can easily remember. With a 0845 number, you can literally choose from a million different combinations to find the right one which you think is best. You can also assign prefixed numbers where you can get a heap of profit for your customer service efforts over the phone in case you have one.

There are drawbacks of course with non-geo numbers but as much as disadvantages are concerned, there are more advantages to it than anyone could ever find.

While you may opt of a 0845 or 0870 number, it’s always to be keen on your service provider. Not all companies that offer these services are equal. Always go after the reputable ones to save yourself from future headaches and over-the-top costs of keeping their services. It’s standard practice to be charged for the number you want but be vigilant on companies charging you even for incoming calls, huge setup fees and per minute charges otherwise you may end up paying for more.

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Why Use Non Geo Numbers?

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Non Geo Numbers, if you’ve heard it first here, are telephone numbers that are up for private sale and are not assigned to a particular telephone line or circuit. These kinds of numbers do not provide any indication of geographical location of the user or business when adapted for such. Unlike 01 and 02 numbers, they clearly indicate locality or geographical information relative to the number attached to the series.

Non Geo numbers enables businesses to compete in the market in a national level due to its nonlocal attachment compared to the traditional telephone numbers you can find. Non Geo numbers does not replace your existing telephone number/s even if you relocate. So changing your location does not mean your existing fixed line will be changed as well thus is inspires trust from your customers.

non geo numbersThere are several types of non geo numbers so it’s crucial to purchase a non geo number that is easy to memorize for your customers or something that may sound familiar to them.

There are fixed rate numbers (0844 numbers / 0871 numbers) which charge customers to call your business or you may also op to choose a 0845 telephone number which allows long distance callers to call you from their location at local rates, this in return will give your customers the ability to save themselves against the high cost of calling long distance. All of these types of non geo numbers are very flexible.

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A Quick Look at Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

When we talk about organizational management from the internal to external aspect, we often come across ERP. ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning, a system that integrates internal and external information across an entire organization.

On a deeper perspective, ERP automates activities that relate to finance or accounting, manufacturing, sales and service, customer relationship management and the likes using an ERP software.

This system streamlines the flow of information between all business functions inside the boundaries of the organization and manages the connection to outside stakeholders.

enterprise resource planningERP systems require a variety of computer hardware and network configurations thus making use of a database as an information repository.

Installing an ERP system may not require an elaborate application or data integration by an IT expert.
Some of the components of an ERP include a transactional database, a management portal or dashboard, a business intelligence system, customizable reporting, external access through web services, search option, document management tools, instant messaging (IM) or chat, a wiki and a workflow management tool.

Most ERP system incorporates “Best practices”. Meaning, the software reflects the vendor’s interpretation of an effective business process.

The use of best practices eases the compliance with local and international industry standards e.g., an electronic funds transfer. Such is a procedure can be readily codified within the ERP software and replicated with confidence across multiple businesses who share the same business requirement.

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Monitoring End User Experience for Citrix and Virtual Environments

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Current IT reports predict that the highest-impact trend for IT in 2012 is virtualization which will determine how IT experts manage, deploy, purchase and plan for their upcoming and future strategies. While this can be true, there are various aspects of IT services that need to be considered. Understanding, monitoring and managing end user behavior is crucial in determining their actual experience with complex IT services such as virtual desktop infrastructures.

citrixCitrix monitoring come into play in Citrix environments in order for organizations to get a deeper insight into the true analytics into the end user experience.

Traditional Application Performance Management monitoring tools can help companies understand the health of an overall Citrix application but with more sophisticated demands from IT enterprises, a comprehensive visibility in monitoring Citrix XenDesktops maybe able to effectively measure the impact of virtual technologies on the performance of businesses mainly productivity output.

In terms of understanding the resources required to support multiple users, each running a variety of different applications across virtual desktop servers, the best virtualization tool matter.

Combined virtualization assessment and planning with real-time performance deviation detection promote optimization of guest virtual machine mappings in VDI scenarios resulting to dynamic agility boost for adding new applications and desktops into the VDI pool. This in turn will recreate a requirement for VDI monitoring which may require a comprehensive Frontline Performance Intelligence solution and human resource for planning and support on this emerging environment.

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A Look at Online Customer Relationship Manager

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Businesses in order to sustain its market presence embrace strategies that help them manage their market base, attract new customers, retain old ones and strengthen advocacies for their brand.

One of which is the widely implemented model called CRM which is used for managing company communications with customers, clients and sales prospects. An online customer relationship manager however does exactly the same but is more web-based.

all clientsCRM (Customer Relationship Manager) involves the use of technology to streamline business processes such as automation of interactions, organization of contacts, and synchronization of tasks relating to sales activities and customer service.

The main goal of CRM adoption is to find, attract and win new clients or customers, retain loyal customers and entice those who’ve lost contact while at the same time reducing marketing cost and client services for the company.

CRM is a business-wide strategy that includes customer interaction on all levels of the company as it’s critical in measuring and valuing the results of its implementation.

The benefits of adapting Customer Relationship Management system is believed to provide the following advantages:

  • Quality and efficiency
  • Decrease in overall costs
  • Decision support
  • Enterprise ability
  • Customer Attentions
  • Increase profitability
  • Improved planning
  • Improved product development

Just like any system, there are obstacles like inability to interpret and understand large complex data without adequate training. Obviously, everything will not be smooth sailing at first. However, considering all the benefits of using this system still has a lot of potential.

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Getting to Know the Risks of Sharing Personal Information Online

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Putting your personal information online can impose a large risk on your privacy, safety and security at this time of day. With more and more people gaining access to gazillions of information from the web, anybody with ulterior motives can easily sneak into your private data and steal vital information that can be detrimental to your security and privacy.

As we all know, the internet sites we engage in most of the time requires us to fill-out information about ourselves before it could allow us to do something on it like for instance, engage ourselves on Facebook through status sharing, Twitter shoutouts and many other types of engagement that we do online.

online reputationWhat we most don’t realize is by divulging more and more information about us, we our putting ourselves into so much risks that may allow cyber criminals to steal our identity, bully or harass us, or steal our financial information. What we say online on social media networks might also backfire on us if we’re not careful enough about the things we say and do online.

Whether you like it or not, some company websites that we engage in may sell our valuable information to others in exchange of profit from their advertisers, or we are being tracked on everything that we do from the comfort of our home through our internet browsers.

You never know how much more information can they get from you that are beyond what your eyes can see. Whereas removing personal information from the internet can be accomplished, it is by far a good move if we want a secure data of ourselves and a good reputation if we have already opened up our identities online.

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Why Companies Like Reputation Changer?

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Love Google+? When Google+ first hit the Internet, it was met with a mixture of enthusiasm and skepticism. The enthusiasm stemmed from the fact that it was a social network from Google, one of the most prominent brands in the world; what could go wrong?

The skepticism, meanwhile, came mostly from the fact that Facebook seemed like such a juggernaut that Google+ would have no way to compete. In some ways, that skepticism has panned out in real life. But there are some who truly love Google+, and high on the list are companies like Reputation Changer.

reputation changerBut why is Google’s social network so crucial to reputation management campaigns? The answer has little to do with its merits as a social network, but everything to do with the name Google. Reputation Management 101 Reputation management, of course, is heavily concerned with search engines. Though a company like Reputation Changer works with national newswires and authoritative blogs, its general focus remains on Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

For clients who see undesirable listings when they Google their own name or brand, reputation management companies offer solutions. They offer the chance to inundate the search engines with more positive content, effectively pushing those negative listings down the search results page.

In other words, these companies will tweak an individual or company’s public image through elevating positive online assets and suppressing negative ones. This involves a lot of content development and SEO, and it also makes use of social media. But Facebook and Twitter have limited efficacy in terms of Google rankings. Google’s own social network, of course, is a different matter.

The Power of Plus Google+, meanwhile, factors heavily into Google’s search results. This is in large part because of its +1 feature, and Google’s increasing emphasis on personalized search results. Basically, the +1 feature allows Google+ users to “vote” a link into higher Google rankings. It provides a way for users to actively shape search listings—something that comes with obvious appeal to companies like Reputation Changer.

Indeed, it’s not hard to understand why reputation management companies are jumping on Google+. Of course, a single +1 vote is not going to have tremendous effect on search results. A few thousand of them might, though. And while not every individual is going to command that kind of influence (or even know that many people), Reputation Changer has the necessary resources to raise just such an army of +1-ers. Shaping Google The ability to powerfully affect personalized search results is a tremendous boon to the reputation management industry. It’s also something that makes Google+ uniquely useful, in ways Facebook and Twitter really aren’t.

It points to Google+ as a continued mover and shaker—if not in the world at large, then certainly in the world of reputation management.

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Why Get the Nokia Lumia 900?

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Nokia has been in the forefront of mobile phone production since I started using one for personal use. I could still remember having my first Nokia phone, a 3210 model, back in 2000 where not everyone owns a mobile phone.
As years pass, more and more Nokia phones came in the Philippine mobile phone market which later phased out most of the “pager” devices and the bulky “walky-talky-like” Motorolla phones.

Then came the day of SMS, MMS and the early days of social networking from Friendster to Twitter then Facebook and now, Smartphones with full blown social media capabilities which allows instant sharing of photos and videos from any mobile device to your favorite social networking sites.

Up to this day, Nokia has lived up to the challenges of the times and is constantly innovating to exceed customer satisfaction and retain life-long advocates. With Nokia’s new line of smartphones powered by Windows OS, each product release has been overwhelmingly embraced by their world-wide fans.

nokia lumia 900Now, Nokia has a new addition to their increasing product line of smartphones and that includes the Nokia Lumia 900. Nokia Lumia 900 is a follow-up to the Nokia Lumia 800 with much anticipated improvements and upgrades. With Lumia 900’s motto, “Live more. Do more”, you can definitely expect larger than life improvements from its predecessor and much much more.

As a Windows Phone, Nokia Lumia 900 is backed-up by Windows mobile technology, while still retaining the valuable Nokia trait—easy-to-use and affordable. This new Lumia 900 boosts a 4.3″ AMOLED ClearBlack glass touchscreen, one-piece polycarbonate body and excellent antenna performance. An 8 MP camera, Carl Zeiss optics, dual LED flash (for dark environments), Auto Focus, and 1 MP front camera for video calling.

Nokia is known for its long-battery life and that’s based on experience. This Nokia Lumia 900 can deliver up to 8 hours talk time and up to 400 hours on standby.

And since everyone is on social networking sites these days, this phone has an integrated Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and chat functionalities aside from the ability to send emails and SMS.

The phone is of course, Wi-fi capable and easily integrates with Microsoft Zune (if you have one) and on a Mac as well. It also has Bluetooth and USB connectivity. While most smartphones nowadays have memory expandability, this phone doesn’t have that. It has an internal memory of 16GB plus SkyDrive cloud storage capability similar to the iPhone and the iPhone’s iCloud.

There’s so much more about this phone and I could go on and on but if you’re question is about apps, well, that’s not a problem, you could find tons of applications for your mobile device from the Ovi Store by Nokia, I’ve seen it myself and tried some.

Want to experience this Nokia Lumia 900? Sign up as a trialist.

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Why You Need A Managed IT and Professional Services

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Businesses seek to innovate in the most cost-effective way as possibly as they can while at the same time producing more valuable outputs for their efforts. This day, managing some aspects of your business can be challenging especially IT, manpower, and accounting amongst others.

Progressive companies have their IT support center centrally managed thus giving them more time to focus on their core functions. With a sound IT system, everything can run things smoothly without worries of delays or even downtime due to manpower issues, natural disasters, old-fashioned IT infrastructure, or the absence of a disaster recovery plan.

managed IT servicesAs for Professional services, assisted living marketing strategies formulate tools that are designed to track, log activities, follow-up, and communicate with prospects, families, and referrals any company deals with. There are seven (7) key elements of assisted living marketing that companies has to understand—referral source development, advertising, community outreach and inreach, PR, visits and tours, inquiries and family member communications, and the internet.

While Professional services doesn’t solely deal with the above, there are other core of business where they are much needed like in the social networking aspect such as getting leads from social networks, getting customers engaged with your brand online through these venues and conducting customer support via different channels aside from the traditional phone, snail mail and even email because right now, customers and clients try to engage and ask questions through social networks like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, which of course, a search and social media agency can be effective just in case your company does not have that much manpower to handle these areas you’d like to cover.

Embracing change and innovation doesn’t happen overnight but with the proper guidance and training, anything can be achieved. It’s just that…everything has a cost these days.

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Make Your Website Mobile-ready and Apps Today

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Having an online presence today isn’t enough compared to the old times. Back then, a website is more than enough to get leads and make your presence felt in the World Wide Web. Today, it’s a totally different battlefield wherein having an online presence is not enough, you also had to have social network presence and of course, mobile presence. This only means that, many people are using their mobile phones to access information and is not anymore limited to the PC.

Tablets and mobile phones now provide a large user-base that consumes information and buys just about anything virtually., a mobile app development company based in Virginia, USA builds iPhone apps using the iOS platform. With iOS, they’re also an ipad application development company. One of their works is the RadarJet, an application built to view dynamic weather changes.

Also as an android phone application development company, they create Android apps for Android fans all over the world.

Not only that they make applications based on iOS and Android, they also make apps for Bada, an OS newly developed by Samsung which sells apps via the Samsung Apps Market.

Mobile Apps development plays a large part of the mobile industry we have today and continues to be one indispensable component. In order to stay competitive, companies must have an online presence, social network visibility and of course, a mobile app.

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Shopper Engagement Rules for 2012 and beyond

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

The past year highlights a tremendous change brought about by the boom of the digital marketplace which created an offset to the years of economic challenge and uncertainty.

Around the world, companies are always looking forward to the create the most creative and successful campaigns that will surely engage consumers in many different ways while at the same time learning from other companies as well collectively in terms of retail.

shopper engagementWith the advent of social media, companies are still yet to realize that they have not fully utilized these platforms to their advantage.

Some of the examples include facial recognition that is used in Japan on its vending machines that will help tailor fit its contents based on the profile of the person passing by. In London, a bakery uses Twitter to inform their customers when bakery goodies become available fresh from the oven.

In India, a snack brand uses Twitter to know if there are any branches where they are out-of-stock using the tweets sent to them by their followers.

The past year is a turning point of massive change, innovation and word-of-mouth marketing as the best advertising tool.

What every company should learn from these is to stay relevant and adapt to their constantly evolving customer expectations using these helpful shopper engagement rules first, by taking advantage of customer’s knowledge, encouraging users to write reviews which would later on influence shopper’s behavior, using gathered information to improve services, reward loyal customers, strengthen partnerships with suppliers and employees, and extensive research before doing anything.

This year brings a lot of promise but only by taking intelligent measures can help your company achieve its goals.

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Corporate Marketing in the time of Social Media Dominance

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Marketing as a term has changed dramatically other the years. With the advent of social media, the term has had different derivatives like social media marketing, internet marketing, and multimedia marketing and so on. Corporate marketing may sound stiff and too formal but remains relevant up to this day.

What does it mean in today’s social network occupied users base? The answer depends on the implementation of marketing strategies and how it relates to the many.

corporate marketingBasic principles of marketing will still continue to push any efforts toward accomplishing goals. Nowadays, keeping your customers engaged in social media and online communities allow you to remain afloat with your customers’ wants and how they want your services and products to satisfy them. This way, you create a positive and tangible brand behavior and allow you to fulfill your brand promise.

It’s common to people to believe in other people who do what they say they do and this works the same way with companies who want to build their brand by creating brand engagement and building brand online communities.

When brands honestly engage with their user base and prospects, they create a deep level of understanding, advocacy and loyalty.

As a company, how would you like to engage?

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5 Reasons Why You Should Get Contact Management Software

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Building strong relationships with your customers is the backbone of your business. Success is attributed to keeping your customers intact through support systems and online communities that will keep them engaged.

Using contact management software enables companies to cultivate customer relationships to promote brand awareness and sustainability. These tools will help you strengthen your relationships you’re your customers, streamline business processes and optimize your output.

contact management softwareApplication of Contact Management Software varies depending on the needs of your organization such as its size and complexity. If you haven’t thought of adapting one yet, here are the 5 (five) reasons why you should be getting a contact management software.

To keep you organized
Nothing is more important than a sound organization where all processes are running smoothly and is going to the right channels.

To help you collaborate
Keeps people within the organization on the same page. Keeps everyone focused on tasks with the same goal in mind.

Write business reports easier
Quickly generate business reports since all important data is readily available should it be needed.

Reward people with their efforts
With most companies looking at top performers in their organization, contact management software can best gather information from sales teams and the projects and projections in sales their looking forward to. This makes is easier for employers and /or companies to reward the best guys who are doing their job very well.

To get more profit
A boost in profit is what every company is looking forward to having annually. This keeps organizations afloat despite economic challenges. With contact management software, sales people and everyone in the organization can stay focus on their goals without minding tasks that eats their time thus making them more productive in the long run.

If you find these reasons valuable, then it’s definitely time to start using contact management software in order to make your company do better, work smoother and for your profits to skyrocket in no time.

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Manage Facebook Photos with PhotoBox!

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Keeping track of our online reputation nowadays is very important especially when we engage in social networks such as Facebook on a daily basis. Countless stories have been reported about people losing their careers and/or reputation as a result of mishandling sensitive information of which in most cases include photos.

Photos of ourselves that is posted publicly in social media sites do have impact to us as people creates their perception of us based on what they see. Drinking sessions, clubbing, and racy photos are just one of many risky photos we don’t want published online because these may result in mostly unwanted circumstances.

Although sometimes we simply cannot avoid these situations as some of our friends might accidentally post them, these however are the kinds of photos we don’t want ourselves “tagged” into.

Tagging is that part of Facebook where we can “tag” or label our friends that is on the photo. While this feature helps our other friends identify who we are with, negative photos can create adverse effects when seen by our employers, prospective employers, clients, or any person who might judge us differently and impose a red flag.

PhotoBoxAs most social networks go mobile, iPhone users in particular can make use of applications than can access their social networking profile and manage it from there. While there are many apps available in the App Store, PhotoBox for Facebook is a cut from the rest because it’s the first and only app that allows you to “untag” photos of yourself thus giving you the much needed control over your images on Facebook.

With PhotoBox, anyone can browse their own photos (and those they’re tagged on), edit, add effects, share and many more with just a few taps.

Still not convinced? It’s definitely FREE, so try it out now!
app store

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Top Android Apps for Web Designers

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Almost half of all smartphones in existence currently run on Android software. For web designers, this not only means you have to structure sites with Android users in mind, but that you’re likely to be relying on Android devices to function on-the-go. Central to this will be the use of downloadable apps available through the Android Marketplace. As far as designers are concerned, the following five are about as good as you’re going to get for a self-made free starter package:

DropboxDropbox: Online storage at its finest. While countless free cloud services exist, none are as optimized for mobile users as Dropbox. It’s an essential tool for any designer who compulsively saves every and all interesting files they find online for later use, or those who incorporate original imagery or video into their websites.

Magic Color Picker: If you’re like me, then picking the right color for any given portion of website design is one if not the most critical part of building the base of a good looking online destination. So let’s say you spot a beautiful hue when browsing an art gallery. Use this gradient wheel app to find the corresponding color in HSL HSV, RGB, and YUV models so you can incorporate it into a project down the road.

Dsgn: Still in its early stages, this aggregate of news and updates regarding web design and typography subjects is worth downloading simply for the insight into the latest font releases, which can give your work an edge over the competition, at least for a short while.

View Web Source: Let’s say you’re fascinated by the way somebody structured the scrolling transcription of a DSR computer specialist lecture beneath the video on a mobile site. Instead of emailing yourself the link, you can directly download the source code and even manipulate it with this handy app.

Mindjet for Android: Most designer brains weren’t cut out for managed IT services work. We’re the type to be inspired in the middle of our bus ride to work, and have the urge and tenacity to get to it right then and there. To keep track of detailed ideas when out and about, Mindjet is ideal. You can keep track of new fonts you love, and cross reference them with the colors you encounter throughout the day. When your creativity does not obey your routine, it’s essential you stay as organized as possible.

Get used to Android. If you aren’t building sites with the Google mobile OS in mind, you’ll undoubtedly be using it to do your job. While you can look forward to even better apps for designers down the road, these five that exist today are free and sure to provide you with function as you further your career in website design.

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Discover New Third-Party Logistic Warehouse Management Software

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Working as a freelance web developer for more than a year now, I have had clients from various industries and one of which was a third-party logistics provider. Though I cannot disclose the nature of their business in particular the tools they use and even their name as this may conflict with this featured post, let’s just say they also use a similar type of software.

3PL CentralThe demands of 3pl (3rd party logistics) software in today’s global environment is high since savvy 3PL professionals require a 3PL Warehouse Management Software that provides real-time information on demand which must be accurate, easy-to-use and cost effective in order to stay competitive in the industry.

With this in mind, 3PL Central has focused their efforts in developing Public Warehouse Management (WMS) Software designed for 3PL’s.

The significance of real-time information provides up-to-date electronic data interchange (EDI) and other features and benefits that provide information through web-based tools that are reliable, innovative and efficient which are all vital in managing all supply chain components including—general inventory, warehouse and shipping orders, cost estimation, accounting and billing and reporting customer relations issues.

Most of the cost benefits of using 3PL Central’s Warehouse Management Software is that you only pay what you use, no contracts required, subscribe only for scale of service you need, and usually starts at less than $500 per warehouse.
Want to know more? Visit their website for more information.

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Why you need a website monitoring service

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

I’ve been a webmaster since 2008 and to tell you honestly, it’s never easy at first especially when you’re trying to find the best web hosting service for your company’s website or blog.

It starts with having a self-hosted website from a third-party (normally remote) server. At the moment, there are many web hosting providers available where you could choose from shared, dedicated, private, etc. These providers have various plans that fit your limited budget.

Once your website is up and running, that when you realize that web server performance is necessary in order to handle traffic and server uptime.

Web Hosting ServersAt first, I have no idea about what’s going on in the background and how will I know if my website continues to show up online every time someone finds it on the web. Then a newbie, I would open my website on Firefox every time I use the internet, it can be tedious of course so what I did was research on website monitoring services and gladly I’ve found one.

Since then, it became clear to me what’s going on and found out how my current web host fair in terms of uptime. It was a great tool to use and I definitely was able to pick the right web hosting company that I have been using until now.

I definitely recommend having a third-party website or application monitoring service in order to track your web server uptime and to determine if your web traffic is going up as a result of your internet marketing efforts.

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Make your own ring tones with

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

The Holidays isn’t over yet. I know everyone will be singing “Auld Lang Syne” very soon. Why not join the cheer and have fun making your own ring tones using that old tune. I’m sure this music will really bring joy and more happy memories to go with you as we get closer to the New Year 2012. ringtone can be created using either iOS or Android on your smartphone which of course most ringtone lovers have.

The website also offers wall papers which you can personalize, polyphonic ringtones, animated screen savers and 3GP mobile videos.

With the site, you can use up to 40 seconds of the song of your choosing to make your own ringtones for your mobile phone. The system will then automatically convert the uploaded file into a working format that is readable by your mobile device.

You can also edit your ringtones anytime you feel like it but make sure you do so before you create it and finalize it.

So, what are you waiting for? Go make your free ringtones now!

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Get to know Rock The Post: the Business Social Network

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

I bet whenever you get to encounter the word “social network” only one thing comes to mind, Facebook or Twitter. Well, let me tell you, this platforms are so overrated the sometimes don’t want to look elsewhere but believe me, it’s worth the search.

Get to know “Rock The Post”, the newest social networking site for business minded people which serves as a bridge between entrepreneurs and talented parties and funding parties in order to take simple projects to reality. This business social network commits itself to bridge the gap and to create partnerships that are sustainable where people find each other, make their projects come into reality and unleash their passions and creativity.

Rock The Post invites entrepreneurs, artists, professionals with a wide variety of specialties, and eager investors who are looking for unique investment opportunities or causes to support. The platform allows individuals from around the globe to merge, mingle and connect in order to develop projects and causes even at various stages of the project.

In the long run, this networking site plans on establishing itself as a trusted online networking resource, makes a difference to user lives, provide equal opportunities and become recognized in its chosen niche and loved by millions.

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How to Access your PC from a Remote Location

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Having reviewed countless software in the past, I have already encountered countless types of software which includes remote desktop software or remote control software.

This type of software allows you to get access to a remote computer. Specifically, it allows you to view the remote desktop, manipulate the mouse cursor of the remote computer and send keystrokes. Additionally, many remote desktop software programs also allow sending files to and from the remote computer, chatting with user working at the remote PC and perform other operations.

remote desktop softwareRemote desktop software utilizes the so called client-server model. Normally, the client part is called the Viewer, whereas the server part is called the Server, or the Host. However, different programs may have different names for the client and server. Also, sometimes the developers combine both parts in a single installer file, in order to make the installation process simpler for the user.

This kind of software is often used by technical support teams that handle large scale hardware and computer networks. In order for them to undertake support troubleshooting, they use remote desktop software to access that troublesome system from their remote location without the need to be physically present on that troubled system.
Other than mentioned, there are many uses of this software which can also include server administration, software upgrades from remote computers, file exchanges, remote printing, and countless other things.

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Win an Office Makeover with Pimp My Cube Contest

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

This post brought to you by Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.

Got an ugly cubicle or office space? If so, you might want to revive that work space and dress it up for the New Year ahead. Dread the cost? We’ll cover it for you! How’s that sound?

Pimp My Cube Contest is searching for the worst, most pathetic and messy cubicle or office that may have bad furniture, old technology, messy, unorganized, noisy, dirty, dark and/or any other attributes that make it a bad space to work in.

How you can join? Just upload a video showing your office or workspace while you explain how it’s horrible and why it’s important that Contest Factory come in and “pimp” it.

Once your video is entered, you may invite your friend, family or coworkers to vote for your video.

You get sweepstakes entry points for registering, voting, commenting and inviting others to register for the contest.

The winner will be selected by CF judges based on various criteria including the most votes, best (really worst) office space video and most compelling story.

The prize to update your office/workspace/cube with one of the following packages:

·         New High end computer system

·         New Desk, Chair and Decorations

·         New Entertainment Package with high end stereo, espresso machine etc.

This contest has a total grand prize of up to $1,200. There are only a few entries right now so the chance of winning is big. Make your video fun and witty or anything your creativity takes you.

A second sweepstakes prize of a $200 gift card will be awarded to the registered user chosen by random drawing at the end of the contest period from 12/5/11 at 12:00PM to 1/31/12 at 12:00PM.

So, what are you waiting for? Join now!!!

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Create Your Own Holiday Ringtones

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

We all know that most iTunes music files cost around 69 cents up to $1.29. If you’re a regular iTunes downloader like me, you probably have downloaded several holiday songs right now and even full length Christmas albums. While you can have these songs as a regular ringtone for every call you get, iTunes still has this long list of ringtones specially cutout of its purpose and not really full-length songs and of course, buying a ringtone costs money as well.

But what if, you can have those songs you have or even songs from your PC and make your very own ringtones? Sounds nice, right?

Wishing You a...Yes, it can be done. ImTOO ringtone maker does it. With ImTOO, you can create your own ringtones from popular video/audio files (AVI, MPEG, WMV, etc.,) which are compatible with nearly all mobile phones including iPhone, Samsung, BlackBerry, Nokia, and many others.

Multiple output ringtone formats are MP3, WAV, M4R, M4A, OGG, AMR. You can also convert video/audio segment into a ringtone and you can even add fade-in & fade-out effects and make ringtones to the millisecond.
This is definitely a good buy if you’d make to explore your musical genius by creating your very own holiday ringtones. Of course, you can impress your family and friends and have your creations sent as a gift too.

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Controlled Financial Due Diligence—More Buyer Potentials!?

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Controlling your financial due diligence can increase salability. When companies experience significant events that challenges their business existence, being prepared while make or break its fate.

Financial due diligence is overcome by adequate preparation for its processes which the company will benefit in the long run. Unfortunately, too many companies wait until their wells run dry before they get organized when in fact there is due diligence software available in the market that could help.

A false alarm results from resource intensive efforts of executing transactions based on rigorous due diligence checklist, dramatically increases risks of incomplete disclosure, drive up direct and indirect costs, and missteps that jeopardizes the deal.

financial due diligenceThe best weapon is to prepare in advance by consulting experts to develop targeted M&A strategy along with the executable due diligence checklist and put it on test before entering the market.

Some of these experts can be found from Merrill DataSite, which is  a virtual data room services provider that offers a secure and highly efficient method of sharing critical business information for electronic due diligence in M&A advisory, banking M&A, mid market M&A review, transfer of small business ownership when selling a company among other things along side Merrill Brink International is a leading provider of financial, legal, life sciences and corporate Translation Services for global companies specializing in professional legal document review and via Merrill Brink document translation services whenever necessary.

Creating the best possible presentation of your company’s financial due diligence materials can go a long way and at the same time, being aware of conducting a readiness assessment will do a great deal to attract a multitude of interested bidders and accelerating the process of course is handled by partners that can be relied upon like Merrill.

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Tips For Making Your Computer Run Faster

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Computers are high-powered devices these days. They help us do work, look up information, play games, communicate with family, and store important files. We use them for all facets of our personal and work lives, and it is consequently more important than ever to have a computer that is dependable and reliable.

But as we use our computers more, and rely on them more, we often place so many demands on the device that it works more slowly than ideal. At the same time, our expectations for computer speed are much higher than they once were. In our society of instant gratification, it doesn’t matter if the information we seek is stored in a file on our desktop or in some NY data center; either way, we want it immediately.

For these reasons, many of us are often looking to improve our computer’s speed. While there are few perfect fixes, here are some suggestions to consider:

Protect Against Spyware and Viruses
computer virusesNobody wants to get a computer virus, but many people are content with – or at least they don’t think about – the spyware programs that may be infiltrating their computer. Not only does spyware pose a risk to secure information and passwords you may have stored on your device, but it can also slow down performance. To combat this, it is important to download and install a trusted security program.

Delete Files
A computer operating at full storage capacity is bound to operate more slowly, which means that deleting some of that storage may help speed up your system. There are probably plenty of candidates for deletion on your computer. You remove temporary files, downloaded program files, components and programs you don’t use, and any media-rich files you may have saved at some point. And, of course, don’t forget to empty your recycle bin.

Defragment Your Programs
As space fills up on your hard drive, the computer will increasingly store new programs in fragments rather than as a whole. This takes up space in the long run and leaves small pieces of a program on your hard drive long-term, even after you uninstall a given application. By using your computer’s disk defragmentation abilities, you can clean this up and help make your computer faster. There are also programs that can be downloaded that will do this for you.

There are several other techniques for speeding up your computer, such as adding RAM or buying a program that analyzes, assesses, and responds to your device’s various speed-related problems. But if all else fails, and everything still seems too slow for your liking, it may just be time to accept the inevitable and get an upgrade.

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Send Fax via Email: Is it possible?

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Ever tried sending fax via email? If you answered “no”, then read on. Since I’ve been blogging for a while, well since 2008, I’ve already tried this kind of service here.

This service really gives more flexibility in terms of sending and receiving fax messages while at the same time reducing the cost on buying fax paper rolls. On the brighter side, we’re also helping the environment through minimized use of paper.

Fax from Google DocsInternet fax like InterFax offer sap fax services which enables a user to conveniently fax documents directly from a SAP system such as purchase orders, sales invoices, and account statements.

Cloud-based SAP fax solutions such as these easily integrates with SAP and handles all fax delivery issues eliminating as mentioned earlier hardware and software, maintenance and admin costs and manual faxing thereby boosting productivity because you can take care of your business while the system does the rest of the task.

Among the many features of SAP fax is that it can fax any printable document from just about any SAP module, broadcasts faxes up to 20,000 recipients, receives faxes and delivery notifications within SAP, simply and smooth setup using SAP’s Fax and Paging/SMS interface amongst others.

With the right technology in place, we can always be productive in every way we do. Send and receive fax via email now!

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Embedded Technology through AdvancedMC

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

The existing and continued successful implementation of Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA is largely attributed by the Advanced Mezzanine Card (AMC) design.

For designers looking for the ultimate computing power in a small form factor, Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs), a form factor defined by a PCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group (PICMG)standard, has already established itself on the market as a versatile and powerful embedded product. For use in both ATCA and MicroTCA Systems , AdvancedMC offer serial interfaces and support different transport systems such as, PCIExpress, Gigabit Ethernet, 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Serial Rapid I/0 and SAS (Serial Attached SCSI)/SATA (Serial ATA). AdvancedMC modules are the key for building MicroTCA platforms, to extend the value of AdvancedTCA platforms and to enable proprietary platforms with the necessary functionality.

AdvancedMCRanging in size from single (74mm x 183.5mm) to double (149mm x 183.5mm), AMCs are flexible, powerful and simple to integrate and therefore enable system vendors who use them in MicroTCA or AdvancedTCA platforms to adapt their solutions to applications demand very easy.

ATCA is a standard that is quickly experiencing tremendous acceptance in the market as it addresses the requirements of the TEMs and carriers.

The telecommunications industry is beginning to embrace this new economic reality, utilizing AMC modules to augment ATCA platforms, which will drive growth, both in revenue and profitability.

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Moving to the Cloud?

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

MySQL databases running on cPanel environments are easy to move from one to the other during site migration and as a web developer myself, I really find it smooth and almost error-free but that’s as long as you know that both source and recipient is of the same MySQL version among other parameters to consider.

On environments such as the cloud, migration of MySQL databases can sometimes be a pain. Although cloud hosting environments offer scalability and high availability, the differences between Linux servers running MySQL databases is totally different from cloud hosting servers. However, the presence of a pluggable storage engine for MySQL databases on a cloud hosting environment makes possible what is called a cloud database.

plug and play cloud databaseCloud databases are simply databases housed in a cloud host system, to be exact, cloud databases can be MySQL databases running in the cloud. Xeround offers such system of migrating MySQL databases into cloud hosting environments without altering any code changes to your existing applications. This means, Xeround will be the new database housing MySQL database into a cloud database without any changes in coding, thus, retaining all settings from your existing MySQL databases.

With this, you’re running your software in MySQL system on a cloud environment giving you more scalability and high uptime or availability which is fairly known on cloud services.

Since your MySQL database remains untouched as you transfer into Xeround, for example, this makes it seamless to transfer from one cloud hosting server to another like Rackspace, Amazon EC2 and Heroku interchangeably.
Xeround is designed as a native cloud database thus this database solution is vendor agnostic – meaning it can run on any cloud service provider.

A good database -as-a-service provider should be easy to set up with your highly available database in the cloud in a matter of minutes without any code changes to your applications, or simply plug-and-play, no architectural or code scaling considerations needed like memcached or sharding, automated database operations and configurations must be available, no vendor lock-in and must be pay as you go without provisioning requirements.

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Understanding Real-Time Analytics

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In order to understand enterprise customers better and make better and quicker business decisions, in-memory analytics is implemented especially on CRM (Customer Relations Management) settings.

By technical definition, real-time analytics is the use or the capacity to use all available enterprise data and resources when needed. It normally consists of dynamic analysis and reporting based on data entered into a system less than one minute before the actual time of use.

ActivePivot real-time olapAn example of real-time analytics is ActivePivot which is a robust tool and powerful object-based Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) tool that provides real time analytics capabilities through its transactional engine and multi-threaded processing capabilities.

Real-time push technology which powers most real-time analytics tools allow for timely decision making as based above since the aggregated data from simultaneous multiple sources enables fast navigation and slice and dice filtering.
Most real time analytics tools also allow queries to run continuously in order to generate real-time alerts on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) set by the tools or the companies themselves. As a result, faster and better decisions are made using complex business logic.

In a CRM model, real-time analytics can support instant refreshes to corporate dashboards to reflect business. In a data warehouse setting, real-time analytics supports unpredictable, ad hoc queries against large data sets. In scientific analysis usage, it can be used to track a hurricane’s path, intensity and wind field hours in advance.
Real-time analytics is also known as real-time data analytics, real-time data integration, and real-time intelligence.

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Discovering Reader’s Pulse through Online Polls

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Creating content that suits a specific online audience is really difficult. It’s called targeting the right readership that would read your online content. Publishing online content is a herculean task thus knowing your audience and what they want is basically on powerful way to finding out what your reader wants and consume on a daily basis.

Running an online survey is one and there is basically countless online surveys software that can be utilized for such purpose. Online polls however can be used to pulse the reader’s quick opinion on a question related to an issue or fact. This enhances reader engagement on a website thus making them part of a voting scheme and counting their opinion on something makes them feel important.

Online polls provides information which may not be in depth but a tip of the iceberg information on what they feel about a topic and writers can make something out of these gathered data into new posts or articles. This provides a readily available sample data for research purposes or article enhancement and lots of other things.

Online polls shape the way websites gather opinions and this form actually works better than lengthy surveys that most people online dread engaging in.

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Kindle Fire Rekindles Amazon Kindle Lineup

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Amazon has officially announced one of their newest additions to the Kindle lineup, the Kindle Fire. As Amazon emphasizes in their public correspondence and I quote, “There are two types of companies: those that work hard to charge customers more and those that work hard to charge customers less. Both approaches can work. We are firmly in the second camp.”

This firmly implies Amazon’s commitment to providing affordable products or gadgets in this matter without sacrificing quality. Kindle Fire is set to release in the market on November 15, 2011 at a quite friendlier price of US$199 compared to its many existing competition.

Kindle Fire AmazonKindle Fire won’t go solo since Amazon will also launch three other versions of the Kindle—the All-new Kindle for US$79, Kindle Touch and Kindle Touch 3G for US$99 and US$149, respectively. See Kindle Fire in action here

The Kindle Fire is expected to lure customers with its beautiful full color Kindle for movies, TV shows, music, books, magazines, apps, games, web browsing and more with instant access to Amazon’s massive selection of digital content, a vibrant color IPS touchscreen with extra-wide viewing angle, a 14.6 ounce design with a handheld feel, a state-of-the-art dual core processor which is fast, free storage in the Amazon Cloud, and an ultra-fast mobile browser , the Amazon Silk, exclusively on Kindle Fire. Every time you will use Silk, you’re calling on the raw computational horsepower of Amazon EC2 to accelerate your web browsing.

Learn more about Amazon Silk from the video below.

Kindle and Kindle Touch have the most-advanced E Ink display technology available, and the 3G Kindle Touch adds free 3G wireless so there’s no monthly fees and no annual contracts.

International fans of the Kindle may still have to wait until it becomes available in their own countries ‘cause right now, it’s only set for release in the US.

Wait, I do have a US mailing address so if you’d like to send me a Kindle Fire, I’d be more than glad to feature your business or website here in return.

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Cut Your Phone Bills in Half with Straight Talk

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.

With a staggered economy, consumers are force to make wise decisions especially when it comes to spending their hard earned money. Having a smartphone maybe a thing of today but along comes with it is the cost of calls, texts and data.

Today, telecom companies battle head to head in terms of customer acquisition so most of the time, it’s these plans or options that they have that drive customers towards them and cost effective plans offer just about everything you need from savvy phones, data plan, texts and calls.

Straight Talk offers just about the same attractive plans that you can find in the market today. Consider the amount of money you can save by using this service. No lock-in periods or contracts, no surprise bills, and no credit checks. It has great nationwide coverage and decent connectivity so you can call a friend from anywhere in the world.

Straight Talk only uses trusted phone manufacturers like LG, Motorola, Kyocera, Nokia and Samsung. Among its monthly plans include the “All You Need Plan” which gives 1,000 minutes of talk, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data. Unlimited monthly service is $45 which includes calls, texts, picture messaging and web. You can also get the same features mentioned for one whole year for just $499.00 with 411 calls included at no extra charge.

Also there are free activation, reactivation and termination fees. You can also take advantage of their International Long Distance service plus a chance to avail any one of the wide variety of phones for as low as $10.

If you’re a student and you want to be hip without throwing money, your mom knows best, ask her. She talks straight.

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Emulate Classic Menus and Toolbars on MS Office 2007/2010 Ribbon

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Many of us don’t easily follow the trends or change our ways of doing things which is normal for various reasons. You cannot, of course, expect a senior to adapt to a certain system or OS for reasons of familiarity and adeptness. Even professionals in many different fields don’t embrace change so openly unless otherwise training is provided by the corporate environment. In other words, it’s not easy to adapt to changes and some even dreads it.

For people who have been using MS Office 2003, 2000, or 98 for years, they may find using MS Office 2007/2010 very complicated. I even have a hard time myself, until now, finding what I need to click while typing or editing documents, inserting icons, or special characters despite having used one since its release, what more for the first-time users?

Demo Shots Word 2007 shortcuts

If you’re so adept in using MS Office version 2003 or older and you find using the newer version difficult and having to learn it reduces your productivity overtime, there’s another way out.

An application has been developed that will Add Office 2007 menus in Ribbon for emulate the look and feel of classic menus and toolbars normally seen on older versions of MS Office to appear on the newer versions of MS Office which are 2007 and 2010.

The objective is using the newer version of MS Office while keeping your familiarity with the old or classic menus and toolbars from the old version intact. Not all people are blessed with so much time for studying a new piece of software when they can be productive with their work instead.

Check out this software ‘cause this might just be the one you’re looking for.

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Tired of slow and unresponsive PC? Check this out!

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Thousands of PCs users encounter problems with their PC like hang ups, longer boot times and browsing that takes forever to complete especially with computers that are a bit out dated. You don’t really need a new one each time you have problems with it, it just needs reconditioning to make it work like you first bought it—fast, efficient and boots up quickly.

Speed Up My PC Software can fix these hangups and make your system running like new again. With Speed Up My PC Software, you can improve computer speed up to 500% plus it can protect your privacy using patented security features leaving no room for cyber thieves from getting into your system to steal valuable information.

slow pcThis tool also improves your internet speed dramatically and doing this process is automated so you can be sure to have plenty of time to do other things than just focusing on one task.

With over 4 million users of this software, you can be sure that it has been tried and tested to work. Among its other features include automation that gets rid of junk files, cleans out the registry and defragments disk space in the background while you do other things. A disk optimizer which improves boot up performance , a System Protector that keeps away viruses and spywares at bay, a Driver Updater for checking updates and a Data Recovery tool which will restore accidentally removed or deleted files and a whole bunch of other useful stuff that you couldn’t find on any computer optimization tool.

Go ahead, try it now and see for yourself!

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Software to Unlock an iPhone?

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Have you ever thought of the idea of unlocking your iPhone? If other phone models can be unlocked by some type of software, these days, it’s not impossible that an iPhone can’t be. While you can find many software sellers around left and right promising about unlocking your smartphone from Apple, think again. Who knows, you just mind find the right one from this site.

Though I normally don’t post unlock software like this here because I’m not sure of its legality, I took the liberty of doing so and leave it to my reader’s discretion.

Simmy is iTrappedJust a few things to remember, using an Unlock iPhone Software is not for the novice since it may require technical know-how. You don’t want to screw up your phone and leave us responsible for it so use it with caution or ask an expert to do it for you.

The idea of unlocking the iPhone has been around in the market some few years ago and like I said, it’s a bit complicated. When I say complicated, it might as well be difficult. These steps may require users to take their iPhone apart and rebuild it which, again, may cause damage to your phone.

Jailbreaking the iPhone is done when an iPhone user wants to install free iPhone applications that were previously not allowed in the Apple App Store for iPhones. The benefit of Jailbreaking the iPhone 3G/3GS/4 is that you gain full access to the iPhone’s firmware and therefore you are able to change many things that previously weren’t possible to change.

This process however can be performed on the iPhone 5 using the iPhone 5 unlock Software that you can find by clicking on any of the links on this article. Again, as I said, use it and do it with precaution. Reader discretion is advised.

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Learning the Basics of SEO for Marketing Efficiency

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

The emergence of social media networks validated the need for businesses to build strong customer relationship. While Facebook and Twitter leads the mainstream social media channel, we still cannot discount the fact that searches online are massive and as millions of users around the globe converge on the internet, SEO has just become an enormous battleground for start-ups and existing businesses in order to thrive and survive.

With almost every SEO practitioners striving to get higher search engine rankings on the big three—Google, Yahoo and Bing, the nature and technicality of SEO has been long vague and unexplored. It has remained unravelled up to this time despite unprecedented studies and experiments conducted by various web masters and internet marketing geniuses.

However, knowing the basics from search engine advice give a much clearer view on how to look at SEO from a marketing stand point. Ecommerce website solutions from SEO Dallas provide most of its clients a clear view of what’s needed to be achieved. As Google continues to change its ranking algorithm, the main turning point of SEO practice is to have it aligned to what works and what doesn’t.

Google search results

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enables websites to appear on web search results in a numerically ordered sequence with the first having the closest relevance to a search term or query being made with so many factors affecting each rankings including but not limited to local factors which affects search results depending on establishments of proximity of where the search has been made online, e.g. a user from the United States are more likely to see establishments from the US or near his IP or area if he chose to use “hotel” as a search term also called local search.

Pay per click advertisers; however, utilize the upper portion of search results, normally seen right above the organic search results in Google wherein these establishments or companies pay for a certain amount on a specific keyword and bids on it on Google. The winner with the highest bid takes the first spot for that specific search term.

In normal practice, it is very difficult to achieve the first spot in the organic search results, it even takes years especially on highly competitive keywords such as computers, hotels, cars, etc., the more weight a webmaster gives on long tail specific keywords, the more likely that a webpage gets a spot, at least in the top ten but then, the page’s content gives more weight to make it more relevant to a particular search term or keyword.

Marketers, who know as least, the basics on how to get SEO work to their advantage, the more likely they are to achieve the desired rankings for their business in search results pages (SERP).

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Survey Linking Internet Explorer to Low Intelligence: A Hoax

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Last week, software technical support services employees were elated with vindication when a website identifying itself as Canadian web consultancy firm, Aptiquant, released a survey of “100,000 internet users” which showed that those who choose Microsoft’s Internet Explorer over other web browsers were markedly less intelligent. For the majority of tech geeks and web enthusiasts, the findings proved something they’d seemingly known for years: only dummies use the default PC web browser. The survey hit the blogosphere like wildfire and caught the attention of major news networks overnight.

internet explorer iconThere was only one problem: the survey wasn’t real, and neither was the web consultancy firm that had allegedly conducted it.

Despite being one of the first major news organizations to break the story, the BBC looked into the survey a little harder this week after readers started to seriously doubt the validity of the findings. Granted, nobody thought the survey was scientific or a true indicator of Internet-user intelligence, but what the BBC discovered did shock everyone.

It turns out that Aptiquant, the firm that claimed responsibility for the survey, was completely fictitious despite the creator of the hoax going to great lengths to conceal the true nature of the imaginary consultancy. The Aptiquant website included images and data lifted from a French web-development firm.

The firm, which calls itself Central Test, published a press release denying any connection to the incident other than the fact that their website had been mirrored.

Unfortunately, for the countless computer technology connoisseurs who have been forever adamant about the appalling weakness of Internet Explorer, proof that the web browser is linked to low intelligence continues to be under scrutiny.

However, the pseudo-scandal does shed light on the ongoing battle of the web browser. Internet Explorer still struggles with a reputation for being the nitwit’s way to the net. The sentiment is so widespread that it took a week for anyone to bother to validate the claims made by the fictitious Aptiquant. Even though the survey was always viewed as just an elbow to the rib of IE users, it was considered believable that a survey of the habits of 100,000 web-users would result in those who prefer IE having lower intelligence on average.

So for Microsoft, who have been very optimistic about the positive reception of IE 9, the whole story is still depressing even if the survey isn’t true. It means people are willing to believe that Internet Explorer and idiocy go hand-in-hand. Survey or not, the prevalence of that sentiment is what should keep Microsoft’s IE department up at night.

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Restore PC to Life with Reimage

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

By emulating the human brain and automating the way software problems are identified and repaired, it seems that Reimage has redefined the very concept of PC repair.

If you are experiencing popups, crashes or freezes, then you may have already downloaded malicious files to your operating system. Every time you install or update a program on your PC, you re-arrange the elements of your operating system, potentially disrupting the stability of your computer.

reimage logoReimage removes the guesswork in PC repair, removing the need for diagnostic decisions based on superficial symptoms. Reimage simultaneously studies every single software object and interlinked dependency, and compare this with a huge repository containing over 8 million objects. The technology then surgically pinpoints only faulty objects and dependencies. Throughout the process, user data and preferences remain untouched. The repository automatically corrects any malfunctions, with no need for prior preparation. The whole process takes no longer than 30 minutes, and the PC is as good as new.

reimageIt is the only product in the world that can correct the damage a virus has caused (as opposed to anti-virus software that simply removes viruses.)

Get a FREE system scan now!

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Reverse Phone Lookup Technology Highlights Through Telecommunications History

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Technology has certainly come a long way since the traditional landline telephone. The computer age has given way to the Internet, and the cell phone has transformed the way we look at telecommunications. Now that the Internet and the mobile phone are finally joined together for a great portion of consumers it’s sobering to look back at the time when telephones were strictly wired and the Internet was a military secret. One of the more explicit demonstrations of this evolution has been the way performing a phone number check has changed over the years.

Browsing my phone bookOnce upon a time when you wanted to look up a phone number you didn’t know, you had to visit your local library. Before the Internet Age, there were only a handful of phone companies and they were the ones that would provide libraries and police departments with reference material that listed personal information by phone number. They only provided information for phone numbers listed in that geographical region. As phones became more sophisticated in the 1990s these stores of information were utilized to implement the incredibly popular caller ID system we take for granted today.

But with the rise of the mobile phone, the game has a changed quite a bit. Listed landline numbers can continue to be looked up using online reverse phone directories, but that’s on account of these traditional telephone companies seeking profit in the advertising revenue gained from these online services. When it comes to cell phones, numbers are provided by one of the multitude of providers and are given out at an area code-by-area code basis. This makes it a lot harder to successfully get access to the reference information pertaining to those calling from cell numbers.

That’s unless you’re willing to pay for the privilege of getting access to listed cell phone information. There are sites that let you pinpoint the township in which the phone number was provided to, but anything more than that requires an annual fee of anywhere from $15 to 50 dollars. Today’s rules for information getting are pretty simple: if it’s something people want to find out, you usually have to pay for it.

Not that this is necessarily the case when you consider the traditional phone lookup. Most traditional telephone service providers still offer anyone the ability to access their online reverse lookup tools. These sites get a collected 50 million unique visitors every month. That’s got to be a lot of revenue from advertising. Maybe these companies that make you pay for information that’s otherwise been free to the public for more than fifty years ought to rethink their business strategies.

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Making Pnyxe Comment System and Forum Widget Work for You

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Working with websites for more than a couple of years has really opened up avenues for first-hand experience that is by and large something that not anyone could get from formal classroom training. Successful websites get visitors, returning visitors, and endless traffic without much media promotion and of course, recurring revenues. And with the advent of social media channels like Twitter and Facebook, there are more sources of visitor and traffic surge if enough efforts are undertaken. Not to mention, using the right tools to get traffic.

While most blogs and websites utilize a comment system, not all comment systems end up being effective for its purpose. A regular comment system require a name and an email address to be typed in on a comment box which is pretty basic, however giving an email address that you frequently use is not very ideal for the fact that getting spam from these websites you put your email on can be very risky so the idea of getting a comment posted on a website without having to type-in an email address or even your name is a good option and that’s what Pnyxe’s Comment System offers.

Pnyxe comment system

On the other hand, web admins who essentially want to build friendship or professional relationships with other web admins or authors can interact and be noticed using a comment system where you can achieve reputation over time. The higher that reputation value, the more you get from it and eventually you become a thought leader in the industry you’re in and if you’re trying to build a reputation in your niche, that’s definitely a plus.

Most comments systems like Disqus, Intense Debate and JS-Kit has offered comment linking to social networking profiles which means, an commenter can have his comment posted on Twitter and Facebook aside from having it posted on the site where one lefts a comment which is ideal if you want to bring traffic back to that site. Pnyxe comment system does the same thing plus that comment can also be sent via email to anyone you like, which is a great option to those who wants a little privacy and only wants to share things to selected people.

Although a comment system can be enough, most sites are also engaging in a community they want to build for their user base and having a forum is a solution. A forum widget can definitely add user interaction and staying power for web visitors which are very important for any web master. User or readership engagement is something you cannot acquire overnight without putting in so much effort and valuable content altogether.

Comment systems and forum integration can be very easy add-ons to have on a website but the question is, do you have what it takes to make it work with your content and how much effort are you willing to put in?

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Manage Multiple PC at once with Advanced IP Scanner

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Working with multiple computers connected to a network can be tedious especially on big IT environments where computers can be on different portions of a building. However, software developers have come up with better applications to provide simpler solutions to these challenges thus remote software management solutions arise.

While a regular IT person may simple shut down a PC by physically doing the process, it may take forever if he has to do it from one floor of the building to another, that’s why special software like the Advanced IP Scanner 2.0 does the trick. Its user need not to be physically in front of the computer to do certain tasks such as the one mentioned above but multiple arrays of tasks using a few mouse clicks. Isn’t it great?

Don’t get too excited though, as you need to make sure you have this software running into your server with multiple computers connected to it otherwise you won’t get its purpose. Having said that, this software works only on Windows-based systems for the meantime but it’s a freeware so you can use it without having to pay any dime.

Advanced IP Scanner 2.0

The newer version offers new scanning options for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and shared folders as well as for Radmin.

Radmin and Advanced IP Scanner integration offers real flexibility in terms of accessing each PC connected to the network, PCs running Radmin as server but a Radmin Viewer needs to be installed to make the remote access possible.

It makes easier to retrieve names of routers and other devices running Linux and Mac OS (iPhone, iPad) but again, this doesn’t work with Mac and Linux. It also offers remote Wake-On-LAN and remote Shutdown for groups of computers as for the example given above. This Advance IP Scanner also offers ARP (Address Resolution Protocol) scanning for full information about your network with a much friendlier user interface and simplified settings.

Having used many types of similar software, I think this one needs a go. Go check out Advanced Ip Scanner homepage for a more detailed information or you may Download it now to test it.

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Mobilize Payments with Payfirma’s iPhone and iPad Virtual Credit Card App

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Payfirma. All opinions are 100% mine.

Processing credit cards nowadays for online payments are continuously evolving and companies like Google, Square, Visa, Verifone, Amazon, and Paypal among others are completely challenging each other to get ahead in this largely growing mobile and ecommerce industry.

In this regard, payment technologies like the one developed by Payfirma will largely change the game as it moves into the realm. Transacting business must be easy, fast and a little costly in order to get the most of today’s market share especially with today’s constantly challenged economy.

Payfirma innovates with its latest iPhone and iPad Credit Card terminal. This free application will accept payments and process Visa, Mastercard and Amex transactions in real time.

Payfirma iPhone App hand heldAt the moment, this app continues to increase its user base in the business section of the Apple App Store since its release.

This application comes with an optional card swiper for added security and convenience and it looks robust. From here, you can see that accepting credit cards are now very mobile and anybody who owns an iPhone or an iPad can take advantage of this application and make their business more flexible than ever before.

Aside from that, Payfirma allows users to send money using this app at a cost effective 2% per transaction along with an instant sign-up and approval once you decide to embrace this remarkable technology at your fingertips.

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What a Dedicated Server Should Do for You

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

When it comes time to upgrade to a dedicate server the process can be a little intimidating. For starters you might not even be technically fluent enough to understand the specifics. That was certainly the case for me. But in my resulting research and eventual decisions (yeah there were a few) I learned that increased bandwidth comes at a cost of increased responsibility. It isn’t simply a question of whether or not your business website demands a dedicated hosting instead of shared hosting. It’s more about whether or not you have the potential to handle the worries and woes of a dedicated server and if not, can you afford to pay someone who does.

Some computers at CERN computing centerIf you’re essentially ignorant to the whole server thing, you probably need to look for a managed server that’s still dedicated. It’s sort of like the best of both worlds. Where with a hosted server you get the assistance of a web host who takes care of security and updates, when you run on a dedicated server those tasks are yours to figure out. Having a managed server enables you to continue not having to worry about things like firewall services, database management, server monitoring, et cetera.

That comes at the expense of true independence. The first attempt I had at getting a dedicated server with continued outside management, I was basically tricked into paying more for a shared hosting service. You definitely want to avoid that. It’s not worth paying more if you aren’t entitled to superior bandwidth capacity and the freedom to dictate things like what operating system you can run on.

Eventually I found a managed dedicated server that provided me with the freedom I wanted, the bandwidth and service my website needed, and the administrative assistant I didn’t want to deal with and couldn’t afford to pay someone to do.

If you settle for a managed dedicated server always consider the future. You might one day be in the position where you can hire on some IT staff in which case you want to opt for a strictly dedicated server. You’re going to want the full spectrum of security customization and service tweaking that only an IT worker employed by you answering to you can deliver on.

The need to leave the shared server behind is a much more pressing issue than deciding on which kind of dedicated server you want to ultimately use. Allow the wriggle room for dedicated servers to be used for you to experiment with. So long as visitors are able to access the site, it doesn’t matter how often you shop around, though switching from one to another repeatedly isn’t exactly good for anybody. Server technology is the kind you can easily grasp on the go, which works out well when you’re going to be working hard to pick the right choice.

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When to Use Ethernet

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Many new router models today are simply wireless. Think about it. How often do you see an Ethernet router or modem throughout the day? Generally you only see them anymore in businesses or in college dormitories. As a majority of people choose to go wireless, the need for Ethernet cords and routers doesn’t seem to be in as high of demand in regards to personal computers; however, I believe they are still highly useful.

Wireless connections can create all sorts of privacy options. It’s just easier to hack into a wireless internet account than it is a closed system. Ethernet Routers allow you to have that closed system when you don’t need to be wireless, such as in your home. If you always work with your computer at the same desk, there is no need to have a wireless router. You’re just asking for other unwanted users trying to get into your account and use your internet for free.

Home/Office ServerEthernet connections are also still ideal for businesses, because technicians know the systems and are able to easily work on them. They are also able to be easily integrated into already existing systems. Another perk to Ethernet systems on both the personal and professional sides, is that they tend to be less expensive than other more evolved systems. So you basically get the same speed for daily functions like checking email and browsing your website for a reduced rate. Sign me up. I think we could all stand to save a few bucks.

However, Ethernet does have a few downfalls. For large scale companies needing to use their internet for multiple functions at incredibly high speeds, Ethernet isn’t their best option. Ethernet doesn’t support high-speed LANs easily and can sometimes struggle to keep up with high volumes of demands for critical functions. Ethernet has evolved over the last few years though to provide greater functioning levels.

When it comes to internet, I believe that Ethernet really is a good stand-by for any home or business where individuals don’t need to be mobile. It’s easy to use and maintains itself fairly well. If anything does go wrong with your Ethernet modem or router, it’s easy to replace and easy to update. You really couldn’t ask for a more user-friendly system.

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Solid State-of-the-Art

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

If you’ve ever seen footage of aerospace training where they hurl someone on a centrifuge until they hurl themselves or pass out from the g-forces, then you have an idea of what a traditional disk drive looks like when it’s working. It’s essentially a spinning disk, like a CD-ROM, only at rotary speeds well beyond those of the aforementioned space travel training techniques humans can experience. When a hard drive or any object moving that fast is dropped, the results are usually pretty cool to look at if they weren’t so potentially tragic. Unless there’s a safeguard in the design, most moving hard drives that are dropped are usually destroyed on impact along with all the data on them. For this and other reasons, traditional disk drives are dangerous places to be putting precious pieces of information with no alternative backup storage.

solid state driveComputer and software designers already knew years ago, when disk drives were reaching their zenith, that solid state storage products were ultimately going to replace most hard disk drives in future computers. It’s simply the natural progression of things. Above all there is significant increases in storage safety when the storage device has no moving parts. This reduces the chance of dropping the overall computer or storage unit itself leading to permanent loss of data or damage. You simply can’t count out the possibility of dropping a computer no matter how careful you think you are so that matters a lot. The other important indicator that solid state is primed to take over memory for good is that lack of magnetic interference doing damage to the memory. Traditional disk drives, much like their floppy predecessors, are extremely vulnerable to outside magnetism causing complete memory wipe-out. Storage units sans risk of magnetic destruction are going to matter a lot with the rise of the pocket-size computer.

Which works great considering that solid state storage is a lot smaller than the necessary amount of hard disk space for a comparable amount of data. But the technological breakthroughs of putting so much on so little are not without their costs, literally. Currently a consumer can get a hold of a 1TB hard drive for about $100 bucks. That same amount of storage space costs $4000 if you’re buying a solid state drive. The differential won’t be permanent nor will solid state drives always be so expensive; analysis indicates that solid state prices drop 50% every two years as technology increases. In the meantime the kind of memory needed for large scale projects is a little hard for consumers to attain in solid state form but eventually it’ll be priced accordingly.

Solid state memory is more complex in design compared to traditional hard disk drives but far more simple in structure. The less movement, the better, as far as computer technology goes. Eventually we’ll arrive at a point where all home computing is performed through a single solid drive hub hooked to a household mainframe and accessed by remote devices throughout the day. Until then keep spinning.

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Web Hosting for Small and Mid-sized Businesses

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Just when you thought that having customers at your store is enough, think again. With millions of internet users increasing each day, you might want to get a least a decent slice of the eyes of these people. The internet is a vast space and with its large sphere of influence, you can basically spread the word out about your business—your products and or services.

serversFirst thing, you must have a website in order to have your business’ presence felt on the internet. However, in order for you to run your website on the internet, you must have a web server, something that would power your website to become live to millions of people on the internet. It’s like paying your utilities but this time, it’s your website. The company that runs those web servers is your web hosting provider and the process of hosting your website on their servers is called web hosting.

Some mid-sized businesses that have been on the internet for quite some time already operates under managed hosting simply because it gives them more freedom from in-house costs of administering web servers, backing-up and security update monitoring and installation.

Web-based businesses who already own their own servers can take advantage of colocation, wherein existing hardware (servers) is housed in an enterprise-class facility with adequate space, temperature control, and utmost security.

Web hosting can be tricky and with the presence of many new players like cloud, you can easily get bumped into something that you might not really know about and when that happens, always ask for advice.

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Accessible Media for Special and Not So Special People

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

This post brought to you by Accessible Media Inc.. All opinions are 100% mine.

We have witnessed so many inspiring stories of people with disabilities and special needs who have lived their lives a lot better than most abled people around us. They continue to inspire the many people they encounter each day and with their struggles to keep up and live as examples that despite their condition, it has never been a road block to keep them from bringing out the best in them and enriching their lives and the people around them.

Jeff Berwick is just one of the many living proof that a physical disability is not a hindrance to live productively as part of the society and to nurture a family. Jeff has lost his sense of sight at age 13 but you cannot see him despair over his physical disability.

Watch him throughout his daily grind and how we triumphs over the challenges of his physical condition.

Jeff is just one of the many people taking advantage of the services provided by Accessible Media, a non-profit multimedia organization operating two broadcast services, VoicePrint and The Accessible Channel – TACtv, and a companion website (

AMI serves more than five million Canadians who are visually impaired or blind, print-restricted, deaf or hearing impaired, learning disabled, mobility impaired, or those in need of literacy skills or learning English as a second language, by making print, broadcast and online media accessible.

The next time we see people like Jeff, let’s ask ourselves, if this man’s disability does not make him any less of a better person, what can I do to make mine like him?

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How Intuit Can Help You Build Your Website from Scratch

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Many local businesses have embraced the idea of going online in order to market their products and services. If you are one of the few who has not taken advantage of the online arena, there’s still time and there are a bunch of help that you can get out there but you may have to choose wisely from the many providers of online website development.

Building a website from scratch can be painful at the beginning especially to those who does not have the experience and skills however; there have been wondrous developments on this field designed by experts that help newbies build their own sites in just a few minutes.

Intuit website creation by Homestead can help you build your own website from the ground and up without requiring technical skills like coding HTML, and PHP. With Intuit’s user interface, you can create stunning websites in minutes via drag-and-drop. All you need to have is a little artistic taste and you are good to go on your own.

Intuit Website CreationCustomizing the fonts and the readily available texts from over 2000 professionally designed templates make the task easier plus thousands of beautiful graphics will help you create your ideal website that fits your business image.

Building a website does not have to be rigorous. These days, adopting a contractor or a professional web developer can cost thousands of dollars but with a simple tool like Intuit, there’s no reason why you can’t create your own. Once you have created your website, it’s already a one giant step in making your business known to the world via the internet.

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Love Chrome but hate ads? Use Adblock Plus

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Ads on sites help webmasters make money. Although it can be a distraction for web surfers, we cannot deny that a huge percentage of sites have ads. The good thing is, users like us have the discretion to either deal with it or block it.

But how do we block ads from appearing on sites that we visit using our regular browser? Well, that’s easy, use Adblock Plus for Chrome, an extension that became popular with Firefox users is now in action on the Google Chrome browser.

Adblock PlusSo what does it do? Adblock Plus for Google Chrome makes your surfing experience smoother as it prevents distraction and blocks all ads automatically plus it’s faster and safer. It’s a platform-independent extension which means it can be installed on any operating system provided that the host application is available.

If you are concerned about your identity online, don’t be wary, it doesn’t infringe your privacy. The warnings you normally see on Google Chrome applies to all extensions that modify web pages.

Remember, Adblock Plus is free without hidden costs. And like most browser extensions, it’s a work in progress and will keep on improving in order to deliver its promised functionality to its users.

Try Adblock Plus now and see for yourself! You can also find it here.

This post is brought to you by our friends from Adblock Plus.

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Do More With PlanningForce Express Planner

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

PlanningForce Express Planner is a free planning software offered by Intelligent Software Company, Belgian company specializing in planning solutions. The company also develops and markets other solutions related to project planning and wished to offer small companies a free way to optimize the planning of their projects and their resources.

All your projects are in one file and you share resources between projects. The big difference with other free software is that this software has a scheduling engine that automatically solves all the problems of over-utilization of resources; result is a realistic schedule in which we can trust.


What you can do and get with Express Planner.

You play with all the dimensions of projects and tasks such as resource requirements, duration, progress and date constraints.

You create and organize your resources to reflect the organization of your business. You have the freedom to define the availability of your resources by using calendars.

You share resources between projects while eliminating over-utilization problems thanks to the automatic scheduling engine.

The automatic scheduling process calculates automatically realistic start and end dates of tasks and projects.

You obtain up to 6 reports which can be printed in several formats (html, Excel, PowerPoint…)

This application is very easy to handle and a first schedule can be obtained in minutes. A community is made available to users, they can ask their questions and have many resources such as videos and models of planning.

Features overview of PlanningForce Express Planner

  • Plan unlimited Projects, group of tasks, tasks and milestones;
  • Apply Date constraints and goals;
  • Create unlimited resources, contract dates and daily intensity;
  • Create individual and global calendars;
  • Eliminate over-allocation issues thanks to an automatic scheduling engine;
  • End-dates and start-dates of projects and tasks are automatically calculated;
  • Generate up to 6 reports to share your plan results;

This planning software is ideal for small companies wishing to plan their projects and anticipate the impact of new projects within their current portfolio. This Free Planning Software is available for both Mac and Windows.
Gone are the days when we had as many files as projects, everything is centralized in one.
Download PlanningForce Express Planner here

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How Leo Backup Keeps Your Data Safe and Secure

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

This isn’t the second time that I have featured backup software on this site, this time; I’m introducing something new that would definitely boost the interest of many backup software users across the internet.

How ’bout running Leo Backup software on a test drive?

Leo Backup software boosts a comprehensive and simple solution to backup and restore your valuable data in a few clicks, regardless of your network coverage or data amount powered with new capabilities that protects your files from any intrusion using an easy-to-use interface and customizable mechanisms.

Leo backup properties

Security is assured with FTP SSL/TLS and SFTP support capabilities, private key authorization and file encryption through password controlled interface.

Leo Backup also offers automatic backup like most advanced software of its kind, a flexible scheduler, simultaneous program execution, reporting service via email including direct backups of major and most commonly used data.

Leo Backup considers the corporate end-user with its active directory impersonation, special scripting or COM support, unlimited backup sets, and customized versions or company branded backup.

This tool makes an easy backup management with timestamps, incremental backups, compression for files to save space, filtering of files and registry backup in case changes have been made on the system caused by application or software installation and or removal.

Embrace security and backup your data with Leo Backup’s sophisticated features. Try it now and see for yourself!

Download Leo Backup software here.

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Increase Website Visitor Engagement with GameTreat

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

This post brought to you by GameTreat. All opinions are 100% mine.

While good content always proves to be helpful in keeping your website on top of search results, you can’t always assume that this is engage your readers to stay longer on your site. Unless there’s a stimulus that would keep your website visitors engaged, they will stay longer. Some good ways to engage your website visitors is by having online surveys, social media addons or how about adding a game to your site?

Even older web users love to play games so it would be ideal to have it on your site to keep them engaged and stay even longer. Why not use GameTreat?

GameTreat offers free embeddable games that is customizable and can match the look and feel of your site. Embedding the App’s HTML code in your website’s template is easy as copy-paste. The free games that you could find on GameTreat are carefully selected entertaining games in flash and full version.

Once the application is installed on your site, your visitors can play and share their progress or achievements or social networks such as Facebook and Twitter thus making your site viral for added promotion.

GameTreat, however, operates for free through ads from their sponsors and that means publishers and website owners will not only benefit from getting traffic and longer website visits but also from shared visitor revenue with the App. A definitely win-win situation if you think of it.

Get GameTreat Now.

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Japan 8.9 Magnitude Earthquake Creates Devastating Tsunami

Reading time: < 1 minute I have never seen so tragic in my entire life than what I'm seeing on local TV today. Japan was hit with an 8.9 magnitude earthquake that creates tsunami as high as 3o meters. Let's all pray for Japan and its people.

March 11, 2011 | By | 4 Replies More

Learn How To Make Money With Covered Calls

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

This post brought to you by Born To Sell. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who says that investing is only limited to big time business men and start-ups? Well, not anymore. Discover the secret of making a successful covered call and how it can make a difference into your investment however small it can be.

A covered call investment strategy is a relatively consistent way of generating recurring income that is also conservative in nature. Many professional traders make a good living out of selling options and through covered calls.

BornToSell offers a free covered call tutorial, free covered call newsletter, and free covered call blog inclusive of a 2-week no-obligation free trial. Stock owners who were not writings calls against their stocks are leaving money on the table each month and BornToSell comes in to the rescue while at the same time making the system a lot easier for the average investor.

Anyone who owns 100 shares of stock or has a cash to buy 100 shares can definitely benefit from using BornToSell’s services way better than bonds and make 1-2% monthly. Offering an easy to use interface, investors can use the covered call screener to search for high-yielding covered call candidates plus covered call portfolio management tools for income maximization per month.

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DVD Ripper for Windows Giveaway

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

It has been a while since my last giveaway on this site. This time, our friends from Digiarty Software sponsored an exciting giveaway but before that, let me talk about this DVD Ripper software which we are about to giveaway.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows (which also comes with a Mac counterpart) offers a fast DVD ripper to backup DVD to hard drive or USB, rip DVD for iPhone, iPod, iPad/iPad 2, while retaining original quality.

MacX DVD Ripper allows backing up DVD to hard drive and ripping DVD movies into different video formats such as FLV, AVI, MP4, WMV, MOV, MPEG as output formats, as well as the ability of ripping DVD straight to iPhone, iPod, iPad/iPad 2, PSP, Apple TV, Zune, Zen, etc with stunning speed.

MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows

This DVD ripper software gives you full access to protected DVD movies by getting rid of the copy protections. It strips CSS encryption, Sony ARccOS encryption, RCE Region protection, Disney X-project DRM, etc. Powered with NVIDIA® CUDA™, it prompt DVD movies conversion, up to 5X faster in conversion time.

Don’t confuse MacX DVD Ripper with other software that offers ripping or burning video files into CD or DVD disks.

As part of giving thanks to our loyal readers, we have teamed up with these guys of Digiarty Software to organize a giveaway wherein we’ll be giving away 20 licenses of MacX DVD Ripper Pro for Windows and 20 licenses of the MacX DVD Ripper Pro (Mac version). Software normally sells at $34.95 inclusive of 30% limited time discount offer but…you can get this FREE when you join and win.

All you need to do share this post on Twitter and Facebook and post the URL of the post under the comments section. Please specify which version (Windows or Mac) you would like to win.

This giveaway runs from today until March 27, 2011. Winners will be announced the next day (March 28, 2011) on this page.

Notes: License codes given to the winners should be used before March 31, 2011. Once the program has been activated, it could be used and kept without any function limitation as long as they don’t reinstall the system. There is no free upgrade for this giveaway version.

Giveaway has officially ended. Winners are already notified via email.

New newsletter subscribers during the giveaway get a free license as a gift. Thank you all for joining.

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Recruitment Software: How It Can Help

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

Recruitment and staff management can be a very labour intensive process, and great organisation is the key to success. Even keeping track of how far through the application process each candidate has come can get pretty tricky, especially when dealing with a large volume of applicants.

Excel has been mine and many other’s longstanding weapon of choice in the fight against chaos, but even with Excel things can get lost in the mix. With this is mind I started to look into various software aimed at helping solve these issues, and improve my efficiency in the process. There’s been a variety of software packages available for a while now, but PAAM from Hotbox Studios seems to answer all the issues in one neat box.

PAAM is a software application that allows you to create roles, and guide your candidates right through the application process. Once the appropriate roles have been filled with staff, you can then go on to assign shift patterns and track your staff’s performance; getting quick and easy access to all the figures you need.

Organising shift patterns in PAAM

Organising shift patterns in PAAM

The beauty of this is that no longer do you have to create complicated spreadsheets, and transfer data between worksheets. Using an application like PAAM saves time and effort, and probably a fair amount of mistakes in the process.

It would seem that I’m not the only one to think so:

“PAAM is easy to learn and use – the software helped organise the staff I required for a show in no time at all. One of the best features is that the staff need only login to their account to keep up to date” – Fiona Ingram, Festival Republic Ltd Area Manager at the Glastonbury Festival & Reading Festival

PAAM has also got quite an interesting background which is probably why it stands out from the pack:

PAAM was initially designed to accept the growing number of applications for positions at UK events and assist with consolidating the pre-event, onsite and post-event administration involved with recruiting and managing large teams. So far it’s been used by various clients at events such as Glastonbury Festival, Reading and Leeds Festivals and the Isle of Wight Festival, so it must be fairly robust!

What I found really refreshing was the way in which this software has been developed, and it seems to have been built to solve direct staff issues; rather than built to fit into what a developer might imagine a manager needs.

To find out more about PAAM, take a tour of the software.

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Perform Multiple Data Transfers plus Backup with Uranium Backup Software

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

If you think that data transfers are only exclusive to software like FileZilla and CoreFTP, you might be missing out much in terms of productivity. Files or data backup nowadays are no longer limited to cloud file sharing accounts or using SpiderOak. Now, you can do both—file transfers and data backup in one software. It’s like having an iPad with Wi-Fi capability, or a car with built-in GPS.

Backing up files can be tedious at times and depending on your internet connection it could be a nightmare. But no matter what your situation is, you’ll always end up completing the task and with the aid of better tools to do the job; your task can be a breeze. It’s like having a whisk than using a fork when an electric mixer can’t operate; well at least, this is just to exaggerate the obvious.

Uranium Backup SSL

Uranium Backup software offers the best of both worlds—a file transfer client and a backup tool.
Web developers like yours truly definitely could make use of the FTP (file transfer protocol) feature for SQL Server Backup and Restoration purposes while geeks or PC enthusiasts would appreciate the backup support but Mac users have to be patient ‘til this software becomes compatible to Apple’s OS.

Uranium Backup provides Tape backup (read more about Tape backup) and easily integrates with Windows Backup architecture, and allows to make backup copies of the entire system drive, creating image files that can be used to restore the complete system in case your system goes berserk.

If you think that using this software would limit you to just these techy and a bit boring features, you’re absolutely wrong. Call it your CD/DVD/HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Burning partner on the side.

If you’re into doing things automatically, you can schedule backups at any time while doing things that matter to you plus be informed through email notifications if those backups were completed successfully.

Multitasking is what most people do today and if software like Uranium Backup performs multiple tasks at the same time, what more could you ask for? Try Uranium Backup Software now!

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SPARQCode: Mobile Engagement Made Easy

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

Most smartphones have the capability to read barcodes or what otherwise known as QR matrix code which normally resembles a graphical representation of an information that is made readable for mobiles and may contain information such as websites, social media network URLs, contact information, etc.

There are a bunch of providers on the web offering this web application and over a short span of time along with the boom of the smartphone market, these QR codes have come into play in generating user or fans for various purposes like getting leads, Facebook fans, community members and the like.

With the help of a qr code generator like the one’s provided by SPARQCode, businesses and social media networks are getting as much leverage from the growing mobile internet users and through this, it enables a whole new way of engagement with the brand, prospects or users of these existing establishments or networks who have embraced the idea.

Using the barcode scanner on smartphones, these QR Codes returns the information in a form of links accessible from any mobile phone browser. And these QR codes can be distributed in countless ways including but not limited to publishing on websites, blogs, apparel, t-shirts, paper and many others and being black, this blends well with any color in its surroundings.

Get yours now from SPARQCode! It’s free.

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Software Critics Turns Two!

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

This post was three days overdue but then, I still opted to put into writing the milestones that this blog has accomplished over the past years. This tech blog may be young but over the short span of time, it has come into a point where its accomplishments are worth being proud of.

Tennis-themed birthday cakeI was thankful when I started this site back in 2008, technically domain turned two years old last February 8, 2011, it marks two brilliant years of survival in the blogosphere and still making progress and going strong despite less updates because yours truly’s busy schedule.

I want to thank the many readers of this site and the bloggers who were always there and never forget to visit. I also would like to thank the advertisers who have been part of this site and those who were soon to come. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

In two years time, this blog has been recognized by the local blogging community for twice in a row including last year’s Philippine Blog Awards nomination for Best Technology Blog for 2010 although I never tasted victory in the last couple of years, I’m still honoured to be nominated.

There’s no need to brag about how this site has been doing in terms of revenue but a constant stream of Google Adsense payout after every two months would be enough as a measure not including the revenue generating sponsored posts coming from different sources monthly.

This is just the beginning of something big to come and hopefully more years of existence in the blogosphere. Join me in celebrating this victory and it’s you my readers who have made this all possible.

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YapTime is Facebook Alternative with More Privacy

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

This post brought to you by YapTime. All opinions are 100% mine.

Have you ever get tired of Facebook’s pseudo friend requests and can’t really be yourself when you want to? Then create yourself some space for a really serious private social network, try YapTime.

YapTime is a free service designed for social groups which promotes privacy within the confines of your social circle giving each member the ability to communicate via YapRooms which boosts privacy on these gathering places exclusive only for selected members’ access.

The members of YapRooms have the ability to set discussions, share photos, videos, and events using group calendars only within the confines of the group. New members can only join via invite from an existing member of the group. Unlike Facebook, you never have to worry about pseudo-friend requests, privacy concerns and newsfeed clutters with senseless posts. All related group communication is located in one secure place with no folders to keep for proper tracking.

YapTime has an enhanced user-interface with easily threaded conversations and a “send-to-all” type of correspondence with nobody left behind.

YapTime is concerned about safer networking so you’ll know who’s friending your kids and the like. YapTime addresses the threat and bigger social issues that are imposed by large and open social networks.

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Why Buy The New HTC 7 Pro?

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

If you were enjoying the features and the likeable functionalities of Windows 7 on your PC, then, you’re also going to love it on the HTC 7 Pro mobile phone without question. The HTC Pro being a Windows 7 phone is more than just your regular smartphone with a dedicated slide and a tilt QWERTY keyboard making video viewing, hands-free and typing a pleasant experience.

As a smartphone, the HTC 7 Pro allows viewing and editing of the latest Office docs on your phone, reduce clutter on unread, urgent, or flagged messages in your Outlook inbox. Likewise, use SharePoint® in group or team project collaboration.

Unlike any other cheap mobile phones out there, the HTC 7 Pro boasts a 3.6 inch capacitive WVGA display alongside its large physical keypad complete with a pixel resolution of 480 x 800, a 5 megapixel camera with LED flash and 720p HD video capture, Dolby Mobile surround sound and 16GB of storage for all of your files.
Like most smartphones, HTC Hub supports apps that matter to business people like managing your portfolio and a whole lot more.

HTC 7 Pro is a 3G phone with up to 7.2 Mbps and up to 2 Mbps download speed and upload speed, respectively. It has GPRS, G-Sensor, a digital compass, a proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor. The HTC 7 Pro is a Quad band phone weighing 185 grams and has a battery which allows up to 330 minutes of talk-time or 360 hours on standby.

If you’re the type who likes the beauty of slide and tilt screen on a fancy QWERTY keyboard, you’ll definitely enjoy using the HTC 7 Pro mobile phone. Grab reasonably cheap 7 pro deals on now while it lasts.

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Banco de Oro Closing Bank Accounts Without Prior Notice!

Reading time: 4 – 7 minutes

I always thought that banking is the safest way to keep your money and manage your finances but when that trust is tarnished by faulty customer retention system, you simply have no one else to depend and rely on.

Online banking transactions had been part of my living since I started engaging online by developing websites and accepting advertisers on this site so my finances are entrusted to banks that should hold greater responsibility and retain my business should they incorporate professionalism and sincerity in their corporate philosophy but it seems it’s all gone in today’s evidently flawed Philippine banking system.

Paypal is the primary payment method I use to accept payments from clients and most Filipino online workers adapt the system as well. Withdrawing Paypal funds directly to bank accounts are often used aside from credit cards. Unionbank’s EON does it with their e-banking service, other banks does it as well simply by using Paypal bank codes connected to a Paypal account. It takes days and bank charges are applied to the expected amount on the card prior to withdrawal on any Visa or Mastercard ATM machine.

I usually withdraw my Paypal funds to my EON account but since last year, for four consecutive weeks, money from my Paypal account took weeks to arrive to my bank account so I decided to use my other bank account, the one with BDO (Banco de Oro).

The transaction happened last Wednesday of this week so I’m expecting that the funds should arrive on my BDO bank account by Friday at least so I called the bank to check since the online banking access is advising “unsuccessful transaction” when I checked.

BDO thumbs downI called BDO Call Center Hotline, the lady told me that my account has been closed. I was stunned. Alright, I know that my account fell-off the required maintaining balance because of the many expenses last holiday season but my question is…why am I not informed prior? Shouldn’t I have the right to be informed that my account is closing before they even tried closing it?

The lady at the call center gave me the branch phone number where I opened my account and nobody’s answering the damn phone. It pushed me to find another way to reach them so I checked their website for the branch’s phone number. The lady at the call center have no way to callout which is effin stupid! How can the bank’s call center agent cannot even callout and connect to the local branch office when I’m on my mobile phone and the bill’s rolling?!

Helpless that I am, I gave the branch office a call. I have to dial twice just to speak with a person. It’s like nobody cares to answer the damn phone. That’s what you call great phone etiquette, as if I wasn’t calling a bank where phonelines should be answered by the second time it rings!

Here I go with a banking personnel, told me the account was closed. No prior notice, not even an email, an SMS, phone call, nada, null. I was wandering how hard it is to send an email nowadays especially from banks! I guess they only send emails for promotional purposes and upselling but in cases like these, it came to my mind that they were saying, “Who cares if a customer leaves? There are new ones coming-in everyday anyway?!”

The lady bank personnel told me that my account has been closed since January 1, 2011. She even asked if this was advised prior to my opening an account. I wasn’t told about it and if I do, I may have forgotten it because I was busy making money so I can make a deposit to their f***ng bank but it’s not an excuse for something that I should know as my right being a customer!

What a way to welcome your customers these New Year, huh BDO?! She said it was automated, meaning the bank’s system had it closed. Fine! I got that, but there should be a system where an auto-generated email is sent when an account is set to close?

I’ve put up a web hosting service back in 2010 so I know that somehow there’s a way to do that. Billing systems for ecommerce sites do that. Power, Telecoms, ISPs, cable TVs do that! How can that be so hard? It should have been programmed. Come on! This is 2011 and this bank still don’t get it!

Now, I’m stuck. I’m not sure when the bank will reverse the Paypal transaction so the fund goes back to my Paypal account. I’m helpless and all that’s left in me is hope that it will despite reading countless horrible experiences online with Paypal to Banco de Oro withdrawal transactions.

Maybe it was my fault that I did not check my bank account prior to withdrawing my Paypal funds but what I was trying to point out here is that, I should have been informed by the bank that my savings account is closing in and I should do something prior to January 1, 2011.

Haven’t they thought of retaining my business? All I can say is, OMG! Banco de Oro sucks like hell!

To you my dear reader, you be the judge. And to other banks out there, please, try to learn something from this and correct the bad practice.

Ever get screwed by your bank? Share your stories.

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Online Backup and Sync Redefined by SpiderOak

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Just when you thought that Dropbox is the last resort when it comes to online backup, think again, I have tried them before but wasn’t that happy with their service. Having reviewed several online backup providers in the past, I think I have much to say when it comes to which service does well.

SpiderOak, to those who were not familiar, offers online backup service similar to Dropbox but does it differently when it comes to overall user interface and experience. If you’re familiar with Dropbox, you may find it really simple to use but SpiderOak offers a different approach to backing-up your data.

SpiderOakI just can’t show you how the interface looks because it was on my PC and I’m on a laptop as I write, however, SpiderOak allows auto back-up feature whenever you want. Of course, you may have to set the program to open at start-up. While you do so, you can sync your files from one PC to another, meaning, it allows you to access your files whenever you need it. The only difference though is you can discretely control which folders or data are made accessible.

Also, if you admire their service, you can subscribe for more storage space, thus, allowing you to backup your entire PC and restore them to a new desktop or laptop in case you transferred.

Fast downloads and quick response times are a must nowadays so you can’t be wrong with them, unlike Dropbox, I’d say SpiderOak offers faster upload speeds which won’t depress you.

While most software works on almost all OS, you can definitely assure that SpiderOak is compatible with most existing OSes like Windows, Linux and Mac. Mobile users can also enjoy the benefits of backing up files using SpiderOak’s mobile apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.

Just when you thought that when you lost internet connection or when the power goes out during backup you’re screwed, no, SpiderOak always protects your data.

How about their pricing? Well, most online backups out there can be very expensive but SpiderOak makes it affordable without jeopardizing the quality of service they render.

This post is brought to you by our friends from SpiderOak.

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Globe Tattoo Holiday Holdup

Reading time: 2 – 4 minutes

USB Internet can be a life saver especially at times when you need to connect to the internet when you’re in a place that is not a hotspot or when your home wi-fi connection is down and you need to work.

The latter case applies to me so I ended up buying a Globe Tattoo USB dongle last December 21st. My brother bought it for me on a service center located in SM Fairview, Quezon City, Philippines for 1,245 Php (Philippine peso) which is about $28.95USD.

My brother upon buying was told that he cannot return it. What?! No return?! I don’t plan on exchanging it for another dongle, why?! Read on.

Globe Tattoo

What’s with the prior notice when this telco company ‘s product can really deliver? Come to think of it.

I installed the USB dongle. It worked. I loaded the pre-paid dongle with 55.00Php just to make it work.

The next thing I know, I was browsing the internet at such an utterly depressing speed of 0.0-9.0 kbps which is a ton slower than a freakin’ turtle.

Having a presence in social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, I decided to contact these guys on Twitter @Talk2GLOBE about getting a refund but they never did answer my question instead they offered some workarounds that I don’t even need and if I do, it doesn’t even work on my Windows 7 OS laptop.

They even reasoned out that the effin’ dongle was not compatible with my OS and trying to put words into my mouth, they could almost tell me to wait until Huawei released a software update.

Guys at Globe, come on! You can do better than this but it seems that your customer service via Twitter is just disgusting and useless.

If you guys can walk away with my money and leave me with a useless internet USB, the rest of the world will have to judge which actions matter credit. Despite incompatibility reason with the USB and my OS, it’s not an excuse not to give a due refund to something that is bought but barely even work.

I just couldn’t count how many times the internet connection was cut-off per minute. It was a definite fail.

Telecom holdups happen and when you’ve fallen into their trap of no return, no refund policy, consumer protection is annihilated.

In a world where every single cent matters to a consumer, a good buy is a reward and companies with legitimate customer concern act accordingly but those who does otherwise are best removed on your trust list.

Bad customer service equate to bad business practices. When you do find posts like these, spread the word to protect yourselves and others, being this ugly Globe Tattoo holiday holdup experience is an example, of blunt consumer abuse. So much to my dismay, these bad practices chooses no season, even on holidays when people are expected to share some love…but I got otherwise.

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Add Tab Functionality on Word, Excel, and PowerPoint with Office Tabs

Reading time: 1 – 2 minutes

We all know that tabbed browsing can be found only on IE, Firefox and other widely used browsers. This functionality makes it easier for us to switch from one webpage to another with ease. While this functionality is normal to almost all existing internet browsers, this may seem to be uncommon on Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Many versions have already been released but it seems that this functionality was never even planned to put into use. While the software giant has no intention of getting this added to future releases, the good thing is that tabbed functionality can now be implemented via an add-in called Office Tab which is designed for Microsoft Office’s Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Office Tab includes three (3) Office add-ins: Workbook Tabs for Excel, Document Tabs for Word and Presentation Tabs for PowerPoint.

With Office Tab, you can open multiple documents in a tabbed window of Microsoft Office 2010, 2007 or 2003 with ease just like browsing on your favorite web browser.

Eliminate minimization of multiple opened documents through this tabbed interface to better manage your documents, save time and increase productivity.

Tabs for Projects, on the other hand, brings tabbed browsing to the Microsoft Project interface within a single window.

Grab this software now and change the way you work with documents. Get easy, get savvy.

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Beware of Internet Robbery via ActiveDen Scripts the Envato Way

Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes


“Nineteen days has passed and the verdict was released, but justice wasn’t served…”


These are the words that I could describe such a horrible ordeal that I have faced for the first time when I bought a flash-based script online. I never thought that online thieves can be fiercer than those in the streets.

The real robbers are those that you can’t see face to face, they are the one’s lurking online…faceless…masking behind a virtual space waiting for its prey.

It was nineteen days ago when I purchased something online. A script which I initially thought could make this site look better but I was wrong. I paid a small amount of just $6.00 as described on the page but when I was about to checkout my cart, there was a hidden surcharge of $2.00 which makes it $8.00 total.

My initial response was a bit surprising but I continued buying the item because I thought it could make this site look cooler. What I bought? An AS3 LED NEWS TICKER by nhstudio from ActiveDen, one of Envato’s sites.

I always thought that learning something new was good but at times, it can be a hurdle. But since I have purchased something from the site, I thought that I could get some support but I was wrong. I asked the author on how to install the news ticker on WordPress but to my surprise, he doesn’t know. I asked support on Twitter, and to their defense, they told me this,

“Hi Math, I’m sorry, though we highly encourage author support it is not required or included by default. ^DD” (

Why in the world can somebody selling scripts do not require support for clients? Why can an author forget to instruct prospective users that their scripts cannot be used on certain platforms?!

No matter how you gauge the issue, a customer has to get support from the seller in case there are questions and that a seller or any third-party seller must have the responsibility and the goodwill to provide such, as a courtesy, unless the latter word is not on their vocabulary.

I merely downloaded the script tried using it but never had any results. No support or whatsoever. How am I supposed to use something that I bought when I have no idea how to use it? Maybe I became so excited that I did not make any research on the whereabouts of ActiveDen and Envato Support’s reputation as a seller.

I have been marketing and selling my services online but I am proud that I have never resorted into robbing people’s money with deceit and fraud because I was raised to be good and we Filipinos know how to treat our fellow human being with respect and justice.

I raised a Paypal dispute and escalated the issue for a claim since Envato is not willing at all to give me a refund for grounds that my claim was not due to an item that is bought but not received as it was, or is defective.

My grounds is not being able to use something that I bought and because there is no support to back it up, how am I going to keep it?! That simple.

I am really sad and disappointed that Paypal did not realize that reason. I have been transacting financials with them for almost two years as a Premier Account holder but it seems that they have overlooked that so I ended up losing eight f***ng US dollars from the hands of these unscrupulous online marketers.

Why did I say that ActiveDen and Envato are robbers? Because they steal my money! Stealing is a crime. Not giving my refund and my due is favoring the robbers.

I still have the files; I’m not interested in keeping it anyway. I couldn’t even use it. They can suck it up anytime they want.

Online marketers and web developers like me can earn more than $8 dollars anyway but no matter how small, it’s still money. A hard earned money.

My only advice, never ever deal with neither ActiveDen nor Envato nor any of Envato’s businesses. Why? They don’t give a damn once you buy from them. You can’t guarantee support and no effin’ refund or whatsoever so deal with it.

No use filing a claim on Paypal or a dispute, it won’t work. They will only tell you that your account has been locked because of the dispute or claim and they cannot open it nor do something about it. What a classic alibi from a robber!

I have never experienced this with any online businesses before; web hosting companies don’t do this. Reputable companies don’t do this!!!

I always knew how to be careful when on the streets whenever I have something valuable with me but I never thought that dealing with these kinds of people online is far worse. Call it cyber robbery or anything you feel like it but whatever words you may describe it, it’s still stealing…and stealing is a crime.

The internet is becoming more and more dangerous than ever and I hope that you who are reading this will spread the word and learning something.

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Software Critics is Finalist at the Philippine Blog Awards 2010

Reading time: < 1 minute The Philippine blogging community yearly recognizes the finest blogs and bloggers all over the country with its annual blog awards dubbed as the Philippine Blog Awards which started since 2007. For two years in a row, Software Critics has been recognized as one of the best in its niche, the technology category, for being a Finalist for two consecutive years including this year’s awards to be held at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium in RCBC Plaza Makati on December 12, 2010, today, at around 7pm.

Amazing blogs and bloggers all over Luzon will converge on this much awaited event. Witness the best and the brightest from the Philippine blogging scene today!

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6 Reasons Why Localized Domains Are Better Than Generic TLDs

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

Webmasters have long been attracted to the .com and .net TLDs since the web started to boom but as the web evolves and the battle for search engine rankings become highly coveted, online users are coming up with a more specific search criteria that most of the search engine results pages could not perfect and due to the vast amount of online information, the advantage of local domains are taking place.

Bloggers and web developers who are targeting the local audience are considering domain search under the local domain extension such as .ph for Philippines or .ca for Canada and for the UK. Almost every domain name right now has its local counterparts especially with big ecommerce sites and domain name search is becoming much of a burden but regardless, the returns are more appealing because of these reasons:

1. Since local domains are geared toward local users or audiences, small businesses benefit on organic searches and since they are geo-targeted, most results can help users find establishments in the local area being the listing first on the serps.

2. As mentioned earlier, since big businesses have local counterparts, it’s sometimes easier for them to extend scope and gather more eyes since some local directories only accept local domain listings.

3. Geo-location affects search engine results and this impacts the number of clicks a site gets and since local domains are targeted, they get more leads instead.

4. While local domains are geared towards target market, this not only boost business presence but also link popularity. Sites in the same geographical area are more likely to link to a website in the same geographical area thus getting more link juice from local sources.

5. The mere fact that localized domains attract more links, they also have the more powerful internal links. As per SEO value, internal links are helpful in keeping the link juice from flowing within the pages of a site.

6. Though Google favors the .com being a TLD (top-level domain), in terms of today’s search algorithm, a local domain normally outranks a .com site with the same content on local search results pages or local versions of search.

The advantages of localized search are becoming apparent as businesses become more locale and specific. With search results rankings becoming more competitive than ever, the shifting of focus on this area gives much hope for smaller businesses and startups to gain momentum and survive in this sluggish economic conditions.

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From Zero to Hero: The Google Pagerank Update 2010

Reading time: 3 – 5 minutes

Unbeknownst to regular web users, webmasters have become keen over the last few years about the stats their web properties are getting especially now that search engine rankings are constantly becoming more of a business than just a competitive part of maintaining online presence.

The impact of Google pagerank still plays a part in any web optimization strategy. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) practitioners strive to propel their websites up in the search engine results pages (SERPs), even freelance web developers compete in this industry so the more they’re able to move their websites up in the ranks for targeted keywords, the more credible they become.

Google PagerankI won’t be discussing the nature of Google pagerank in detail here but the simplest would be—Pagerank is achieved when more quality sites link to your website and that for Google is counted as a vote. A rather corporate standpoint of explaining how the relevancy of a site linking to another and the factors affecting a website’s ranking can be read from Google’s Technology overview page.

My previous post about the pagerank drop of this site back in October simply proves that the algorithm changes and that the search engine giant is working at the background.

Positively, just the other day, Software Critics’ pagerank went back to 3 from nil. The green bar is finally back and that means, its harvest time.

The greenbar if you may ask matters to almost every webmasters as it matters more to advertisers. Sponsors pay for links and in return, bloggers or webmasters earn revenue. SEO practitioners get credibility and rates increase when their projects get some PR boost.

While established sites may lose some PR and retain it back at some point, traffic never ceases. It’s a proven fact. For more than a month that this site had lost its pagerank, its traffic never ceased.

Google was right when they pointed out that pagerank is not really something that webmasters should be focused on, instead efforts should be driven on producing quality content. The green bar is just an indicator not an exact measure.

Overtime, there are several metrices that need to be given attention like ROI, click-throughs, traffic, and social media referrals among others depending on the scope and nature of the website or web business.

If the green bar is somewhat giving you some blues, whine not but continue working hard.
Have you checked your site’s pagerank lately? Check it now to find out.

Check Page Rank of your Web site pages instantly:

This page rank checking tool is powered by Page Rank Checker service

Up next…what I did to regain my site’s pagerank. Stay tuned.

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Switching Webhosts: From Bluehost to Hostgator

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

It has been more than a year since I lasted switched hosting. It was at first gruesome because I’m still unfamiliar with the workarounds but as time passes, who wouldn’t learn a thing or two if you happen to have moved web hosting from one provider to another for four times in the last twelve months?

This year, I made a promise to myself to stick with just one hosting provider and made it a point to choose only the best. Last week, my hosting contract has expired with Bluehost. It was kinda okay at first until the final quarter of the year contract came in. All of a sudden, DDOS attacks affected their servers which cause some days of downtime resulting to my loss of revenue.

This has never happened once. Often times, I check the site’s uptime using a third-party service provider and they’ve never missed a day that no downtime was recorded. It was a quite a mess so to speak so I decided to move on to a different webhost. There are many web hosting solutions provider these days that I find it somewhat confusing which ones to chose however, starters can make use of web hosting provider reviews that comes from different sites online. Some bloggers who have been on the industry for quite a while do have some good advice to share, mostly from personal experience.

I for one have shared my stories on this space. Just be wary about web hosting reviews as some may not be as sincere as they should appear because some are just there to promote affiliate products so be mindful of your sources.

Moving on, I just recently transferred my web hosting from Bluehost to Hostgator and so far, the transition has been smooth. I hadn’t run ran across any problems. In fact, they even waived a $10 SSL installation on this site so I’m pretty happy. Well, I’ve been a web hosting reseller for Hostgator sometime in March that’s why I perfectly know how they operate and the quality of service they provide.

For me, the best web hosting is not Hostgator or Bluehost, it’s the web hosting provider you are comfortable to work with and delivers your expectations as they happen.

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What Small and Mid-sized Businesses Should Know About Web Hosting?

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Small and mid-sized businesses nowadays need to expand their presence online especially when getting customers and profit is at stake. If you are a business owner or is planning to start one, you just simply can’t rest on your laurels even though you’re reaping revenues offline or on site.

The Internet has been expanding at an enormous rate as users continue to grow and more eyes are driven into this virtual world. Given this vast numbers, would be great if your business will get a share of this audience that are willing to buy online and engage with your company in the fastest way possible?

A great website doesn’t begin with simply having a domain, it must also have a reliable web hosting service that will keep it live 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. The competition is pretty stiff in this industry thus, these web hosting providers have to battle for every customer that they could find.

There are endless promotions from different web hosting providers online so it’s essential to find out the exact type of hosting solution that fits your needs without wasting unused resources and to avoid throwing money down the drain since bandwidth costs are most often fixed for shared hosting services.

In case you need more freedom from the technical requirements of maintaining a website, you can always dig the help of managed hosting services.

Existing web-based businesses who already owns their servers but want adequate space, temperature control and security for their hardware on an enterprise-like setting, collocation solutions is the key.

Based on experience, start-ups normally start small and with newly built sites, it’s expected that there would only be few traffic so it’s practical to begin with shared hosting services. By the time a need arises for more bandwidth to handle traffic spikes, then you can upgrade anytime.

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Google Pagerank Storm: Are You Hit?

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

For quite sometime that I have been waiting for another pagerank update from Google, it was to my surprise that Software Critics was hit. It wasn’t just a hit, it was a hard one. A downhill fall from Pagerank 3 to nothing was quite disappointing but there’s really nothing much that I could do now, it already happened. For this alone, I would have to wait for a few more months to find out if things would change in case I decided to change my SEO strategies.

NASA´s Terra Satellite Catches Powerful Supertyphoon MegiSuper Typhoon Juan (Megi) has gone away and so as the pagerank of this site but what remains is my positive outlook that somehow, I could still get it back. I’m not really that obsessed with pagerank than I was when I’m still starting this site. Monetizing this virtual space was my first priority when I started blogging but as I learn new things, I have been exposed to the many realities that webmasters face and one of which was Google’s occasional pagerank surprises.

There’s no sense in being sad but what’s really ironic is the consistent amount of traffic this site is getting regarless. This only means that pagerank is not the end of everything. SERPs work differently in treating which page of a site is relevant to a user’s query. I don’t need a site with high pagerank but no traffic.

Well, life goes on. Who cares about Google’s pagerank anyway? That algorithm which no one knows how it’s computed (and quite over hyped) can only do far worse than keeping the self-esteem of a person who only wants to write and share his thoughts.

If you’ve been blogging enough for quite sometime, you’ll know that oftentimes Google is just a pain in the neck so smile when that pr bar becomes white for white is cleanliness…a fresh new start. But when it turns Green, you’ll know it’s harvest time. Everyone has its own season.

Are you having a fresh new start or harvesting the bounty that Google dictates?

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Why Video SEO Matters To Online Marketers?

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Achieving high positions in search results pages is probably one of the ultimate goals of web development and online marketing. Ecommerce websites battle for supremacy in their chosen keywords or key phrases. In this matter, SEO (search engine optimization) comes into play and in this highly competitive industry, rankings matter especially in the top positions in Google, Yahoo and Bing particularly in the well coveted number 1 ranking.

High rankings on search results pages for specific keywords targeted for your business matters especially when you aim for high ROI. More than just ranking for keywords, ranking for videos nowadays play a significant role in putting your words across to your audience and with millions of videos being consumed online each day, the ranking of your video content in the SERPs (search engine results pages) can make or break your business’ success thus, Video SEO saves more time and effort in marketing your products and services online rather than placing it on other avenues such as PPC, or something similar.

The compelling properties of videos make it a more powerful and effective medium of communication and with more and more people consuming videos online especially on YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion among others, the stakes are just getting bigger than you can imagine.

Services offered by 99moves focuses in placing your videos to rank higher in the SERPs which not most companies do. With approximately 70% of Global web users online consuming video content, it means that there are more eyes coming from Google than on any sources that’s why having your video to rank high in the biggest search engine can make a difference.

Have you ever tried optimizing your videos in the SERPs particularly with Google? If not, then you’re certainly losing significant numbers.

If you do, what steps are you taking in order to place your videos to rank higher in the search results pages?

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Get Free DVD Ripper Software This Halloween from Software Critics

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

As an administrator and editor of this software review site, one of the perks I have is to be able to test some tools and applications first-hand before they even go out of the market or sometimes being contacted to promote products in behalf of software developers and publishers.

We have worked closely with some and among which are the makers of MacX DVD Ripper Pro and WinX DVD Ripper Platinum—Digiarty Software Inc.

They have chosen Software Critics again to promote one of their best selling products, the MacX DVD Ripper Pro inline with the upcoming Halloween as they celebrate its foundation.

macx dvd ripper proThe MacX DVD Ripper Pro designed for Mac has the capacity to access all types of DVD protection technology including CSS encryption, Sony ARccOS encryption, RCE Region protection, Disney X-project DRM, and a lot more. It also support ripping DVDs to AVI, MP4, MPEG, FLV, AVI, iPhone 4, iPad, iPod touch 4, PSP, Apple TV, etc. It stands out among similar DVD ripper software in market by speed, quality and DVD encryption ability.

Windows users aren’t forgotten since they can also take advantage of the same features that MacX DVD Ripper Pro can offer via the WinX DVD Ripper Platinum.

This free software giveaway started last Oct. 12 and will end on Oct. 28, 2010. So, if you’d like to get a free licensed copy, simply sign-up to our newsletter by filling out the form on the right. Existing newsletter subscribers can get their copy by visiting the Software Critics Fan page particularly in the Discussions section on Facebook but you have to “Like” us first if you haven’t done so.

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What’s Behind Every Free WordPress Theme?

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

If you have been planning on starting a blog or a website using the WordPress platform, one of the primary things to consider is the look and feel of your site. WordPress, being an open source content management system platform, has tons of themes available online that anyone can use and adapt for their websites.

WordPress offers a lot of themes on both and (the self-hosted). Self-hosted sites with its own domain and web hosting is the easiest to customize and therefore widely used.

There as many Premium or paid WordPress themes as there are free WordPress themes thus users have so much option to choose from so the only way for a theme developer to standout is by using the right marketing tools, SEO, and the finest designs plus superb customizability that is not found on other themes.

Building a website powered by WordPress doesn’t stop with having the right design but also on choosing the right web hosting provider. There are so many fly-by-night hosts around so reputation checking is a must.

There are also dedicated WordPress web hosts that concentrate on just hosting WordPress sites because they feel that they can be more efficient on giving solutions to their customers rather than being a turn-key web hosting solutions provider. showcases free WordPress themes such as Kronos, Jocasta, and Irene among the collections it have. Some well-known premium theme developers also giveout free themes but most of the time, support for these themes are rather unavailable to say the least thus, the best way to keep these generous theme developers is to lend them a hand by giving donations for their hard work and relentless effort.

The WordPress community doesn’t require its users to pay for the themes or plugins they get from the site but the challenge here for us is on how to keep these free themes and plugin developers from becoming extinct.

While we have the chance to ask questions to these free theme developers when problems arise, would it be right if we give back to them their due?

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Blog Automation WordPress Plugin for Non-Techies

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Blog automation has never been easier with the many tools that you can find online. Some are even expensive to the extent that it costs up to hundreds of dollars. For starters, spending this much on an online investment is quite heavy considering that earning online is not a get-rich-easily scheme. It requires hard work more than any other.

So, why am I featuring this kind of tool on this blog? Well, most of you may not know that I have been quite busy working as a freelance web developer for WordPress-powered sites and there was one client that I have done some research for, wherein as a result, I happen to have bumped into this great plugin called the MultiPress Autoblogging plugin.

At first, I was quite hesitant to use it but since my client wants automation for content creation on his sites, we tried this and eventually after the trial period, we ended up using the plugin.

Setting the plugin on WordPress is definitely a no-brainer. It doesn’t need much technical know-how to understand what fields require information such as keyword filters and resources to grab content from among others.

It was truly a great tool to have for internet marketers especially those wanting to create affiliate sites with too little time to write for content on their sites.

In order to get a special reader-only deal from Software Critics, here’s an invitation-only code that you can use to enter the site and make the purchase. The code is JHH7KL644GHLFSS. Use this code as you follow the link to the download page here.

You have 15 days to try it out and believe me, you wouldn’t say no after you’ve tried it.

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ActivTrak Launches Free Employee Monitoring Software

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Birch Grove. All opinions are 100% mine.

Keeping a watchful eye on your employees especially on what they do online and how they are maximizing their time during work hours is crucial to maintaining productivity levels in the organization.

At home, parents also have the responsibility to monitor what their kids are doing especially when they are exposed to the threats of cyberspace.

In line with these measures, Birch Grove Software, a company based in Texas has developed a free employee monitoring software called ActivTrak that can track computer related activities in detail from application logs, documents opened to sites visited in just a few clicks from a remote desktop in real-time.


The software has a client-server architecture that allows an administrator to install invisible clients on the computer being monitored which any user without administrator rights can remove or deactivate.

The free version of ActivTrak can only monitor up to three (3) computers (without any functional limitations) which is enough for small private business and homes with children using computers regularly.

Compared to most types of remote monitoring software that I used, ActivTrak is the only one giving their tool for free and not just for one but for three computers as clients.

Being a software critic myself, I normally have to try and test these tools before posting about them but this time, I’m leaving it to you, the reading public, to find out and tell me what you think about this software.

You can download activtrak from here and use it for free. I might as well come up with another post about this so stay tuned.

Visit my sponsor: ActivTrak helps to monitor 3 employees for free.

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Get the Latest WordPress for iPhone plus other WordPress Mobile Apps

Reading time: 2 – 2 minutes

Mobile blogging is becoming so common these days so it’s impossible not to see applications here and there for smartphones that caters to this growing number of users. Being a smartphone user myself, I have taken advantage of WordPress for Nokia specifically for the Symbian S60v3 to be able to update my sites while on the go.

Updating your WordPress-powered sites while traveling has never been this easier because through your mobile phone, you don’t have to carry that bulky laptop with you to complete such task. iPhone or iPad users however can’t be any happier with the newly released WordPress for iPhone version 2.6 application (which also works on the iPad) that provides users with more features that can help them maximize their mobile blogging requirements.

Wordpress iPhone app

Read more about the latest WordPress iPhone app here.

Blackberry enthusiasts can also mobile blog using the Blackberry WordPress app while the WordPress for Android phones makes it easier as well for its user to do the same.

Blackberry WordPress App

Having these WordPress applications installed on our mobile phones definitely makes blogging so much easier and fun. Simply connect to the internet and you’re off to creating and sharing content to the world in just a few touches as they happen.

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Surviving 56 Sage Street like in Real Life

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

We are faced with challenges each day both easy and hard but the more we’re able to survive as we progress in this game called life, the more we get up each time we fall, the more we become better individuals.

Who would ever think that what happens in real life can be turned into a free game that people can enjoy but learn something out of? Yes, you’ve read it right. A free online game entitled 56 Sage Street which was powered by Adobe can turn your gaming experience into a positive and rewarding past-time that guides you in finding the right job in a virtual city, find places to stay, meet new challenges and mingle with other characters or individuals playing online in order to make it to the top.

56 Sage Street

The idea of the game is more like surviving each day in the city like most of us face everyday from the moment we wake up ‘til the time we get back home and manage our lives and our family.

The game is best played by acquiring as many jobs as you can in order to get money while taking into consideration your health and appearance like in real life. Although money is involved, the game also tackles decision-making and spending finances wisely as the game progresses.

More than just an online game, 56 Sage Street is turning the gaming experience into a more productive hobby. So, if you’re in for a sensible and almost like in real-life type of flash game, then Barclays’ 56 Sage Street is for you. If you need more convincing, then better watch the video below.

This is a Sponsored Post brought to you by our friends from Barclays.

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10 Indispensable Utility Apps for Symbian S60 Smartphones

Reading time: 5 – 8 minutes

The use of smartphones is becoming mainstream and its evolution has taken the utility of mobile devices to another level. Smartphones operating on Symbian, which is the name given to a united group of open source operating system along with software platforms especially designed for smartphones, the Symbian S60 series is the most used Symbian OS. The base or the S60 series was created by Nokia, a reputable mobile brand, who has marked its contribution towards the Symbian foundation and one of the largest mobile phone manufacturers in the world adopts the S60 series software in their smartphones including companies like Lenovo, LG Electronics, and Siemens among others.

Symbian S60 series is a complete operating system that supports applications such as C++, Python, and Adobe Flash as well as Java MIDP. The S60 series facilitates installation of registered programs from registered developers which increases the application access in the smartphones. There are several indispensable applications that you can download and use on your Symbian S60 smartphones and the best ones have been compiled just for you.

  1. Google maps. Google map is probably one of the most important applications anyone must have. They act as a guide and a reference when one is out in an unknown area. Google map application helps one to find out the exact location of a place where one is standing. The application works well on the S60 5th edition which is especially designed for smartphones. The application displays both the landscape and portrait mode along with touch-panning of maps in the countries where such facilities are available. Astonishingly, the centric search tool in this application can search for the nearest pizza corner or plumber and even hairdressers.
  2. YouTube for Mobile. Yes, you’ve read it right. YouTube now have its mobile version to make it easier to watch videos directly from your mobile. The flash player installed on the phone helps to play the video. Although certain delays occur when viewing videos due to functioning of the flash player, this application still works equivalently well on facilities with Wi-Fi and 3G but the basic idea is to get a hold of a good connection as fast as possible. Picture quality at some instances may not be crystal clear however; one can manage for a time being with QVGA image quality.YouTube for Mobile
  3. Gmail. The Gmail facility in your smartphone allows you to keep on track with your important emails. It is a java based application which provides you with similar benefits that you can get on a PC. Gmail enables email forwarding, saving and making selections from your mobile.
  4. BBC player. For all entities whether belonging to the corporate world or from the security market. This is one of the most awaited applications in the S60 series as BBC player provides the user with an option access a multiple choice of media in form of TV, Radio, etc. It has come out to be one of the best applications in terms of utility and user interface. The application is precise and very helpful.
  5. Opera mini. The Opera mini application is a compulsion for every internet addict. The application helps an individual to browse the internet faster and that too at a reasonable speed. The opera mini latest version is packed with features like multi-tab browsing, download resume, and bookmarking among other things which enhances the facility of browsing. You may also try Opera Mobile in place of this one.
  6. Quick office v6 (upgrade). This application is common among smartphones regardless if you’re a businessman or a student. The Quick Office V6 helps you manage your presentation and text documents on the go by way of such application. Managing your documents on the go has never been so simple.Quickoffice
  7. AccuWeather. Supported in the Symbian S60 series, this app tells you about the weather forecast and the temperature. When one is not sure about the present conditions, one can definitely make use of this application to get some information with respect to the current climatic condition.
  8. Ovi. Nokia Ovi is one of the latest sensations in the world of Symbian application. Nokia Ovi helps an individual keep a back up of his vital documents and folders that are stored on his smartphone into his Windows PC or Mac. The application reduces worries of the owner in terms of loosing his valuable information and it can accommodate up to 10 GB storage for such purpose.Nokia Ovi
  9. Wireless keyboard. A very vital application which facilitates the use of wireless keyboards in case of full touch screen smartphones. Nokia 5800 is an example of such beautiful creation which has no keypads attached to it so this application allows the use of wireless keyboards. *This functionality can be found on the Nokia E71 and can be helpful when blogging using WordPress app for Nokia.
  10. Fring. How can one forget Fring when it comes to smartphone applications? Fring is a newly released application that uses the integration to Skype to facilitate VoIP on smartphones. The application allows a user to keep in touch with all his friends and colleagues at any time. *In this regard, you may also try Spokn for the E-series and N-series phone since it is easier to use or Skype for Mobile instead. There are a lot of upcoming VoIP apps for mobile phones nowadays so it’s better to really know which one works best.

There you have it, the ten (10) indispensable applications that support Symbian S60 OS. I hope that you’ll find this post very helpful since each of them have functionalities that are very handy and in all cases a necessity for smart smartphone users. Keep locked in and see you next time for more great posts like these.

Mr. Thomas Davies, a versatile application developer, who is currently working on problems relating to streaming video problems and free podcast software. He has spent 25 years of his life for software development and is still working on them with keen dedication to provide the world with something new over and over.

*Editor Notes.

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Treat Your Kids This Summer at Pizza Hut for Free!

Reading time: 2 – 3 minutes

There’s really no better way of spending this summer in the UK with your family where you can bond and share happy moments taking pictures and spending quality time either on the beach, camping or visiting your local zoo.

But when hunger kicks in, there’s a much better place to satisfy those appetite and it’s only at Pizza Hut where Kids Eat Free so not only will you enjoy your meal-time together but you can also save.

Kids Eat FreeThis summer, Pizza Hut brings the joy to every kid with their free meal offer wherein for every adult meal main course or adult lunchtime buffet purchased, an accompanying child can choose from either a FREE 2 course kids meal (includes a drink) or a FREE kids lunchtime buffet (includes pizza, pasta and salad).

The promo is extended until January 9, 2011. For more details regarding this offer, you can visit this link

At Pizza Hut, the fun never stops. At the bottom of any Pizza Hut receipt, you’ll find an offer code. All you need to do is enter this code at in order to get great deals on a wide range of fun-filled family activities and adventure getaways including holidays, theme parks, zoos and a whole lot more. Like most child psychologists advise, the early stages of a kids growth is crucial since this is where they can remember the most of their childhood days so let’s make the most of it, make it fun and show them that we care and love them. So, eat with them everyday while you can and give them this summer treat only at Pizza Hut!

Pizza Hut

This is a Sponsored Post brought to you by our friends from Pizza Hut.

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