WordPress 2.9 Beta Testers on Call

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The WordPress Development blog recently posted a call for Beta testers for the 2.9 version of the World’s leading blogging platform.

There are two ways to get involved, first is by signing up to the wp-testers mailing list to keep abreast of the testing progress and to discuss issues with the rest of the testers. Secondly is through bug report submissions by heading over to the Trac ticketing system as well as conducting some searches for patches that needs some testing.

To further facilitate the testing process, WordPress Beta Tester plugin should be installed on a freshly installed WordPress blog and not on an existing installation or a live site.

WordPress 2.9’s first beta release is aimed around the end of October after some finishing touches on the new features of which includes the controversial image editor functionality added within the core when I raised this question to Beau Lebens of Automattic (makers of WordPress) during this year’s WordCamp Philippines.

According to Lebens, this added core feature will not affect the software’s performance in any way contrary to what some developers and power users’ suspect as bloatware since it was just a light addition he mentioned.

We may expect the final release 2.9 build to be available either late November or early December if all goes well in the process.

All members of the WordPress community should take part in this endeavor for everybody’s benefit. So, how are you going to participate? Tweeting this post is one simple gesture of support.

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