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The first thing I would like mention on this post is to give thanks to all of you, readers of Software Critics. As you all know, I’ve just switched this blog to dofollow a few weeks back and the results are amazing. Comment numbers really increased as well as visitors.

There’s one guy on the web that I’d really like to thank because he influenced me in some way to switch my blog to dofollow not because he convinced me or something but because he has shown credibility and I admire him for his straight-forward and rather unique style of writing and he’s being an advocate of dofollow blogs made be decide to do the same and he’s no other than John Sullivan of, my first blogging friend. was the first blog I’ve ever written a guest post on. My guest post was entitled, Four Points to Guilt-Free Blogging.

WordPress by default places nofollow attribute to its comments and thereby not giving any link juice to commenter’s URL or website which I think is not fair. Google as we all know gives credit to link juice pass-on from one site to another as a vote provided that site is trusted by Google. It’s not all about the number of sites that link to you that increases page rank but the higher the reputation of the site that links to you.

As Google works against page rank sculpting, whether a rel=”nofollow” attribute is placed on a link, they will still follow the link. So, why would I not reward my readers for their effort in leaving comments to this blog? I just wanted to play fair with everybody.

Since this blog is already dofollow, from now on I’ll also be embracing the Keywordluv plugin by Stephen Cronin.

Here’s how it works,

Commentators can be rewarded by separating their name from their keywords in the link to their website, giving them improved anchor text. To do this, if you enter “YOURName@Custom WordPress Plugins” in the Name field, your comment will have:

YOURName from Dofollow WordPress Plugins Says:”
rather than:
YOURName@Dofollow WordPress Plugins Says:”

If you don’t enter the @ symbol, the anchor text will simply display as normal.

How to fill-out comment form on Keywordluv enabled blogs

How to fill-out comment form on Keywordluv enabled blogs

Again, thank you to all my readers and my blogging friends and I hope this little act of kindness could go along way. Please be reminded that I still moderate comments so take a plunge into the discussion by making it relevant.

Updated: 24June2010

Removal of Keywordluv WordPress Plugin

If you came into this post thinking that you can use your precious keywords in the comment field, I’m sorry but this plugin has long been removed due to excessive keyword abuse. Please refer to the comment policy in place. Thank you.

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  1. John Sullivan says:

    OMG that is so funny I was reading your AWESOME post and I actually tried to fill in the comment in the FAKE SPOT.
    Well this is so nice to be able to read something like this.
    I really do appreciate your kind words.
    I will help send this post around
    thanks so much
    .-= John Sullivan´s last blog ..The President’s school speech =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Hey John,

    It’s so great to have you here! I can’t resist myself but laugh…so the white space tricked you!
    Anyway, I really should thank you especially that you have finally landed! 🙂 Welcome to my blog!
    Really, the guest post was a leap. It’s so nice to have a spot on your awesome blog.
    I hope you could also write one for me. Whatever topic you like is accepted, that’s for sure.


  3. Gagan says:

    hi , I completely agree with you , Since Google Don’t allow page rank sculpting , I don’t think there is any use to make the links nofollow as it won’t help you in controlling your link juice . So rather than wasting link juice why not one should give it to the readers so that they keep on coming

  4. Mathdelane says:

    That’s what I thought.

  5. Chat says:

    How does this all affect the new caffeine update I wonder?

  6. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Chat.

    I think the better question is how it’s going to be relevant with Google Caffeine.
    Do follow blogs and its proponents had been around since they found out that the core code in WordPress comments is defaulted to nofollow.

    This new web search architecture, if you’ve noticed, shows faster search results in large numbers compared to the new and old Google.

    The challenge however in this architecture is to have your site completely optimized for SEO and given the fact that back links and PR contribute to performance in SERP, it can help your content get found in searches.

  7. Computer Repair says:

    Great posting. I think making a blog do follow is a great way to encourage comments and increase readership. If commenters stay on the topic and provide a salient point or two about the above article, then they should be worthy of KeywordLuv and linkage.

  8. Mack says:

    Guys, sharing the link juice topic has been completely redefined with the latest Matt Cuts interview with danny sullivan. Matt has finally spilled the bean by just stating that the juice is considered to be evaporated if the links are made no follow. I think wordpress plugins like keywordluv and commentluv help in providing spam prevention also. Commentluv plugin automatically searches for the last blog post in your website and will list it as your signature. Aint it cool?? My blog too uses commentluv and ofcourse I have a good time moderating it.

    Mack McMillan
    .-= Mack@Henderson Homes´s last blog ..Las Vegas Property Investments =-.

  9. Mathdelane says:


    Thank you for leaving your first comment on my site. While Commentluv is good, pairing it with Keywordluv is a sure winner. The only challenge is if you have a “dofollow” blog enabled, spam comments do increase consequently thereby giving you much work to do moderating comments so a good anti-spam plugin is a must.

  10. Mathdelane says:

    @ Jim and @Amit,
    This is the main reason why I’ve decided to make this blog “dofollow”, to show my readers that I truly appreciate their comments and taking the time to read my posts.

  11. china wholesale says:

    Great plugin! I will try it on some blogs I have. It would be great if it could be able to create more than one list. I will try to integrate it sloppy with paypal, but it would be nice to have an official version of the plugin with paypal, right? Thanks

    Thanks. Will look into it.

  12. Mathdelane says:

    Hi, I think the Paypal integration should be best requested to the plugin author. You can try that option.

  13. jeniffer says:

    AN IMPORTANT point about using keyword luv which all of the above commenters may be missing is that apart from many already discussed benefits of its use it helps interection with people who really care have knowledge and do appreitiate human emotions and feeling and attract genune beings ..also indirectly our knowledge also increases when we read the whole post so that we can give a decent comment related with trhe post hence inturn we come across many new ideas,info and lot more ..hope iam right here iguess

  14. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Guys,
    I’m sorry if the comments thread is kinda messed up. I’ve just transferred hosting and unfortunately these are just one of the setbacks from that move however I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it’ll be okay in the long haul.

  15. rubber bracelets says:


    Keywordluv is great plug-in. It is great way to give the reward to your reader.


  16. Mathdelane says:

    @rubber bracelets
    It’s my way of appreciation. Nice avatar by the way.

    Good observation. It definitely attracts conversation and in turn builds an attachment in some way between the author and readers.

    Somehow, we cannot deny the fact that some are just after the link love. It doesn’t matter to me. As long as the comment is relevant and the commenter is decent enough to leave a sensible comment, then I wouldn’t mind.

  17. Mathdelane says:

    That’s because it’s either they’re hoarding their page rank or don’t have the time to moderate comments not totally filtered by Akismet.

  18. mark says:

    Wow! You can really see a huge difference in the amount of comments simply because of using a plug-in like keyword luv! I have loved this plug-in for some of my blogs, but you do have to watch out for constant spamming, so you better be committed to deleting stupid spam comments on a regular basis. Otherwise, it is a great way to reward your contributors.

  19. Mathdelane says:

    That’s what I did Mark and to tackle those issues, I came up with a Comment Policy in place.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  20. HSDCA says:

    I admit that the fake comment field got me too. That would be a cruel way to get someone to download malware. God forbid!
    But yes, CommentLuv is the greatest thing since sliced bread. It’s doing a lot to encourage interaction in social media. Go bloggers!
    .-= Homes San Diego CA´s last blog ..Carmel Valley Luxury Homes Down =-.

    Note: Keywords removed as per Comment Policy.

  21. Bob says:

    Has anyone had the same problem as I have with SeoQuake ?
    After using it for a while, I gat a notice from Google stating the I am quering their site as a bot. I have to verify every time I try to search with Google.
    The way around this annoyance is to change your IP. If you are using a dynamic IP all you have to do is cloan your IP then un-plug your modem and router. When you plug them back in, you will be assigned a new IP.

  22. Mathdelane says:

    I’m not familiar with SEO Quake but if that’s the case with Google, I’d suggest that you stop using it otherwise you’re going to have some problems sooner. As I understand it, if you’re querying Google as a bot, you’re likely to be classified as a spammer or a spam bot which isn’t good.

    Keywords removed as per Comment Policy.

  23. organic cotton t-shirt says:

    Keywordluv WordPress Plugin are very useful in finding the relevent blogs. also they are good rewards for the commentators.

    Thanks !!

    Note: Links removed as per Comment Policy.

  24. Tom says:

    Great site I totally agree these types of plugin’s are a must for any bloggers. I use them on all my sites and they are a great way of rewarding people for commenting. Keep up the good work I will be back thanks.

    Note: Links removed as per Comment Policy.

  25. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Tom,

    Thank you for leaving your comment. I appreciate it. I have removed your keywords as per the comment policy in place. I would have wanted to retain your URL but it was a broken link so I’d suggest that you double check it.

  26. Do follow blogs certainly invite a lot of spam but also generate great commentary. It’s a double-edged sword. I believe that you need to maintain stricter control with do follow and this, unfortunately, takes a lot of time.

    .-= Richard Cummings´s last blog ..SEO: Error Traffic Control =-.

  27. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Richard,
    It does invite a lot of spam although I’m not really having a hard time because I’m using a better anti-spam plugin other than Akismet. Moderating comments is a lot easier when I implemented a comment policy in place. Since then, it became much easier to segregate intelligent comments from the bunch.

  28. Henry says:

    Agree with Mathdelane, some sort of comment filtering is needed to control spams. I don’t know which anti-spam you’re currently using, but is there any possibility of implementing a Captcha plugin together with Keyword Luv on the same platform…

  29. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Henry,
    KeywordLuv can be implemented together with a Captcha plugin. I’ve seen blogs doing the same. Just make sure to backup your files before doing so in case there would be incompatibility issues that would come up.

  30. Glenn says:

    I agree that this plugin is really good for site content and backlinks. I have started using it on my sites, and it is working well. Thanks for the explanation, because I was never sure whether to put @ or from, between my name and keyword.
    .-= Glenn@Best Hosting Companies´s last blog ..Best Domain Hosting =-.

  31. Mathdelane says:

    Hi Glenn,
    Thanks for commenting. I appreciate it. It’s been quite a while since I discontinued using KeywordLuv due to some abuse but this site remains dofollow. I have removed your keywords after your name though because I don’t think it does really matter and it’s not allowed on my comment policy.

  32. Josiah says:

    I’m glad to hear your still keeping the site dofollow. I can understand you removing keywordluv though, one of my sites is dofollow and has keywordluv an i get constantly spammed..
    .-= Josiah´s last blog ..Best Ads for Blogs =-.

  33. Gary says:

    Great choice on making your blog do follow and installing this great plugin.

    About no follow blogs, people should also comment on these type of blogs and not only do follow, Google will maybe not crawl these link, but all other search engines do. Also it also gives free traffic.

  34. ishan says:

    Hi, Good to see other people using these great plugins. this means that everybody wins. also i saw a blog that deletes the comment after 1 month, which i think is a good policy to remind people to come back to make more comments.

  35. ShoutBloger says:

    Nice Blog, keep in DoFollow. KeywordLuv platform is the best. I have 1 blog use this platform KeywordLuv too.

  36. Anne says:

    Hi! Commentluv and Keywordluv is the best thing that ever happened to bloggers because it rapidly increased our backlinks thus creating more traffics and making social media interaction faster and convenient. Thanks for sharing.

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