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My blogging streak kicked-off as you all know from blogspot.com and when I finally migrated into WordPress, I primarily used Akismet to combat comment spam. Akismet was useful although there are times when it seems like I’m doing much of the work filtering spam from legitimate comments and getting rid of splogs (spam blogs).

I have used Akismet for quite sometime until I discovered an alternative. WP-SpamFree is an amazingly powerful anti-spam protection plugin for WordPress including trackback and pingback spam.

WP-SpamFree provides much ease of skimming through comments for approval and since it was very effective, majority of those comments filtered by it are legitimate. I must say that it was better than Akismet. Ever since I started using WP-Spam Free, I no longer encounter pharmaceutical terms and splogs whenever I moderate comments at the backend.

A minute percentage of splogs leaving comments can still get through however; it has never been a struggle considering that my blog is “dofollow,” and while most “dofollow” blogs are scrambling in filtering comments, WP-SpamFree has never turned me down.

Commenting on blogs that are WP-SpamFree enabled has never been so easy because there are no more captchas to fill-out. Aside from its powerful anti-spam protection capability, it comes with a built-in configurable contact form which can easily be displayed within your site’s pages and sidebars with the same amount of protection since it also fight email spam.

It’s a 2-in-1 plugin for me—eliminating Akismet and Contact Form7. A definite must-have plugin for WordPress users.

Is your plugin worth blogging for? Leave your comments.

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  1. ryan says:

    Great tips on getting rid of spam. I’m going to try out the wp-spam free as soon as spam becomes a problem on my website. It’s good to know what is working out there and what isn’t. I for sure don’t want to delete quality contributions.

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