Create Synchronicity: Synching Files Harmoniously

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It’s inevitable for us to undertake some tasks simultaneously that we even expect this to work on our advantage while working on our computers. While there was much software available online that does the task of synchronizing files and folders as we work on them, there were only a few ones that could deliver great results at a short amount of time.

Look, we all want our lives to be easier and as much as possible do simple tasks with ease and speed so getting some software to work on our advantage is a good deal. An open source software readily available online could save the day so I went ahead and tested Create Synchronicity, an open source application used to synchronize files and folders across different locations developed in VB.NET platform.

Synchronization process using Create Synchronicity is a breeze. Aside from being highly customizable, it’s light-weight having 80kB file size when zipped and 170kB when extracted saving so much disk space to spare. Behind its tiny size, the application is big in performance. I never imagined this software capable of handling bulk files and efficiently transferring them to another directory or folder to my liking. Suppose you are dealing with MP3 files while listening to it but at the same time doing some changes like tagging, you can sync—copy, transfer or duplicate such files without interrupting your listening pleasure.

All you need to do is set your desired folder to where the files should go and the jobs gets done in no time as it completely eliminated copy pasting tasks. The only caution here is to set the correct synchronization method you’ll be using as this could be confusing at first and if you messed up at deleting files just restore them via the Recycle Bin. User-interface is friendly however a “Help” link is not readily integrated within the software’s navigation which means you may have to open your browser and search whenever possible the apps home page in case you missed the “About” link at the top left window which would take you to the app’s home page. Create Synchronicity is completely portable; no installation required so to speak and supports multiple profile creation.

This free software is redistributable and/or modifiable under the terms of the GNU (General Public License). The post is featured by request of CFP, publisher of Create Synchronicity—which can be downloaded from repository who contacted us via email and in response the post was written in gratis.

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