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Advertising needs to be in line with current trends in order to effectively target a modern audience, so you need to think carefully about how you can target your customers. Email marketing campaigns have been used for a long time, in concurrence with good blogging, and many people now prefer to be contacted via email marketing means.

Getting the Look
marketing campaignIn order to create a sleek and modern email campaign, you need to think about the look of your emails. Ideally, keep the amount of text limited: your email will probably be one of many in each customer’s Inbox, and they are unlikely to have the time or inclination to read reams of text. Instead, keep your information short and snappy, perhaps redirecting customers to a blog where they will find full articles and more information.

Using images in your emails is a good way to create a clear brand image and illustrate the information that you are giving. However, you need to make sure that your images will be viewable, and that different internet programmes will still display your content. In order to get this right, you might want to purchase some specifically designed software which helps you compose and send your marketing emails. The best email marketing software will enable you to insert a range of different file types (JPEGs, GIFs, and even video files), and allow them to be displayed, no matter which email or internet programme your customers are using. This is particularly important for mobile email users: images and video files may not load properly (and flash can sometimes pose problems), so it’s worth spending money on software initially in order to get this right.

Content is King
Your emails can look incredible, but if the content isn’t right you’ll lose people’s interest very quickly. Seasonal posts are great for linking your business with your customers’ daily lives, and they are more likely to read something that seems relevant or topical. Try and come up with interesting headlines to break up your email and attract the reader’s attention, and do use links wherever practical. This can be particularly effective if you are giving away a limited amount of information and want to direct people to your website or blog. Think of different ways to present your links: simple copied and pasted addresses are not exciting to look at, so think about creating a button that readers can click on for more information. Make sure you label it clearly by using a caption; ‘Click here for more!’ ‘Keep reading here’. Try to avoid being overly ‘salesy’; you are trying to develop the relationship that you hold with your customers, and giving them the hard sell will turn them away very quickly.

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