How to start your eCommerce Store and start selling online

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While some businesses still find the internet a hard and vast space to penetrate, the advantages of getting started at it is just one vital part to hurdle but it goes a long way from there especially when you start selling and making profit.

Starting an online ecommerce business and selling is not as easy as anyone thinks but in due time with consistent efforts and sincere desire to serve customers can make wonders. But how exactly can you start an online store?

Firstly, you need to register a domain name which reflects the type of business or products you are trying to offer. One you get your domain name registered, you have to find a decent web hosting company to help you get the domain name up and running and ready for web software installation.

When it comes to web platforms, there are many to choose from e.g. OSCommerce, some use Joomla, Drupal and even WordPress.

1shoppingcartOnce your desired platform is installed to your server (webhost), next thing to do is design your website and fill it with the contents and pages you’d like to have. For ecommerce sites, the next step would be finding a reputable online store software that easily integrates with any web platform just in case you may change platforms in the future just to make the transitions smooth.

After picking up your desired ecommerce solution, you simply need to populate it with your product information then you’re good to go. Marketing comes next and this is where your patience will be tested. Of course with SEO and social media factors to consider, selling and making a profit is a huge part of the challenge.

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