Reel to DVD is the Real Deal

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There’s nothing completely wrong about being old fashioned. Some of us cling to the old stuff being it reminds us of many things especially those that brings us fond memories of yesteryears like our kids when they were still young or when our youngest child finally got married, and many others.

In the past, these precious moments are often captured in photos but aside from that medium, video has been a little prominent especially to those who are in the middle class although not really certain but having reel films in the past is quite of a big deal.

reel videoAs time goes, the use to projectors for reel films had been quite non-traditional as modern technology arises. Now we have BluRays, DVDs, digital format videos, online and live streaming and many others. But, what are you going to do with your ancestral (pun intended) reels? ScanDigital has indeed looked into it and made possible to convert 8mm film reels into DVD copies. Yes, you read it right.

Reel films into DVD copies, hard copy—meaning a physical CD copy and; a soft copy—or video format playable on most media players, on the PC and Mac and it portable via USB or hard drive.

ScanDigital will repair videoe imperfections caused by normal aging process of films by splicing the film back together to obtain a seamless transfer. 8mm or 16mm films are first cleaned and spliced, once they are ready, it’s barcoded and the processing and conversion will commence then moved to either a hard drive or is burned into a DVD.
So there, you don’t have to worry anymore about old reels that carry your family’s treasured moments because…they can now be yours forever.

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