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Managing files can’t be that easy but having the right tools that could do the job can make it easier and fun. Efficient data burning software could work wonders in making backup copies of your precious DVD collections, MP3 repertoires, and important documents.

Having used Nero 7 for quite sometime, I must say that it’s a good product however as time goes by, it just stopped working. I’ve been scouring the internet to resolve executable errors while attempting to run the program but my efforts are left in vain until I decided to switch and find a better alternative. Although there is free software for burning CDs, my trust has never been on the freeware’s side after previous performance tests on burned CDs using a freeware.

Some if not most of the freeware I’ve tested produced low quality copies that are hardly even playable on most DVD players.

My search bear fruit thus I came to discover the benefits of using Power2Go Burning Software for a month on a trial version. The results are quite amazing and I must say that its one of the best multimedia disc burning software since Nero.

Power2Go makes data burning as easy as drag and drop for data, videos, photos, music and disc copying with support for Blu-ray, DVDs and CDs.

I have tried this software numerous times for MP3 burning (see image below) and the results as great. The audio normalization feature between tracks is what I liked the most since not all burning software has it. Who would want to hear a staggered audio playing at the background? Well, not me.

Power2Go Search and Burn Music Interface

You might as well be interested in creating Mixed Media discs if you wanted to maximize disc space. Here, you can burn audio CDs and include data files on the same disc while at the same time making the audio playable on any consumer CD player. Sounds great, right?

If you’re also concerned about privacy, you can definitely get the job done with its 128-bit encryption protection for data discs, including Blu-ray in partial or in full.

A sleek user interface with an attractive design simply adds up to the robustness of this tool and you can never go wrong with it. Try it now and feel the difference.Power2Go

Pros: Not bad for US$39.95. Produce high quality copies.
Cons: Not much to say but time difference between burning files isn’t any different from Nero although some free software could burn CDs a lot faster.

Notes: I have not tried burning DVDs using this software due to my hard drive’s memory limitations.

You can download Power2Go free evaluation copy from here.

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  1. Lee says:

    I enjoy reading your review. Currently I’m using Nero burner to burn my CD/DVD and the result quite good. May be one day I’ll use Power2Go if my Nero burner got problem.
    .-= Lee | Money4Invest´s last blog ..Sharing – How To Stay Young And Happy =-.

  2. Mathdelane says:

    Hey Lee,
    Thanks for stopping by. The quality of burned CDs using Power2Go is good. It’s never too far from Nero but it seems a lot better in terms of added features which makes the results even better.

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