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With today’s highly visualized approaches to engaging customer interaction, the power of videos has turned over the years into one force to be reckoned with especially with how it made some people into overnight superstars.

The mainstream media has been overshadowed by YouTube through its very wide audience share. Although YouTube isn’t a live streaming avenue yet for most people except for live concerts sponsored by them, there are many avenues that focus on live streaming that showcase a wide array of content or topics that people of different interests may find engaging.

media serverWebsites such as LiveStream, Justin.TV, Livestation, and TVW are among the few that offers content creators, media producers, and video bloggers the ability to showcase their work or events for the world to view into their PC or laptop or even through their mobile phones in real-time or as they happen.

In order to accomplish this purpose, a media server is necessary as this will be the medium for video content streaming live which the viewers can access via their PC or Mac, mobile phones or from the streaming sites mentioned above.

A media server software like Wowza Media Server 3.5 does the task of streaming content into a single workflow that lets you stream to any screen simultaneously.

Media streaming has become an intangible park of today’s visually inclined audiences and I certainly believe that it’s not going away at any time in the future especially with more and more people using their mobile phones to access video content.

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