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Well, to tell you what, embarrassing mistakes doesn’t only happen over the phone. In fact, companies offering chat support services are never an exception but could be even worse.

This site’s hosting is about to end in a the next few weeks so I was trying to check on other web hosting providers on the possibility of switching host since these past few months was really bad in terms of the quality of hosting that I was getting from BlueHost. In fact, it even had a DDOS attack on its servers several months ago that paralyzed all of my sites and I can never forget that because of the revenue losses and that they didn’t even announced anything about it on their Twitter account.

I was looking at transferring to Hostgator as I have tried them in the past but I would also like to consider cloud hosting so I thought of checking with them and so as a result, I became engaged with a chat support agent and here’s how the conversation goes:

Welcome to Rackspace. How can I assist you?
You have been connected to Gerben G.
Customer: hi.
Gerben G: Hi there, how can I help?
Customer: Do you now offer paypal payment modes?
Gerben G: Well, we are PCI compliant. Just give you a full idea of what Rackspace would offer; we would manage the network, hardware, operating system, data back-ups and actively provide patching. This is then backed up with the most aggressive SLA’s available. You can also choose to have remote access to the server so that you can install/upload what you require. How does that sound so far?
Customer: that’s not my question!
Gerben G: Well, basicly we only do the hosting, so you can install and run what you want on that, but we don’t offer that
Customer: you’re not getting my question do you?!??!?!?!
Customer: i was asking if you’re accepting paypal!!1
Customer: how can that be hard?
Gerben G: Sorry, no we don’t accept paypall yet
Customer: that’s what I was trying to know.
Customer: bye.
Gerben G: Bye
Your session has ended. You may now close this window.

As you can see, my question is pretty clear. I have already asked this sometime ago so I am aware that they do not offer Paypal as a payment method so I thought of asking the same question hoping that this time they would but I was wrong. I tried again to find out if they already do but instead of getting a straight forward answer, I got annoyed with an answer which is not even related to what I am asking.


I know you guys at Rackspace wanted to promote your services but please, learn how to answer questions correctly first so I can be impressed because this scenario only made me go away even further from considering your services as I am afraid that this could happen again in case I took your services and the chat agent who handles the concern could hardly even answer a very simple question.

Do you have a similar chat support experience as I do? Please share them.

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