Importance of Independent Product Testing

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Manufacturers are frequently in need of accurate, scientific testing on their products so they can back up their advertising claims. When one considers the number of times commercials state, “Testing by an independent lab reveals—“ it is obvious that there is a huge need for those labs.

Even before the new product reaches the public, much testing must be done to ensure its safety, effectiveness and ease of use. These needs have opened to door for a huge new industry: reliable, independent testing firms that design and carry out testing programs for a variety of products. There are many of these including adaptive diagnostic reasoning at

These are typically full-service firms working in cooperation with the company whose products are being tested but exercising a degree of autonomy in their designs and procedures. This is not to imply that the hiring company lacks involvement, as the representatives of the testing firm meet with them frequently during the planning and testing process.

The testing regimen first involves designing the testing program including a framework for carrying it out. This generally includes the design of specialized software, test fixtures, drawing up a support agreement satisfactory to both parties and formulating a strategy for preparing and administering the test.

In many cases, the relationship between a testing company and its client will go on for years and encompass many different product lines. In others, a testing firm will be hired for long-term testing of a single project that may become quite elaborate.

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