How Dependent Are You On Movie Reviews?

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I only watch movies online most of the time but whenever I get the chance to go out once in a while, I usually watch a movie that I find interesting on the spot even without reading something about it or its plot.

And since television stations in our locale normally shows only a small fraction of the full length movie trailer, I get used to watching movies on the big screen than watching its trailer first on YouTube.

There are movie buffs however who decides based on the impression or feedback of others and in this case I would refer to those who have watched the movie first hand.

Although I find it helpful especially if you’re the kind of person who wants to make sure that he gets what he paid for depending on the positive feedbacks a particular movie is getting.

Movie Reviews take the hassle out of choosing which movie to watch. In this regard, movie reviews play a vital role in shaping up a prospective viewer’s decision. I find these resources helpful in saving time and money but then again, like anyone else, I want to see it for myself and judge a film depending on my own criteria.

We have different tastes and appreciation of films that’s why movie genre exists. Movie reviews generally doesn’t affect much of my decision in whether to watch a highly budgeted screenplay or not.

How about you? Do movie reviews affect your decision in watching a film? Or are you persuaded by your own likeness of the actors starring on the film? Share your thoughts.

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  1. Yes, movie reviews affect my enjoyment of the movie. That’s why, when I feel like a particular movie is to my liking, I stay away from reviews or even don’t listen to friends who have watched it before me. I want to watch it with a clean slate, and feel pure awe at something I have never seen before. Reviews taints my mind and influences how I understand and enjoy a movie.

    There are some movies however that I do check out reviews of before watching. The kinds that do not tug at me at first impression. Usually I don’t read or listen to the whole review, especially if I decide that the movie is good after all, for reasons similar to what I’ve elaborated above.
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  2. Mathdelane says:

    I hate spoilers! 🙂

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