Hidden Camera Sources for Watchdogs

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How far would you go just to protect your home and property?

At this time of age, protecting your property has been much of a challenge that needs security blanket.

Other than your local convenient store, home security has likewise been crippling and homeowners struggle at some point.

Adopting home security gadgets has almost been a requirement of every household. Countless police reports of theft and kidnapping attributed to household security vulnerability had been documented. In fact, small children and infants had fallen victims of kidnapping by some domestic help in exchange for ransom aside from the most common home break-in incidents.

These unforeseen and uncanny events could have been prevented should every household adopted the use of intangible security measures specifically, covert video recording media.

You can look for online resources to find Hidden Camera devices that can easily be implemented within your homes or offices.

These devices will serve as your watchdog against unscrupulous behavior that may do you harm.

A Mailbox Hidden Camera for example (see image below) is perfect for homes since they capture the action as they happen via sensors that detect body heat of up to 30 ft. away.

Mailbox hidden camera with body heat sensor

Mailbox hidden camera with body heat sensor

So, would you install hidden camera in your home? Why or why not?

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  1. Christopher says:

    What an absolutely great idea. Yes, I would install something like that on my house. I live in a decent neighborhood, but I am about 1/2 mile from a high school. I get weary of cleaning eggs off of my house once every couple of months. Don’t know what I did, but for some reason they like my house. Guess I should try something like this before I get after them with the shotgun.
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  2. John Samuel says:

    Such devices are useful, but currently not planning to use any of such devices
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  3. I prefer to employ Kevin McCallister-esque traps to foil burglars. Just a sec, I need to put a new blowtorch by the front door.

  4. Mathdelane says:

    Hello Christopher,
    Thanks for leaving a comment. Well, if you’d ever push through with the idea of getting one for your home, then you’ll definitely caught the bad guys for sure. 🙂

  5. Mathdelane says:

    Well, that reminds me of Macaulay Caulkin! Did he ever used a blowtorch in the movie? I can’t remember any (thinks deeply).

  6. Muscle Max says:

    It all depends on where I live. right now I live in an apt. so I wouldnt install it here. But if I had a house on the outskirts of town I would.
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  7. regina says:

    This is a very wonderful instrument, equipped with body heat sensors. This very useful device. It can be used as a reference for my home security in the future. Nice..

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