Custom Wiring and Cable Solutions for SMEs

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Industry manufacturers and distributors of wires, cables, heat shrink tubing, and many others not only rely on their products but also on their customer service and flexibility.

An extensive inventory usually solidifies market viability especially for commercial, industrial, and military clients.

Some players in the industry like Jaguar Industries rely on inventory but still recognize small clients in their priority list.

Companies that market wires, cables and tubing—in order to remain competitive, makes customer satisfaction a core-value specifically when answering customer inquiries, complaints, and technical requests.

With industries of today having different needs, custom wires and cables play a big part in keeping customers with very specific needs for sizes, temperature and other specifications thus custom cutting and stripping services are a must.

Like most customer requirements, quality of products and services with a good reputation often comes ahead of the pack, however prices can also come into play when it matters.

At the moment, one of the most sought after products include high temperature wire for electrical use including insulation, military spec wires, heat shrink tubing and coaxial cables for televisions and computers.
Other services may include stripping—a process involving addition of one or more spiral stripes of different color to distinguish differences.

Cutting and stripping, twisting or cabling for multiple conductor cables, dyeing, terminate and crimp services, jacketing of cables, respooling, braiding and shielding, marking, and testing using lab equipment in order to insure that customer specifications are met.

The challenges are always part of getting the most value out of your investment and assuring that these will go a long away especially in today’s tough economy so it’s important to really seek the advice and help of the leaders in the industry prior to making purchasing decisions.

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