Media Center

Reading time: 4 – 6 minutes

Software Critics came up with the idea of creating a Media Center page to make the blog site more dynamic and unique. The Media Center page will offer a different readership experience as every reader will have the opportunity to interact with the outside world through chat and video mailing capabilities.

The video mailing system doesn’t not store any information from the user and neither that we have access to it. Anyone can use the video mail without the need to register or create an account and the best thing about it is anyone can send their recorded videos through email in just a click.

Moreover, audio players and valuable videos will be made available to make the readers stay for a while and unwind.

The video mail and chat  by TokBox can also be a way to contact Admin for questions and other inquiries.


Software Critics chat by TokBox enables a user to interact with friends and with others via video chat.

Video Mail

Send recorded videos through email with TokBox video mailing functionality. No account/registration required.

YouCams Web Chat on the other hand is integrated to allow visitors of this site to interact and socialize.

Software Critics Video Tutorials

In order to complete the Media Center, the video tutorials compilation of Software Critics from its YouTube channel has been added to provide greater value to its avid readers.

Among the video tutorials showcased are the following: