Security threat: Malware on latest Campaign

January 29, 2009 | By | Reply More

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Websense has detected several malicious hackers registered under multiple bogus user accounts on (an online community for citizens supporting President Obama).
The website with its social-networking capability makes it possible for users to create accounts, join in groups, raise funds and create a blog.

In the Obama campaign, these malicious hackers created blogs on with a fake YouTube image, enticing visitors to “Click here to see movie”, once the video is clicked, a porn video is uploaded and playing the video will result into a .exe file download which instructs a user to download the file in order to view the video.

Campaign perpetrators are boosting their visibility by injecting blog links into other blog comments especially on high profile sites like

So, don’t get caught into this trap. Be vigilant in clicking links as always and as it usually is, you can’t trust all you see on the internet.

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