How AVG Anti-Virus Software removed Conficker and saved my PC!

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Based on my previous post, “What is Conficker and how to avoid it from infecting your computer?”  I have mentioned that I experienced some vital signs similar Conficker or Downadup worm infection and what it can do to harm your PC and among these things are:

  • Automatic updates no longer working. (For Windows auto-updates)
  • Anti-virus software is no longer able to update itself.
  • Unable to access a variety of security sites, such as anti-virus software companies.
  • Random svchost.exe errors. (Of which I’ve seen on some folders within my PC)

Now, it has come to my knowledge after several scans and tests using AVG Anti-Virus Software and a stand-alone anti-virus scanner called “Stinger Conficker” (which was a product of McAfee and does a very slow scanning process yet wasn’t able to find detection), I came up with a conclusion that AVG Anti-Virus Software can fight Conficker worm and heal the infection easily. I’ve run the scan and left it running at the background on the system tray and when I checked the Virus scan results, I was surprised seeing that Downadup otherwise known as Conficker has in deed infected my PC!

downadup scanning ip addresses

downadup scanning ip addresses

AVG Anti-Virus removed Conficker or Downadup as scanned infection

AVG Anti-Virus removed Conficker or Downadup as scanned infection

These show that the above mentioned signs and those mentioned on the post, “What is Conficker and how to avoid it from infecting your computer?” are accurate and genuine. Software Critics commits itself to responsible and intellectual dissemination of information and are all based on real tests and user experience.

As the Admin of Software Critics, I am sharing to you this information because I believe that these could help since these are all backed up with screen shots taken from actual scan results. I’m not ashamed of admitting that my PC got infected otherwise this post would not be possibly shared to increase awareness.

Forget the blogs that mentions “these-and-that” kind of tutorials and say at the end, “do it at your own risk!” I’m a risk taker but I’d rather take the risk first than having the readers take the risk themselves because that is not taking responsibility of the information you are providing.

To strengthen the points of this post, I’ve made a video to show you exactly where the screen shots are taken from. All the information are laid down in simple ways and there’s no registry editing nor any tweaking is necessary. I don’t want complicated procedures as much as you do.

AVG Anti-Virus Software Free Edition is what I’ve used and it worked. Even if AVG Technologies would be able to read this post, how likely do you think they would give a paid license?

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  1. a potentially good thing that has resulted from the Conficker scare is an overall heightened awareness of PC security

    caffeine head’s last blog post..Ikea Coffee — Bryggkaffe Mellanrost (from home)

  2. Dan says:

    Yes, AVG is one of the best free antivirus software. But actually I am using Avast which is also one of the best. They both do not catch everything but for a free thing they do very good. From the paid one I think Kaspersky is the best. But it makes your computer so slow :(.

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