Why you need a website monitoring service

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I’ve been a webmaster since 2008 and to tell you honestly, it’s never easy at first especially when you’re trying to find the best web hosting service for your company’s website or blog.

It starts with having a self-hosted website from a third-party (normally remote) server. At the moment, there are many web hosting providers available where you could choose from shared, dedicated, private, etc. These providers have various plans that fit your limited budget.

Once your website is up and running, that when you realize that web server performance is necessary in order to handle traffic and server uptime.

Web Hosting ServersAt first, I have no idea about what’s going on in the background and how will I know if my website continues to show up online every time someone finds it on the web. Then a newbie, I would open my website on Firefox every time I use the internet, it can be tedious of course so what I did was research on website monitoring services and gladly I’ve found one.

Since then, it became clear to me what’s going on and found out how my current web host fair in terms of uptime. It was a great tool to use and I definitely was able to pick the right web hosting company that I have been using until now.

I definitely recommend having a third-party website or application monitoring service in order to track your web server uptime and to determine if your web traffic is going up as a result of your internet marketing efforts.

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  1. Chris Molina says:

    Great points! For business site it’s really vital to have one, monitoring enables you to know what’s your status and anything else to improve for better business result.

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