When to Use Ethernet

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Many new router models today are simply wireless. Think about it. How often do you see an Ethernet router or modem throughout the day? Generally you only see them anymore in businesses or in college dormitories. As a majority of people choose to go wireless, the need for Ethernet cords and routers doesn’t seem to be in as high of demand in regards to personal computers; however, I believe they are still highly useful.

Wireless connections can create all sorts of privacy options. It’s just easier to hack into a wireless internet account than it is a closed system. Ethernet Routers allow you to have that closed system when you don’t need to be wireless, such as in your home. If you always work with your computer at the same desk, there is no need to have a wireless router. You’re just asking for other unwanted users trying to get into your account and use your internet for free.

Home/Office ServerEthernet connections are also still ideal for businesses, because technicians know the systems and are able to easily work on them. They are also able to be easily integrated into already existing systems. Another perk to Ethernet systems on both the personal and professional sides, is that they tend to be less expensive than other more evolved systems. So you basically get the same speed for daily functions like checking email and browsing your website for a reduced rate. Sign me up. I think we could all stand to save a few bucks.

However, Ethernet does have a few downfalls. For large scale companies needing to use their internet for multiple functions at incredibly high speeds, Ethernet isn’t their best option. Ethernet doesn’t support high-speed LANs easily and can sometimes struggle to keep up with high volumes of demands for critical functions. Ethernet has evolved over the last few years though to provide greater functioning levels.

When it comes to internet, I believe that Ethernet really is a good stand-by for any home or business where individuals don’t need to be mobile. It’s easy to use and maintains itself fairly well. If anything does go wrong with your Ethernet modem or router, it’s easy to replace and easy to update. You really couldn’t ask for a more user-friendly system.

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