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Productivity is just one of the many basic work ethics that businesses always aspire to be at its peak during operations. It’s something that employers always strive for their employees to practice at all times while at work.

Although employers always want to achieve one hundred percent productivity from their workforce, there will always be challenges and one of those are distractions such the internet. Employees with internet access are normally subjected to this distraction because idle moments still exist during work hours like break times, lunch hours and so on.

employee monitoringWhile these break hours legitimate, every employee is still expected to use its technology on activities that are still in connection to their work and not browsing social media sites and forums.

Internet access maybe regulated such that emails, chats, and internet browsing activities will be all aligned to company activities and business processes but not abused. Unregulated access will take away precious moments from employees to stay productive thus losing their focus. In this cases, employee monitoring software like that of Pearl Software Internet Monitoring and Web Filtering Solutions come into play.

Taking control of employees’ online activities such as email, browsing, instant messaging, and other internet programs will heavily weed-out problem areas and increase business focus and productivity on employees since their attention will not be diverted if they have no access to Facebook or Twitter from the company’s computer systems.

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